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Thursday, February 2, 2023

What Video Production Experts Want You To Know

It gives one a sense of reassurance to learn something from an expert. I have researched, talked to a few experts, and created this article to help discover what an expert wants you to know about video production. 

There are several tips that an expert wants you to know about video production; move your video production to the cloud, set a flexible budget, video production doesn't end with filming, and choose the suitable types of equipment.  

Please keep reading to learn more about video production and what an expert wants you to know. On top of that, learn about tips you can use as a content creator.

What Video Production Experts Want You To Know

Video production is rising, and most businesses are taking advantage of it to get their products and services out there. Creating a professional marketing video is not easy, as it involves a lot of shooting and editing. The video has to be perfect hence the importance of knowing about all the basics of video production. There is nothing more reassuring than learning something from an expert.

What Video Production Experts Want You To Know

What Is Video Production? 

Video production is the process of making video content. In other words, it's the shooting part of the video. It comprises five steps; planning and development, pre-production, production, post-production, and marketing and distribution. The above steps aim to produce video content that will positively impact the viewer once posted. 

What an Expert Wants You To Know About Video Production

So much goes on in video production that you must implement specific methods and practices for great results. Here is what our experts want you to learn about video production.

You need suitable types of equipment 

Videos are not all about the script or the storyboard. People in video production should consider the camera used, the lighting, the backdrop needed, and much more. Professional equipment may be expensive, although it's essential to use them to get a great quality video. No matter the purpose of your video, which could be commercial or just for fun, the quality of the equipment will be as important. Remember, you are creating the video for someone else to watch and learn something from, so the quality should be at par. 

What Video Production Experts Want You To Know

Set a flexible budget

Most people believe that the more money you spend on video production, the better the quality. However, that's not always the case. Sometimes, you may pay less on equipment or, better still, hire someone with little experience and who puts up their best in your production and deliver the best. No matter what, having a budget will lead you to settle for what you want. If you can afford it, don't be afraid to pay more. You can meet with the company you intend to involve in filming your video, discuss your budget with them, and get advised accordingly.

Moving your video production to the cloud is vital

If you need to access your video production files anywhere or anytime, then it would be a good idea to move to the cloud. It favors mostly those who travel regularly. You will also save time and money by having your work streamlined; hence no need to upload footage on a drive before editing it elsewhere. Additionally, producers can work on videos while far from the office, allowing them to take on multiple tasks as one does not restrict them from performing the other. 

Production doesn't end with filming the video

You may think that the production is over after having your video filmed. No, that's not always the case. The post-production stage is vital in video production; it determines how appealing your video will be. It's the editing stage where you must ensure everything flows nicely and things are well-mentioned and in order. You also get to add subtitles, especially if your audience speaks different languages and the audio. Don't focus much on how you want the video to look; forget how you want it to sound. 

Video Production Tips for Content Creators

What Video Production Experts Want You To Know

Content creators are becoming more innovative and building their brands across multiple channels. If you want to up your social media game with videos, here are tips that will significantly benefit you. 

Keep the quality high

Your audio and video quality is essential, even though you may think you are not producing comprehensive content. Nowadays, some social media channels, such as Instagram, will deprioritize your video if it's low quality. The good news is that your phone can provide good videos; if you can invest in a tripod, the better to help you keep your shot stable.

Put a face to the name with the right sound

Establishing a connection with the viewer is essential. Show your face to them, and make them feel you are a natural person and that you exist! It can be a great way to grow and establish trust with the viewers. With more confidence, expect more comments, views, and likes, not to forget about shares. You can also invite guest speakers and experts to be part of your video, giving it a more human and professional touch. 

The sound doesn't always have to be precise. You may want some background music, but how should the tone be? Does it need dialogue, or maybe a simple song may do the trick? All those considerations are vital; you must go with what best suits the video and will significantly benefit the viewer. It's not easy to decide what to settle for, but ultimately, it will all be worth it, especially if the viewers are happy. 

What Video Production Experts Want You To Know

Have a robust hook

Remember, there are several content creators, some with the same content as yours, so what will make yours stand out? How do you intend to capture the viewer's attention within the first few minutes? What's your hook? Think about how watching a video would make you feel, the fun bit, statistics, or maybe the answer you intend to get from the video. The primary purpose of a hook is to get your viewers in immediately; otherwise, you won't get better results. 

Keep it structured and add text and subtitles

How easy is it for your viewers to follow your video? You can only do this by having a clear start, middle, and conclusion. If you need to highlight something, ensure you number it in a list. If it's a story, make sure you adhere to the basics of storytelling in that you have a precise intro, rising and falling action, plus a great conclusion. The easier your video flows, the greater it will be at converting new views. 

Dont create your video for those who can understand your language only. Consider those who are deaf. Also, you should know that most people o[pt to scroll through a video on mute mode, and adding captions makes it easier for them to engage, leading to more views. Most social media channels, such as Instagram, have caption stickers and others generate captions automatically. Titles are also an excellent way to add life to your video and make it stand out. 


An expert only wants the best for you, and more so when it comes to video production. The tips mentioned above will be a great starting point for you. Also, if you are a content creator, take advantage of the tips highlighted and do things right. Who knows, taking advantage of them might take your videos to a new level. For help in making professional videos for your marketing, reach out to us for excellent video production services. 

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