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Thursday, February 2, 2023

What Are the Must-Know Video Production Practices

Whether you are a beginner or have been in the industry for a long time, you need to know about video production's best practices. Do you have an idea about them? I have researched and created this article to help you learn about the must-know video production practices. 

There are a couple of must-know video production practices, such as; planning for your video before shooting, using a high-quality camera, ensuring you have enough lighting, upgrading the audio quality, and using robust video editing software. 

As you read about the must-know video production practices,  learn how to implement them effectively for the best results. Also, learn about how to use a camera correctly. 

What Are the Must-Know Video Production Practices

Have you ever thought about what someone does when they are online? High chances are that they are watching a video. It's easy to watch a video as they are easily accessible and explain matters more straightforwardly and understandably than many other kinds of content. Do you want to create a polished, professional video that will attract the audience? Here are the must-know video production practices to get you started.

What Are the Must-Know Video Production Practices

Plan ahead for your video

Creating a video is not all about recording. Several considerations should be made to have a professional video, and they all have to do with planning. Video planning is an essential factor before shooting it, and it should be carefully executed; you can break down how you plan for your video by using the following tips; 

Tips for planning your video About
Set a goal Know the reason behind making the video. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve with it. 
Identify your target audience Having a specific audience will help you decide how you will write your script, shoot your video and edit it. 
Research your topic Find a topic that appeals to your target audience and helps you achieve your goals.
Choose the right video type The kind of video you choose will determine the tone plus style of your video. Generally, it affects the entire process of video production. 
Write a script A script will help you know which content should appear in your video. You can write it in word or just the topics.
Pick the right location- Location is everything in a video. It helps to give context to the video and enhance the look and feel of the video.

Use a high-quality camera

A high-quality camera guarantees a high-quality video, no matter the belief that you can create an excellent video without a professional camera. You can choose from two camera options, a built-in mobile camera or a professional camera. 

  • Mobile camera: Most top-brand phones have great cameras, and each new model keeps improving. Your phone might be able to create a high-quality video of about 4K at 60FPS like an iPhone 13pro.
  • Professional camera: If you feel your camera is not enough, you can opt for a professional camera and have much control over the quality of the video. Professional cameras offer various features that a phone may not be able to offer, such as built-in image stabilization with the ability to swap lenses.  

What Are the Must-Know Video Production Practices

Ensure you have enough lighting

Lighting is vital in video production; too dull or bright light will make your video unattractive. Your viewers may end up skipping it. Beginners are advised to go for natural light, which costs nothing and can make your video very appealing. To get the most out of natural lighting, shoot your video when it's cloudy or in the evening to get a cinematic view. Another option is studio lighting, which allows you to shoot your video any time of the day as they have the lighting equipment. 

Upgrade the audio quality

Audio can drive viewers to your video or go away. The best way to ensure you capture great audio is to use a microphone, not your built-in phone mic. No matter how great your phone is, it can't replace an external microphone. You can use these three microphones; Condenser microphones, Dynamic microphones, and Lavalier/ Lapel microphones. Each is ideal for its uses; it would be wise to invest in one that best suits your needs. 

Use a robust video editing software

A video production process is not complete without excellent editing software. It would help if you chose software that allows you to add transitions, titles, subtitles, intros, and outros to your video and deliver them in a way that will attract your audience. There are various software you can choose from, some are free, and others are paid for, such as; 

  • Visme video maker
  • Adobe primiere pro
  • Final cut pro
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Pro Tip: Final cut pro plus Adobe premiere pro have free and paid plugins; you can choose one that you feel will work out perfectly for the type of video you create. 

How To Use Your Camera Correctly

What Are the Must-Know Video Production Practices

If you already know how to create videos and maybe made a few but need to up your game, you need to know how to use your camera correctly. You don't just pick your camera and get created with video production; here are tips on how you should handle your camera: 

Understand your focal length

If you record your video using a phone, chances are you are using a wide-angle lens. These lenses make objects closer to the camera appear larger than they usually are and may lead to a poor video. To sort this out, you may opt to move further away from the object and zoom in, don't go so far, just a few meters back, then zoom by a 25% maximum. Alternatively, you can use an add-on smartphone telephoto lens. 

Level out your shots

You may look at your camera and see how clear a shot is, but you will be shocked by how blurred and tilted it will be. You can use a leveling app that lets you know if your angle is correct. You can also enable gridlines on the camera preview screen. A tripod will also be helpful as you won't have to worry about your camera angle. It will help to hold your phone and guarantee you no shaky videos. You can find cheap ones available online.

What Are the Must-Know Video Production Practices

Tap into your camera's capabilities

Your smartphone has an idea of what to focus on, but a little help won't hurt. Tapping your video subject on your preview screen will ensure your camera focuses on what you want and also let you lock the focus. It can be done by holding the tap and pressing an additional button. With a locked focus, you can change the exposure on the shoot to make it appear more as you want it to appear. It's important to note that your focus and exposure change once your subject moves. 


There you have it; must-know video production practices are all you need to strategize your marketing videos. Have you been getting tilted or blurred images? Your camera is the issue. The tips mentioned above will help you finally use your camera correctly. As you follow them, you will see a significant change in your video quality and get great results. If you have a problem or want help with video creation, get in touch, and we can help you with fantastic video production services.  

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