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We guide new game creators in the art of digital asset entertainment by providing in-depth knowledge on how to create assets, code, and market for new indie game developers to become full-time digital entertainers.


Our Services Our team is here to help you create and manage your game project. Do you feel lost and unsure of the right direction you need to follow? We can help with the service we are dedicated to helping you succeed in your quest for an Indie game developer.




Programming involves writing and testing code to ensure that software and computer applications work correctly. It involves tasks like visualization, working with algorithms, analysis, coding using different programming languages.

The programmer feeds the computer instructions to solve a particular problem. It involves writing a lot of code using languages, techniques, and practices to develop solutions.

Some of the common types of programming are software development and software engineering.

Marketing Campaign

Marketing involves actions taken by institutions, companies to attract audiences to their products and services. Some actions include communicating with clients, delivering products and services, advertising, and selling.


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My affiliation with Geek has only lasted a few months but I can tell we are bound to see each other more often than I had anticipated. Their services are amazing!.

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