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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Video Production 101: Why Video Production Is Suitable for You

How can you tell if video production is right for you? If you haven't invested in video production, you have no idea why it's right for you. This article is for you. I have done outstanding research and created it to help you learn why video production is right for you.  

There are several reasons why video production is suitable for you; it makes your brand stand out, is best in storytelling, accesses the best video production equipment, post-production process, and experience, and offers genuine conversion.  

As you read, learn why video marketing is right for you and how it can benefit your business. Also, get to understand the phases of video production in detail. 

Video Production 101: Why Video Production Is Suitable for You

Times have changed, and everything is easily accessible from the internet; a few scrolls and you are sorted. There's pressure to have things right from the word go, especially in your marketing; your video needs to stand out. One of the best things you can do is have a good-looking, high-quality video. Many businesses still have no idea how to go about it. So how do you go about it? You need the help of a video production expert, and here are the reasons why video production is proper for you.

Video Production 101: Why Video Production Is Suitable for You

Makes your brand stand out

Picture this, when buying something in a supermarket, what do you notice first? The packaging. If it doesn't look appealing, you may not make a purchase. The same happens in video production. Your video attracts the customer, and how it's packaged is essential. A video in line with your brand catches the user's attention and makes them know your brand exists, making them want to learn more about it and what you offer. Video production guarantees a good brand image for your audience to see.


Through storytelling, you can tell the difference between good and great brands. Its relevance in your video is to engage and connect the audience with your brand. You may have a good visual without a good story to tell. Video production experts are excellent storytellers. They know how to capture your brand's story and core values and deliver it via a magnificent video. A good story should evoke your audience's emotions and trigger them to take action. It also helps you put your idea into a reality, from your mind to a professional video. 

Access to the best video production equipment 

By watching a video, you can tell the equipment used. Best equipment guarantees clear shots, and steady images, with clear audio. Although you can easily choose to hire an expensive good quality camera, it won't come close to the experience a video production expert will give you. They have the best equipment and know how to use them to achieve the best. For instance, good effects will determine how your audio will sound, and we all know that audio is essential in any video. Lighting is another vital aspect of video production; only a professional can help you with it. 

Video Production 101: Why Video Production Is Suitable for You

Post-production process and experience

The post-production process needs an expert with experience; it can be the most extended hours of your video process ever. They must match the audio with the visuals, add subtitles, stitch the clips together, and much more. They will also help you save so much time on the process, remember they have mastered the art of video production and have the skills and knowledge. Not to mention the equipment and software that make the process fast and seamless.

Genuine conversion

Not only does video production provide you with great videos, but it also provides you with market strategies. They will lead you to the best time and channels to publish your videos, how to utilize the longer and the shorter videos for your benefit, what medium to utilize most, and so on. These strategies will make you stay focused, achieve more exposure and insights into your video, and reach a wider audience. 

Why Video Production?

Video Production 101: Why Video Production Is Suitable for You

It is one of the most popular forms used by the media to inspire, educate or engage the user. Not only does video production end at the post-production stage, but there are also other phases involved to ensure a successful and dynamic product and for it to serve its marketing purpose. It's a versatile media hence being the best tool to accomplish any storytelling. 

What Are the Phases of Video Production?

Video production can be challenging, and you might not know where to start. The thought of shooting, editing, and posting makes it even more difficult. But the good news is that you can break the process into several phases to help and guide you into managing your video production project. The phases are:

Planning and development

Before starting any project, you should have a meeting and create an action plan. Proper planning involves setting goals and budgets, brainstorming ideas, and starting storyboarding. Clearly state what you want to achieve with your video; it could be building rapport with the current clients or generating more leads and sales. Once everything is set, make a timeline, find an ideal location, and plan sets and other production materials. 


With the idea ready, you can now create your timeline, script, storyline, and everything else you will need to have your video prepared once the production begins. Storyboards are vital as they aid in laying out the key scenes of a video. A script is used to create a visual script; you can also add specific notes under each sketch for the production team to stay updated. It is the phase where you indicate what you want for the video production, like location, talents, sets, props, and anything else you may need before the shoot starts. 

Video Production 101: Why Video Production Is Suitable for You


Production should go smoothly if the above two phases are correctly done. At this phase, you get to shoot your video. You should send the video production schedule to everyone who needs to be at the set so they can be there on time. You can ease the process by having everything ready, including the lighting and acoustic. Test the lighting with your phone to know if it's ideal or if you need more. Depending on how long your video will be, you can have it shot one day, then have your film crew shoot the remaining part the next day-b roll. It's footage that adds to your video but ain't the main one, as it includes external shots.


It is the editing phase, where you edit the video, and sounds, add images or animation and effects and get the video ready for publishing. The video should be polished and have a professional look before being out to the public. You get to bring your storyboard to life. Post-production is considered the most tiring video production process; that's why most businesses delegate tasks to professionals with an eye for perfectionism. 

Marketing and distribution 

Once the video is ready, you want your audience to view it. This phase involves figuring out which medium will be ideal for reaching your target audience. You can use the multivariate-a process to determine how the audience interacts with your video. You can also use social media and other channels to send your video and know how they interact with it and the critical keywords that get the most hits. You can also check the results of your previous video and the most effective at driving people to your video.


If you have doubts that video production suits you, I believe you have cleared them. The reasons mentioned above show you that you can invest in video production without fear as you stand to gain a lot. The phases of video production are also a great way to break down the process and go through it bit by bit to achieve perfection. Contact us for professional video production services if you need videos for your marketing. 

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