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Thursday, April 14, 2022

What are the day-to-day roles of a 2D animator?

A 2D Animator creates a sequence in three stages (pre-production, production, and post-production). This article implies these stages into comprehensive roles of the artist. 

There are several roles a 2D artist does daily. They include collaborating with clients and creating an animation based on their ideas, making storyboards depicting the script and narrative, drawing in two dimensions to create sketches, artwork, or illustration, and 
Models, backgrounds, sets, characters, objects, and the animation environment are all designed.

Understanding the day-to-day roles of a 2D artist is crucial for the artist and business owners. Read on to learn the duties, qualifications, and how this artist can help a business grow. 

What are the day-to-day roles of a 2D animator?

A 2D animator uses computer software or traditional cell methods to create movement in a two-dimension space for websites, TV, video games, film, and advertisements. Animations range from a 5 seconds brand logo to a feature film to a long-running television series.

What are the day-to-day roles of a 2D animator?

Animators work on a small task that will result in larger final products. Several animators may work for long hours to complete even a 30-minutes cartoon television show. Some smaller animated projects require only a single animator and are done mainly by freelancers.

The 2D animator's daily life may involve the following tasks:

  • Create Designs. Animators create 2D and 3D illustrations and designs for commercials, TV shows, films, and movies. They work with writers, directors, and producers to develop a style for the project.
  • Convert authentic Images. Besides creating designs, animators convert the actual object into an animated object through modeling. They can also animate static images using techniques such as optical scanning.
  • Editing. Sometimes animator edits their finished work, although this is common for self-produced projects. A team of editors works with animators at their disposal and an animation supervisor responsible for cross-checking their projects in large studios. Editing animation projects like video games with graphic color drawings can be time-consuming, although this may vary depending on the project.
  • Multimedia Campaigns. Animators get involved in different multimedia campaigns by creating and designing animations for promotional products, web pages, and technical illustrations. Sometimes animators are brought to design slide shows and newsletters.
  • Write Script. Animators usually rely on a script to base the story, but animators will write scripts for their animation in independent productions. However, skilled writers will be hired to write a script for more significant projects.
  • Developing Project. Mostly a complex 3D animation project, such as the background of the game or characters for a game begins in 2D. After the initial storyboard is created, the job is handed over to a 3D animator and expanded to finish the work. The 2D animator lays the foundation by creating frames and sketches that will develop into 3D animations like computer games, theme exhibits, or even a movie.
  • Create Frames. The primary role of a 2D is to create either by using an image program or hand-drawing each frame necessary to stimulate the movements. They work in gaming, entertainment, and even the education and architectural industries.

What qualifications do I need to for in a 2D animator?

An animator education involves a bachelor's degree in graphic arts, computer animation, fine arts, media arts, illustration, or communications. As an animator, you are expected to be artistic and creative with management and communication skills.

Also, you must have computer experience and the ability to use animation and video editing software. Some animators have masters of fine arts in animation or visual effects.

However, a degree is not a must in most animation positions, although it may be preferred. Most employers consider applicants' demo reel more than their degree level. 

Why is 2D animation good for your business?

Entrepreneurs mostly put their heart and souls into developing a perfect product, but even the ideal product may fail to be successful if not well marketed. The online world has opened up impactful and straightforward ways to market different services and products.

One of the most effective ways to catch the attention of your target audience is by using good animated videos for your business.

These videos help highlight the key points about your business effectively and straightforwardly.

If you aim to sell a product to many people, animated videos are a sure-shot way of keeping your target audience engaged and interested in what you're saying.

The best 2D animated video uses dynamic character movements, memorable messaging, and vibrant colors. It's a proven format that informs, persuades, engages, and entertains. The videos are simple to share and repurpose for various uses, such as a link in your company email signatures or social media posting.

What are the day-to-day roles of a 2D animator?

Here are several ways in which 2D animations can benefit your business:                                 

1. Helps Clients Understand Your Product

If a potential client fails to understand what you are selling them, they won't want to buy it. Animated videos help the function and purpose of your product in an easy-to-understand way. As the services and products provided by your company are designed to simplify the life of a customer, animated videos can be great for storytelling.

Promoting your products through 2D animated videos greatly simplifies your product. Animated videos help break down how your products work to their simplest form.

2. Engage With Your Clients

In today's life, consumers engage with online video content daily. According to recently conducted research, one-third of all online activity is spent watching videos.  This makes it easy to engage with your customers, which is essential in the competitive world of digital marketing, and it can be regarded as the first step towards making sales.

Therefore make sure you use content that creates chances to engage with your customers effectively. Animated videos provide a way to present important information in an exciting and intention-grabbing manner; hence they are the best way to engage with customers.

3. Boosts Conversation Rates

Animated videos help engage your customer and motivate them to buy your products, helping your business make more profits. According to statistics, including animated videos on your website can increase your conversation rate by 80%.

Whether you sell books or clothes, any product can be marketed using animations regardless of how light-hearted or serious your product is.

4. Helps To Stand Out From The Competition

Digital marketing is gradually transforming into a competitive marketplace, and your business needs to stand out from the competition. 2D animation videos can easily separate you from your competitors since they establish you as a futuristic, creative company.

5. Bring Your Idea To Life

Animated videos can help you tell any story you want- how getting into this business changed your life, how your product can help transform your customers' lives, how your products get your heart pumping, etc.  

You can use animations to visually demonstrate and explain what you hope to disclose about your product and services to your customers.

What are the day-to-day roles of a 2D animator?


2D animations are everywhere on the internet, TV screens, and cinemas, and we constantly interact with them by creating or watching them.

2D animations are widely used to create cartoons, movies, advertisements, marketing videos, video games, and educational materials in day-to-day life. With the increase in video content, businesses consider using animations to promote their products and services as they increase conversion rates.

If you are a business owner, animations are a great deal to market your products and services. Thou Curator is here for all your game creation needs and more. Don't hesitate to contact us for the top-notch  2D artist services

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