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Thursday, February 9, 2023

What Everyone Should Know About Game Asset Packages

There are basics that everyone should know about game asset packages. Do you know them? Find out more in this informative article about everything you should know about game asset packages. 

There are several things everyone should know about asset packages, such as; what asset packages are, asset naming, what a game asset is, features of an asset package, and where the asset packages are found. 

This article is well-detailed, with everything you should know about asset packages to help you make an informed decision. On top of that, also find out more about the challenges associated with asset packages. 

What Everyone Should Know About Game Asset Packages

Asset packages have a lot to offer in the software and game creation industry, and with that in mind, it is good to know everything that surrounds it to get a clear image of what they entail. Many people get into asset packages without knowing what to expect or how they will benefit. Below is everything you should know about asset packages; 

What Everyone Should Know About Game Asset Packages

What are asset packages?

These are collections of elements such as pictures, files, and characters that can be used in-game and in software creation. A game engine identifies and stores these data under one zip-like file. An asset package assumes its actual structure when retrieved from a zipped file extension.  

Asset naming

A game developer tags an asset when importing or creating it. An asset's path is linked to its location on its stored device. The folder in which the asset is found directly sets its path. For instance, in the Unreal Engine, a path of Files/Assets/Character would appear as /UE4/MyProject/Files/Assets/Character.uasset. Also, be aware that assets are moved within the Content Browser, and when this happens, its path changes. The Content Browser allows for the deletion, renaming, and relocation of an asset to other folders. 

What is a game asset?

The elements make up a game, such as a picture, sound effects, 3D characters, etc. There is a developer who is responsible for each asset. 2D artists create 2D sprites, 3D artists develop 3D textures while music effects come from sound engineers. Game assets can either be bought or created by game artists. Asset creation requires using specialized software such as Blender, Adobe Photoshop, or Maya. 

After creating your assets, it is time to import them into your desired game engine. However, not all game engines allow you to import assets. Also, there are game engines that are designed to support asset creation in the game engine, like the Unity Game Engine. 

What Everyone Should Know About Game Asset Packages

Where are asset packages found?

Asset packages are downloaded from various sites and then added to a project. Some platforms offer free asset packages, while others need money to acquire. The most used sites where asset packages are found include, In game engines such as Unity and Unreal, which avail tools and assets to improve the quality of games, and other platforms like ArtStation, Adobe Stock, and CGTrader, which are marketplaces where different artists meet to advertise their assets for sale. 

What are the features of asset packages?

Asset packages have different features, and it's essential to know them so you can know what to expect. Check the table below for detailed information on the features. 

Features of asset packages About

Quality asset packages must be able to sell quickly. Therefore, a game artist should aim to create asset packages that will attract the masses and help increase commodity sales. 

Tangible/Intangible Tangible asset packages are those we can touch with our bare hands. In contrast, intangible asset packages lack a physical body and are available such as imagination or concepts like sound effects and music. 

Clients will only be interested in asset packages that are safe and secure from all sorts of risks. Developers have the task of familiarizing themselves with the latest trends in technology to be more capable of providing assets that are risk-proof and easy to manage. 


Players will go for those games with stunning assets. Unique asset packages give gamers an immersive experience and make them spend more cash and time on games. 

What Are the Common Challenges With the Asset Packages?

What Everyone Should Know About Game Asset Packages

Asset packages can be very time-consuming and tiresome to create, manage, and track effectively, depending on the skills and expertise of a game developer. Developers might undergo serious challenges when overlooking the assets as required. The size of a brand affects the efforts required to solve the challenges with asset packages- the bigger the brand, the more effort is needed. Asset packages must be carefully monitored to provide the best results for a project. Some of the challenges associated with asset packages are as follows:

Tracking the asset packages 

Most people find it challenging to track assets properly during relocation to different points because the risks of theft or misplacement increase. Poor tracking of assets might lead to expensive losses and poor productivity. For instance, game assets that are not organized make the game creation process very slow and rough. The game creation process involves a vast number of artists with different duties. Each game development artist must ensure their assets lack problems and are functional. To ensure an easy time with asset packages, use tracking equipment, spreadsheets, databases, etc., to identify the location of all the assets and note any changes that might occur. 

Sending asset packages takes time

In most development businesses, the members tend to share their assets through messaging platforms like emails or file-transferring applications. Some of the content being shared might be very complex and will need a lot of time to be sent to the other party. A game developer must consider factors such as the quality of the network in use, the computer's speed, and the size of the files to send, and make certain all these are in the right state to use the shortest time possible to convey the assets. 

What Everyone Should Know About Game Asset Packages

Remaking asset packages

Remaking assets is encouraged when trying to improve the quality of an available asset and make it more attractive. But, consider a situation where the development team can access or find a particular asset urgently needed for reuse in another project. An artist will have to start from scratch and create a new asset to be integrated into the project; this requires a lot of time and extra resources that could have been avoided. To save on time and resources, use a reliable asset management tool. 

Maintaining the accuracy of data

Asset packages have numerous files and content, and ensuring the accuracy of each might be confusing at times. When handling some of the assets, you are prone to making errors, making the asset less valuable. Game managers must be very keen when assessing all the assets to ensure they are reliable. In case of any mistakes, game artists must be notified to make the necessary modifications. 

Asset packages need collaboration

To develop and run asset packages, collaboration is needed among the members. However, when the members don't understand the project's goals, this may lead to inconsistencies and ruin the quality of the asset packages. To prevent such problems, all members must work to meet the exact requirements and ensure the success of the project. 


Game developers are responsible for creating impressive asset packages to streamline business processes. Quality asset packages build a brand's image and attract more users to a commodity; this drives sales and makes a business very lucrative. Make an informed decision now that you know everything about asset packages and their challenges. Also, we can help you with excellent professional asset package services. Reach out for help. 

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