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Armament Project

A real-time strategy (RTS) & multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game similar to Rise Of Nations that is semi-realistic / arcade but has a cartoonist low-poly look. We are trying to gear this toward causal players by using ranked vs normal area divided.  This will be a continuous content feature driven game that we will continue to support going forward.

  1. You start your journey as a newly joined, low ranking, member of the military. As you rise through the ranks you will earn rewards that are selected both inside and outside of gameplay, as well as perks in the game. You will be given more and more battlefield assets and units as time and rank increase.
  2. Faction affiliation will be based on players and dispersed evenly by the system.
  3. Your faction will give you tasks to do as you move up in the rank. These will become increasingly difficult without the right units.
  4. You will need to replenish your stocks before going to war again by buying ammo, and supplies with your earning or using diplomatic contacts.
  5. Out of the game, you will work on gaining contacts that will give you objective to complete and bonus when you are in good with them.
  6. Selecting skills known as reinforcements for your commander to use in-game that will provide additional gameplay strategies.
  7. Suburbs in-game are used for diplomatic purposes and will give you bonuses and secondary objectives to complete.  You will capture these by the units in your faction's embassy.
  8. Standard gameplay will be building a base, build units, upgrade your military, complete the mission objective.  This part will reset each time a new game is started.
  9. In the end, the player will be given a reward of XP and currency to spend on new units and building.
  10. As you move up in rank you will be given more and more units, structure to select to purchase for your command.