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The Last Stand Game Design Document Add On


Design Document for:

The Last Stand


 A Futuristic Action Strategy Game 


Version # 1.2


Thursday, October 15, 2015
Table of Contents


The Last Stand_ 1

Design History_ 5

Version 1.0 // 3.8.15. 5

Version 1.1 // 28.8.15. 5

Core Gameplay_ 6

in general_ 6

as Mech_ 6

as Commander_ 6

Game Overview_ 7

Design Goals 7

Goal #1_ 7

Goal #2_ 7

Goal #3_ 7

Goal #4_ 7

Goal #5_ 7

Goal #6_ 7

Common Questions 8

What is the game?_ 8

Why create this game?_ 8

Where does the game take place?_ 8

What do I control?_ 8

What's different? The two complete different roles, mechs and commander and how they work together. 8

Feature Set_ 9

General Features 9

Multiplayer Features 9

Gameplay as mech_ 9

Gameplay as commander_ 9

Customization_ 9

Game Characters_ 10

Overview_ 10

Creating a Character_ 10

Types_ 10

Landcraft Mech_ 10

Transport Mech_ 10

Aircraft Mech_ 10

Seacraft Mech_ 10

Spacecraft Mech_ 10

Commander Building_ 10

Classes_ 11

Assault_ 11

Engineer_ 11

Support_ 11

Recon_ 11

Commando_ 11

Tank_ 11

Assassin_ 11

Gear_ 12

Weapons 12

Sensor Gear_ 12

Ammo_ 12

Communication_ 12

Armor_ 12

Stealth_ 12

Equipment_ 12

Engine_ 13

Countermeasures 13

Building_ 13

Traps 13

Buffs 13

Stats_ 13

Sensors 13

Communications - Commander delay pinging, lag based on this 13

Armor_ 13

Weapon_ 13

Stealth_ 14

Engine_ 14

Countermeasures 14

Ordance_ 15

Type_ 15

Sensors 15

Weapon_ 15

Warhead_ 15

Engine_ 15

Stealth_ 15

Controls_ 16

Artificial Intelligence_ 16

Menu_ 17

Flowchart_ 17

Functional Requirements 17

Login_ 17

Forgot_ 17

Create Account_ 17

Console_ 17

Store_ 18

Specification_ 18

Purchase_ 18

Payment Type_ 18

Confirmation_ 18

Option_ 18

Leader Board_ 18

Hosting_ 18

Qued_ 19

Waiting_ 19

Loading_ 19

Game_ 19

Result_ 19

Pilot Skill_ 19

Firmware_ 19

Bay_ 19

Load Out_ 19

Equipment_ 19

Flow Goal_ 20

Problems with the game design_ 21

Communication as item_ 21




Design History


The following paragraph describes the changes made in the whole document throughout different versions.


Version 1.0 // 3.8.15.


  1. I took the original gdd and rewrite it, using another template.


Version 1.1 // 28.8.15.


  1. Additional Design goals
  2. Added Core Gameplay
  3. Added the commander feature: upgrade


Version 1.2 // 15..15.


  1. Adjusting the Interface/Menu part



Core Gameplay


in general


  • Deathmatch: kill as many opposing mechs as possible. The game ends when a team reaches a certain amount of kills or when the time is over.
  • You either play alon
  • Gathering and collecting materials for more items
  • Capturing objectives to get advantage
  • Following orders, to get different advantages
  • Goal: Kill opposing mechs and headquarter


as Mech


  • Choose a class and a type of mech, then customize it
  • Fighting other mechs and neutrals, with autoattacks and up to 6 different abilities
  • Gathering and collecting materials for more items
  • Capturing objectives to get advantage
  • Goal: Kill opposing mechs and headquarter


as Commander


  • Choose a commander, then customize it
  • Give orders to your players, for different advantages
  • Use special abilities to help your mechs
  • Buy items to change your strategy.
  • Goal: Give the orders to your mechs to destroy the opposing headquarter


Game Overview


Design Goals


Goal #1


Creating an interesting combat arena with mechs. Combining typical Moba features with RTS and unique missions and customization.


Goal #2


Every player has the ability to create an unique mech for himself, including different play stiles.


Goal #3


Teams have to work together and have to follow the rules of the commander. Teamwork will be the key to win the game.


Goal #4


The commander has to be as interesting as playing a mech. His goal is to lead his army to victory by making the right decisions.


Goal #5


The player have to rely and trust their commander, without him they won't be able to win. Players should want to follow the orders of their commanders, they shouldn't be forced to do it.


Goal #6


Commander focus on macro game, mechs focus on micro game.






Common Questions


What is the game?


A combination of RTS and Moba, including massive mech customization with special missions and objectives.


Why create this game?


The game could be a lot of fun and the project team can learn much creating this game.


Where does the game take place?


Taking place in a futuristic world after World War 3, different factions fight over resources. To gather these supplies they use specialized mechs instead of humans.


What do I control?


You either control your own customized mech with different abilities and weapons or play as a commander, telling your teammates ( the controllers of the mechs) where to go and what to do.



What's different?
The two complete different roles, mechs and commander and how they work together.



Feature Set


General Features


  • PvP and PvE
  • Different Game Types (Death Match, Survival...)
  • Customizing own mechs
  • Weather and Time of the day influence stats
  • Different map styles (Land, air, sea and space)


Multiplayer Features


  • Matchmaking with ranking
  • Commander and mechs
  • If a player leaves or disconnects, other player are allowed to join and fill his roll



Gameplay as mech


  • Playing with your self-made mech
  • Start at a outpost, operation base or landing zone
  • Follow the orders of your commander
  • Attack and destroy opposing mechs and neutral units
  • Gathering resources and credits
  • Depending on your mech, using your special abilities will be the key to win
  • You have 6 different abilities to chose from during the game
  • Salvaging other mechs
  • Capture objectives
  • Approve your commanders orders ( if the commander has a approval rate below a specific value, the commander changes)
  • Collect money through objectives and kills


Gameplay as commander


  • Commanding your team and give them orders, where to go and what to do
  • Dropping supplies and equipment such as bridges, walls or healthpacks
  • Use the money your mechs collected to upgrade them, to give them more strength and adapt to different situations




  • E-commerce in game gui system (CR = Credits)
  • A bay like area to modify gear, weaponary, and ammo
  • Pilot skill will be a tech tree bonus system for style of play
  • Mech Classes will be choose and purchased in the store
  • Firmware Skills for player that band together as a registered team
  • Store is used to buy MECH and bonus to the player
  • CR will be spent to buy Mech, XP Bonus, Skins, Page for firmware setup and pilot skills


Game Characters




The players have different mechs, with different classes, weapons, abilities and play styles.


Creating a Character


Throughout the game you get ingame currency, allowing you to buy new parts for your mechs and modify it.




Landcraft Mech


  • One man Mech unit for multi-purpose roles
  • Multiple role such as tank, missile launcher, scout
  • Abilities will be the weapons or a task the unit can do


 Transport Mech


  • Can go over Land, Air, Sea, and Space
  • Stealth, personal defense light, anti missile system
  • Abilities will be the weapons or a task the unit can do



Aircraft Mech


  • Attack / Fighter / Bomber / Drone Plane
  • Abilities will be the weapons or a task the unit can do


Seacraft Mech


  • Battleship / Cruiser / Patrol Craft / Corvettes / Frigates / Destroyers / Submarine
  • Abilities will be the weapons or a task the unit can do


Spacecraft Mech


  • Abilities will be the weapons or a task the unit can do
  • Battleship / Cruiser / Patrol Craft / Corvettes / Frigates / Destroyers


Commander Building


  • One member of the team will set as the commander replaced by AI if no one wants to fill this role
  • None unit role this member will be able to override players on the field of battle if they are not listening
  • Abilities will be the weapons or a task the unit can do





  • One close range ability
  • mid range



  • Fix stuff
  • Like a medic to other units



  • Ammo
  • Ranged Only no close qaurter combat like sword
  • Anti Everything


  • Long ranged only
  • Scout


  • One close range ability
  • Explosive ability
  • stealth on building


  • Close range
  • Mid Range
  • Lots of armor
  • lots of anti everything


  • Close range only
  • Stealth abilities does not work on building






  • Pulse Laser
  • Particle Laser
  • Long Distance Rockets
  • TOW Missile
  • Gat Gun
  • Gause Gun
  • Mid Range Rockets
  • Artillery
  • Grappling blade (4 blades on each side)
  • Swords (Katana)


Sensor Gear


  • Rumble
  • Energy
  • Hz Frequence
  • Night Vision




  • Energy
  • Nuclear
  • Flux Copacitor




  • Pin Drop
  • Cshtml
  • String and Can




  • Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
  • Titanium
  • Reactive




  • Cloak
  • Camouflage
  • ECM Jammer




  • Bridge Layer - Drop By Commander
  • Mine Detector - Ability Idea
  • Snow / Ice Traxs - Stat Bonus
  • Rain Traxs - Stat Bonus




  • Standard
  • Adam
  • Fuel



  • Flares
  • Chaff



  • Outpost
  • Forward Operation Base
  • Landing zone



  • Mines - Ability Idea
  • Ambush - Ability Idea



  • Scavengers
  • Control Points
  • Bunker
  • Machine Gun Nest





  • Conventional
  • ASW

Communications - Commander delay pinging, lag based on this



  • Conventional
  • NBC



  • Damage
  • Area
  • Range
  • Precision




  • Speed
  • Maneuverability







  • Air-To-Surface
  • Anti-Air
  • Surface-To-Surface
  • Torpedeos
  • Strategic



  • Conventional


  • Damage
  • Area
  • Range
  • Precision


  • Conventional
  • Incendiary
  • Bio-Chemical
  • Nuclear


  • Speed
  • Propulsion







Controls are for an arcade like feel and so we can port this later to console system and hopefully phones. Buttons system is based of xbox / ps3 controller


  • LT
  • RT
  • LB
  • RB
  • DPAD Right
  • DPAD Left
  • DPAD Up
  • DPAD Down
  • Joystick Left
  • Joystick Right
  • Joystick Left Button
  • Joystick Right Button
  • x = Ability 1
  • y = Ability 2
  • a = Ability 3
  • b = Ability 4
  • Start
  • Select


Artificial Intelligence


AI will have the following scripting functionality.


  • Path Finding
  • Ractions
  • Triggers
  • Target Selection
  • Range
  • Position
  • Interaction





Functional Requirements



  • Check credential and allow or disallow member to connect to our server (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Create a new account (BUTTON)
  • Password forgot (BUTTON)
  • Update Check / Download and Install (FUNCTIONALITY)




  • Answer security question or end user email to reset password (FUNCTIONALITY)

Create Account


  • Basic quick easy registration with email confirmation to activate account (FUNCTIONALITY)



  • Store (BUTTON)
  • Option (BUTTON)
  • Leader Board (BUTTON)
  • Hosting (BUTTON)
  • Qued (BUTTON)
  • Pilot Skill (BUTTON)
  • Firmware (BUTTON)
  • Bay (BUTTON)
  • Friends List Control (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Chat Control (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Show current news and patch notes (FUNCTIONALITY)




  • Specification (BUTTON)
  • List all digital assets, sorted in different categories and sub categories like "Mechs"-> "Weapons"




  • Purchase (BUTTON)
  • Show selected digital asset specification chart and options (FUNCTIONALITY)




  • Use real money values (5€) for the items (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Select payment type (paypal, credit card, paysafe cards) (FUNCTIONALITY)


Payment Type


  • Collect Payment Information (FUNCTIONALITY)




  • Display a message of success or failed payment with option to return to the store or back to purchase screen
  • to try again (FUNCTIONALITY)




  • Control Setting (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Video Setting (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Audio Setting (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Game Play Setting (FUNCTIONALITY)


Leader Board


  • Show top player list (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Search for player option (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Display Stats of selected player (FUNCTIONALITY)




  • Option screen for hosting a game to invite other or wait in que for random players to join (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Map option ( Options are not needed for the first versions of the game, because we won't have many players) (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Match Type (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Number of players (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Respawn allowed (FUNCTIONALITY)




  • List all games currently being hosted and stats (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Allow selection to join a hosted game in progress (FUNCTIONALIT)
  • Join (BUTTON)




  • Lobby for member to wait on all players to join before launching the game (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Select load out of mech (FUNCTIONALITY)




  • After the host has started the match this screen is the loading screen to sync all players (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Also load any assets needed and random generated content (FUNCTIONALITY)


Game Menu


  • Options ( audio, graphic, control) (FUNCTIONALITY)





  • Display results of match with CR earned (FUNCTIONALITY)


Pilot Skill


  • Tech tree allowing selection of extra game bonus geared towards the player (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Earned as a ranking system (FUNCTIONALITY)




  • Tech tree allowing selection of extra game bonus geared towards the mech (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Earned as a ranking system (FUNCTIONALITY)




  • Shows all purchased mech (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Selecting mech takes you to load out (FUNCTIONALITY)


Load Out


  • Allow you to view all equipment and select each part for details (FUNCTIONALITY)
  • Equipment (BUTTON)




  • Allows you to see what items you have to change out on this mech and make modification as needed (FUNCTIONALITY)

Flow Goal


A player starts off in start location (outpost, forward operation base, or landing zone).  After this they start by moving out to explore depending on the match type (DM, TDM, CTF, MO, SM, DOM).  Equipped with the mech and play style you picked from the menu system outside of the actual game your unit (Mech, Tank etc) stats may very.  Making your role on the team up to you as to how you play.  Each team will have a commanding office which will be the highest ranking member on the team that is deployed or the highest person who applies for it.  You leave the deployment spot into the world to achieve your object.  As you are scouting a team member request support from his team.  You check your map location the position of said teammate and start to strafe sideways to put your torsoll sideways to your opponent.  This way you can sprint off fast if you need to retreat.  You start unloading your rockets first they take up only a little mech resource to fire then you laser.  Firing at well you start taking damage from their support units trying to chase you off.  You align forward and disappear on the terrain.  Moving as fast as your mech can you try to flank.  Your console lights up someone has a locking laser on and opponent.  You fire your long distance rockets let the laser guided technology take over firing them straight up.  Your teammate radio back tango down meaning one opponent is dead.  You keep moving forward to their flank.  In the distance you notice a fast mover.  A enemy scout they know your their.  Choose retreat and re-engage or push forward hoping the scout did not see you.  As you are progressing in this moment forward very slowly you notice the scout stuck on the terrain port politing skills you engage even thought slightly out of range all you need is a small hit on him to disable him they are light and weak.  You move forward fast as you can go to engage you get a part of his leg damage he limping.  You finish him off with rockets on a sitting duck.  You know he had plenty of time to radio his allies.  You turn to fall back moving fast.  You team is calling out enemy position.  Based on this intel your map shows almost all of them are to the west.  You regroup with your team and start engaging in formation.  We have not lost anyone yet but our scout is pretty messed up he will not be good for much more than a decoy.  Your team moves forward armor...



Problems with the game design


Communication as item

Delaying a ping or anything in that direction doesn't work properly. Player could communicate via voicechat, that would give them even more advantage if we delay pings for example ( see Stats -> Communication)



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