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What Are the Functions of a Story and Asset Writer in Game Development

Hiring a story and asset writer requires you to know their functions, so you can know what to expect from them. This article is well-researched to help take you through the functions of a story and asset writer in game development. 

There are several functions of a story and asset writer in game development, such as; researching plot ideas, collaborating with other artists, writing character dialogue, editing and updating the game's script, and creating characteristics for the game assets. 

Keep reading to understand the functions of a story and asset writer in-depth. On top of that, learn about the mistakes that a story and asset writer should avoid.

What Are the Functions of a Story and Asset Writer in Game Development

An expert responsible for the design of a video game is referred to as a game artist or developer. These experts write engaging narratives relevant to a computer game's gameplay and other essential elements. Most story and asset writers are familiar with programming languages to understand the context and mechanics of various games easily. They can work as freelancers or under a brand that creates video games.

What Are the Functions of a Story and Asset Writer in Game Development

How stories and assets are written determines the general experience of the game. Robust storytelling techniques in a game make players entertained and become more fond of video games. Depending on the artist's specialization, they have several duties and responsibilities in game development. Below are their functions; 

Researching plot ideas

To many, coming up with a great plot idea for a game is quite tricky; this is why you need assistance from a story and asset writer. The plot you use for your game can ruin the project or take it to a greater level. Some video games do well with less creative fields, like Angry Birds, while others require a memorable plot, like Mass Effect. Story and asset writers use their talents to create interactive actions that separate their games from ordinary ones- They make an immersive, believable, and emotional environment for players. 

Editing and updating the script of the game

I understand how annoying it is to redo your script to eliminate the errors found. Editing is essential because it makes the story more compelling and expresses ideas in a better way that can be understood. Story and asset writers must go through their drafts to ensure no alarming issues, such as grammatical errors. After they edit their work, they can update it, meaning it's ready for use in the game project. Editing skills are crucial for all writers to develop organized narratives. 

What Are the Functions of a Story and Asset Writer in Game Development

Creating characteristics for the game assets

Story and asset writers develop each detail of a game asset to achieve an immersive game world. They describe how characters, vehicles, weapons, and other assets will appear in a game. For instance, an asset writer can explain the appearance of a car as "Sleek, made of unique material, streamlined, enormous, and so on," In contrast, a story writer can tell how the environment and characters that use the vehicle should appear. They also write songs that are relevant to the game's context.

Collaborating with other artists

As video games keep growing in size and complexity, the urge for collaborating among designers increases because there are more roles to play. When story and asset writers collaborate with other artists, they create great synergy and can create stunning games that attract audiences. However, not all collaborations are successful; some fail due to the following reasons:

Why collaborations fail Detailed reasons
Undefined roles For collaborations to produce the best results, members must clearly understand their duties. While the members may be enjoying themselves at the start of the project, challenges begin when the team doesn't know which roles to undertake.
Lack of respect

No matter how skilled members are, they still need mutual respect. A successful project requires discipline where each member respects and appreciates the creative abilities of the other. 

No shared vision- Members must have a shared vision to achieve the game's requirements. For instance, when a writer and designer are looking forward to a new project, they must assess the existing references to create a shared vision. 

Writing character dialogue

A game writer must create a fantastic scene by exchanging words between different characters. Dialogue is highly appreciated in video games because it improves a plot, builds emotions, or can create/solve a conflict. Dialogue can be expressed among characters through various ways, such as making phone calls, video calls, or text messages. Always know that anyone can create a dialogue between characters, but skilled story and asset writers can produce great dialogue. 

What Are the Common Mistakes Story and Asset Writers Should Avoid?

What Are the Functions of a Story and Asset Writer in Game Development

The field of story and asset writing requires creative skills and hard work. It is constantly evolving; therefore, these professionals should always be eager to learn emerging things and improve their skills. Story and asset writers craft amazing stories and bring them to life through game assets. Writers should avoid the following mistakes:

Poor planning

You must ensure your story has a simple outline. The unplanned report outlines that a lack of direction may confuse the audience, which can scare your supporters away. Working with professional writers is critical because unskilled writers may face many challenges while maintaining the plot and characters, which can cause inconsistencies. For a successful project, take time and develop a well-structured plan with the rest of the team. The story's sound structure and pacing provide a compelling and immersive experience for the users.

Excellent planning can be achieved by describing the story's essential plot points and events, determining their order, and ensuring the pacing is relevant. A well-planned level also improves the writing process because a clear path guides the writer. 

Unrealistic characters

It pays when you create dynamic and believable characters that captivate the audience and make them attached to the characters. Therefore, give the characters unique personalities and goals and maintain the consistency of their actions. Avoid creating one-dimensional characters, as they seem unrealistic and boring to the public. Inconsistencies also affect how the characters behave regarding their traits and motivations. To avoid making these mistakes, story and asset writers must put more effort into character creation and carefully understand each character's features and motives.

What Are the Functions of a Story and Asset Writer in Game Development

Plotlines that are unclear or confusing

A straightforward plot is necessary to attract customers and keep them engaged with the story's characters and happenings. A capable story and asset writer should be able to create a simple and understandable plot for a fantastic project. Story and asset writers may produce too many subplots when creating plotlines, making the story feel too fictional and overpowering. To offer the story a sense of closure and completeness, story and asset writers must carefully plan their storyline and avail satisfactory resolutions to the conflicts and plot points.

Failure to pay attention to detail

In story and asset writing, almost everything counts when creating a realistic and engaging atmosphere for the audience. It is costly to ignore the world's laws in the development process as this will make the public wonder about what is possible within the narrative. To be secure, constantly evaluate the story's specifics to build a credible and wonderful world. Always go over your work to discover any continuity errors. 


With story and asset writers, you won't have to worry about the experiences and value your content holds. Asset writers are skilled in collaborating with other artists to create amazing games and other assets, among other functions, as highlighted in this article. As an asset writer, you should avoid the mistakes that are very common in asset writing. We have expert writers who can help you with excellent story and asset writing services. Contact us. 

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