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What Are the Qualities People Look Out for in Programmers?

When you go out looking for a programmer, there are specific qualities you should look out for. Do you know them? This article will be an excellent guide in helping you learn about the qualities people should look out for in every programmer.

There are a couple of qualities that people are looking for in programmers, such as; excellent communication skills, a positive attitude, great timing and task management, excellent learning ability, and deep and broad technical experience. 

This article takes you through the qualities you should look for in a programmer and why they are essential. It also talks about the best practices for a programmer so you know what to expect from them.  

What Are the Qualities People Look Out for in Programmers?

A computer programmer, a software developer/engineer, is a professional who creates computer programs. Most programmers have extensive computing and coding skills and experience in various programming languages like SQL, Perl, PHP, C++, and Java. 

What Are the Qualities People Look Out for in Programmers?

Programming requires one to be familiar with the trends in programming languages and the latest work frames. However, to beat your competitors, you'll need several traits to perform different programming functions well and effectively. Below are the qualities people are looking for in every programmer:

A positive attitude

A programmer can be more successful, motivated, and productive by adopting a positive attitude. The attitude promotes a favorable work environment, improving team members' interaction and cooperation. A great programmer doesn't allow ego to obstruct helpful feedback. You can boost their attitude by giving them engaging projects to work on, a sense of responsibility, and praising them for outstanding work. Startups can offer stock options, pay for overtime, offer compensated paid leave, and other benefits to keep talented programmers on track.

Great communication skills

With good communication skills, expect good development skills too. Excellent programmers are typically fluent in several languages and have little trouble understanding English-language documentation. English is the standard language for most programmer interactions and documentation in technology. For a programmer to effectively interact with team members and stakeholders and to articulate their ideas and thoughts clearly and concisely, they must have strong communication skills. Some crucial characteristics of practical communication skills in a programmer include:

  • The capability to clearly and understandably explain technical topics to stakeholders who are not technical.
  • Good listening abilities are necessary to comprehend the needs and demands of stakeholders and to be able to offer workable answers.
  • Ability to write concise, well-organized documentation, including user guides, technical specifications, and code comments.
  • Good verbal communication abilities are necessary for teamwork, especially when discussing and presenting ideas in meetings.
  • Provide and receive helpful criticism to enhance one's code and work as a team.

What Are the Qualities People Look Out for in Programmers?

Excellent time and task management

A programmer should always be reliable. Time and task management skills are essential for developers to successfully organize and undertake their work, meet deadlines, and deliver outstanding projects with minimum supervision. They should establish objectives and goals for each activity or project that are specific and attainable and divide more complex work into smaller, more manageable units.

They should also calculate the time needed for each task, develop a workable schedule, stay organized and on a mission using tools like calendars, task lists, and time-tracking software, evaluate the plan frequently and make any adjustments. It's also essential for them to concentrate on the task at hand and avoid distractions.

Great learning ability

To become a great developer, you should be an awesome self-learner who can research and identify new languages and technologies on individual interests outside your duty. Some traits of having good learning abilities are:

  • Desire to learn new programming languages, tools, and development techniques.
  • Swiftly and effectively learn and absorb new concepts.
  • They should use new information and abilities practically.
  • Take lessons from mistakes and apply them to advance oneself.
  • Adapt and improve one's work while being receptive to criticism and comments.

Deep and broad technical experience

A talented programmer must have a firm grasp of the foundational concepts of computer science, that is, algorithms, data structures, and software design patterns. This will help them produce effective, scalable, and maintainable code. Finding a programmer who has experience with a product that is comparable to yours or that makes use of the same technology is undoubtedly advantageous.

Proficiency in one or more specific programming languages, frameworks, and technologies is crucial to leveraging the tools and technologies most frequently employed in their industry. For instance, a programmer should know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript if working on a web development project.

What Are the Best Practices in programming?

What Are the Qualities People Look Out for in Programmers?

Programming majors on what you can figure out; it's not about your knowledge. Coding has become among the top abilities for a developer to possess to compete in the technological market. Let's delve into the common programming best practices:

Perfect your indentations and use comment lines

Indentations are the spaces used in Python to set apart blocks of codes. It clearly illustrates the hierarchy and nesting of code blocks; proper indentation makes the code easier to read and comprehend. Utilizing indentation wisely also helps to prevent problems like off-by-one faults.

Code lines, also known as comment lines, are used to explain or make remarks about the code but are disregarded by the compiler or interpreter. The proper usage of comments can aid in debugging and troubleshooting and make it simpler for other developers to comprehend the intent and function of the code. Indentations and comment lines collaborate to better the readability and understandability of code. Therefore, a developer quickly gets the flow of the code and can as well modify it later on. 

Simplification of code

Handling a complex problem might lead to a sophisticated solution with a long and awkward code. Despite coming up with a solution, it is crucial to dig deeper and consider more creative approaches. Making the code simpler might make it quicker to find and repair faults and create automated tests.

Remember that code simplification is a continuous process, not a one-time project. Hence,  keep reviewing and cleaning up the code as the codebase develops and changes. Also, as your programming skills improve, use fewer unneeded loops. Instead, try to employ classes, functions, and anonymous functions to their fullest potential to get your desired results.

What Are the Qualities People Look Out for in Programmers?

Plan your Approach

You must organize your approach appropriately before trying to solve the issue with the code. It's unnecessary to constantly dive into handling a complex problem with a code, carefully consider your course of action and dwell on the details. The project can be finished on schedule, within budget, and to the appropriate quality with careful planning. Here are some actions you may do to organize your programming strategy:

  • Recognize the issue or undertaking: Understand the requirements and restrictions and characterize the project.
  • Determine the aims and goals: Establish the precise aims and targets that you should accomplish to address the issue or finish the project.
  • Divide the project or challenge into more manageable tasks: Determine each job with a deadline and attain the goals and objectives.
  • Make a timetable and schedule: Create a schedule and timeline for the tasks by estimating the amount of time needed.

Effective debugging

Error detection and correction is a crucial components of programming. Every coder needs to become proficient at effective debugging because despite how brilliant you are at solving programming puzzles, you will once get into a circumstance when you are stopped and unsure how to move forward. 


Unquestionably, coding is the most excellent skill you can add to your business today. Every person who wants to advance with coding should look out for the above qualities in a programmer. And every programmer should practice the above to deliver the best to their clients. We have expert programmers who will take your closing experience to the next level. Reach out to us for excellent programming services.

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