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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Video Production: How to Get the Most Out of Your Video Projects

Someone asked me recently how they can get the most out of their videos, and as an expert in video production, I decided to research what it takes to get the most out of your video production. My findings are well highlighted in this article. 

There are several ways you can get the most out of your videos; Have excellent content, great quality pictures, ideal video length, and add thumbnails and captions.  

Learn more about what you should do to get the most out of your video production and how to implement it properly. On top of that, learn how to make your videos look more professional.

Video Production: How to Get the Most Out of Your Video Projects

Video production is not about hiring a company; you can buy your equipment and create your videos. It's a great investment that could give your company great benefits. Videos are more marketable when done skillfully, most businesses that have invested in video production get positive returns, and this is due to certain practices that are applied in video production, such as audio quality, length of the video, picture quality, etc. Remember, you only have the first few seconds to hook the viewers, so if your video doesn't have the catch, you'd have failed. So what do you do to ensure you get the most from your video production? This is what you should do:  

Video Production: How to Get the Most Out of Your Video Projects

Excellent content

Great content is everything in the video, as it adds value to the viewer. First, you must decide which type of video you want and then brainstorm the content. For instance, if you are creating an explainer video, your content should be precise enough that you don't leave the viewer with unanswered questions. Using a video production company can be of great help in helping you with content, as they will help in storyboarding, location, hiring talents, and creating an excellent video that may feature drone shots. 

Quality of the picture

Immediately you press the play button on a video, you can tell about its quality. It's the first impression someone has about a brand or a business. A high-quality video will make your brand stand out and stand out among your competitors, while a poorly done one will hurt your image and brand. Even if the content is interesting, it may be impossible to keep your audience glancing at the screen for a long if the video is not up to standards. To get a top-quality video, you must use the right tools and hire a video production company; Thou curator can be a great choice as they understand your goals and vision. They have great equipment and experts in video production. 

Video Production: How to Get the Most Out of Your Video Projects

Ideal video length

No matter the type of your video, the length is vital as people have different attention spans. Most people will choose a short video over a long one, but that doesn't mean longer videos have no value. It all depends on what you are marketing to the audience. Do your research and follow the guidelines of the channel you intend to post your videos on, as different channels have different guidelines. The length of your video is to have every second of your video count; as long as the user benefits from it, you will be sure to get the most out of your video. However, don't make your video too long or too short. 

Include captions and thumbnails

A great thumbnail will be an awesome way to market your video. If you have a way to customize yours, do it. Most people will be attracted to your video with an attractive thumbnail. Remember, your goal is to get more views and clicks. We advise people to choose an attractive face because most people are attracted to beautiful things. You can also add text over the thumbnail. It's very effective. Another great thing you can do to get the most out of your video is to add captions; you may wonder what their importance will be if you already have audio. But wait, have you thought about the deaf? Think about the people who mute the audio, too; captions will be a great way to capture their attention. 

How To Make Your Home Videos Look More Professional

Video Production: How to Get the Most Out of Your Video Projects

At some point, we've all recorded a video, maybe to post online or for memories. Do you ever get disappointed by the quality of them? You could be doing a lot wrong, and I understand the frustration. It's not hard to create an outstanding video at home using your camera. Follow these tips to get the best in your video.

Always use the back camera

This may seem obvious, but most people forget about it and use the selfie camera. You should know the back camera provides better quality with a higher resolution, not to mention the features it presents. Thou curator recommends you record with the camera propped up on a wall or desk for better results. You can rotate the phone to capture a landscape mode for those who love hand-held recorded videos. Another important tip is to look directly at the lens, not the screen when speaking. You don't want to look like you are staring at the viewer's shoulder.

Record in landscape mode

All professional videos should be shot in landscape mode. A landscape mode is turning your phone on its side. Unless you don't want to watch your videos on a TV, laptop, or tablet, which is a pity, you can do portrait or vertical shots. Either way, you have nothing to lose by using a dimensional mode as it's all to your advantage; you get to fit well in the frame minimizing the need to turn right and left trying to fit in. This can make the video look so unprofessional and unappealing to watch. 

Video Production: How to Get the Most Out of Your Video Projects

Add a grid

Adding a grid will ensure that your video is straight. Viewers won't find it funny watching a video that's bent or at a wonky angle. Most cameras have a setting where you can add a grid to your video. Apart from aiding your videos to look straight, it helps in composition; for instance, if you are recording people, you can place their eyes at the same level making you frame your shots much better. Adding a grid will come in handy to make your videos more professional and presentable.


In a video, lighting is everything. You may wonder why when it seems like an easy task to brighten dark photos or videos, but they bring a lot of issues, such as:

  • You can't brighten a video without messing up its quality.
  • The camera may not be able to focus in dark conditions, making it lose its focus.
  • In auto mode, the camera reduces the frame rate due to poor lighting resulting in low-quality videos which are impossible to fix.

The only solution to this problem is to ensure that your subject is illuminated by great lighting. If you are forced to shoot in dark conditions, you should ensure that your lenses are fast and have full manual control.


Beautiful videos are the way to go; with a great video, you will be sure to get the most out of it. Shoot a video that will leave the viewer satisfied and wanting to watch more of your videos. The tips above will help you deliver and get the best results. Ready to shoot your video? We can help you out with excellent video production services. Reach out. 

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