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Friday, February 24, 2023

How To Find the Right Game Producer for Your Gaming Company

Most people don't know what to check when hiring a game producer. It would be best if you were extra careful when hiring one; hiring the wrong one could be the worst thing you can ever do to your game. In this article, I want to guide you in finding the right game producer for your gaming company.

There are several ways to find the right game producer for your gaming company; look out for passionate producers, check their portfolio, know their technical expertise, and have a flexible budget.

This article takes you through the factors you should consider and check to find the right game producer for your project. You will also learn about the game production process as you read on. 

How To Find the Right Game Producer for Your Gaming Company

If you want to ensure that your concept of video games does not get ruined and you get a suitable masterpiece, you should consider hiring a game producer. The entire game production process is tiring, and you need an expert to ensure everything falls into place. Someone who can watch over the designers and developers, provide the results per the client's wants, and much more. So how do you know a game producer suitable for your gaming company? Here is what you should consider. 

How To Find the Right Game Producer for Your Gaming Company

Look out for passionate producers

How can someone deliver terrific services if they dont love the product itself? Find a producer who loves games, one who won't think your ideas are bogus and will keep making flimsy excuses to skip an essential part of your game production. Another thing to be careful about is how they feel about your game; they may generally love the process of creating the game but not like your game, maybe the idea. This could make them less enthusiastic and affect the game outcome. You need a producer who will help you develop better ideas for your game and work tirelessly to ensure the final product is much more than you expected. 

Pro tip: If a game producer tells you how much they love a particular game, ask them about their favorite character to ensure they are not pulling your legs. 

Check their portfolio

How do you evaluate someone you want to hire? You may think a CV is enough, but it's not. To know someone is excellent at what they do, you need proof of their work, especially in game production. And the best way to see their work is through their portfolio. Do they have experience? Produced similar games before? You will find your answers in the portfolio. Additionally, check how versatile they are and their expertise just to be sure they can produce the kind of game you want; not all are experts in every type of game. Most importantly, text the games in their portfolio and see how good they are at their work. 

 How To Find the Right Game Producer for Your Gaming Company

Know their technical expertise

As much as a producer's work is to supervise a game production and ensure everything is perfect, technical skills come in handy. They can save up a situation where a designer or an artist is not so good. Evaluate their knowledge by asking them questions to know how good they are at specific tasks, how they deal with issues pertaining the production, and how they manage a team. Knowing all these before hiring them is essential to understand what to expect.

Have a flexible budget

Your budget should not be too low or too high but reasonable and flexible. Why? You might set a budget that limits you from hiring great producers. If a game producer proves worth it and can deliver the quality you want, hire them. Remember, a low budget can be associated with poor quality.

What Is the Process of Game Production?

How To Find the Right Game Producer for Your Gaming Company

The process of game production is complex and involves a lot. Every game producer should master the process so they can deliver excellent services. The method comprises five main stages: pre-production, production, quality assurance, launch, and post-maintenance. Below is a clear description of each step.


This is the first stage which directly affects all other locations, so in all aspects, no mistakes should be made here. It involves the following elements:

  • Market and competitor analysis-Determine what's trending in the game industry and use it to generate huge profits from the project.
  • The target audience-Determine who will be playing the game mostly and produce it according to their preferences.
  • Choose a platform- The platform you choose will be determined by the popularity of use and the company's coding experience.
  • Allocation of resources- Determine the number of equipment and staff needed to complete the game production, such as designers, artists, etc.
  • Concept of art-It consists of concept artist design, characters, props, background, and other assets.
  • Type of monetization-How do you plan to make money from the game? Through ads or in-game sales? Decide on that.
  • Risk analysis-Calculate all risks and determine how you can avoid them or recover from them.
  • Market strategy-Think of how to make the game appealing to as many gamers as possible.

After determining and deciding everything about the game project, you create a game design document (GDD) in which you specify all other requirements that may have been left out, like plot, genre, game mechanics, level design, etc. 


This is the longest and most tiring stage involving several internal steps: prototyping, visual content creation, game-level design development, audio design plus voice acting, and coding.

How To Find the Right Game Producer for Your Gaming Company

Quality assurance

Any game must be tested to ensure its quality, fully functional and bug-free. A single bug can affect the gamer's experience and the game. You should perform functional testing, non-functional testing, alpha, and beta testing. The table below shows what functional and non-functional tests involve:

Functional game testing  Non-functional game testing
Interoperability game testing Performance game testing
Regression game testing Load game testing
Smoke game testing Stability game testing
User acceptance game testing Usability game testing
Localization game testing Installation game testing
Security access control game testing  Disaster recovery game testing 

After functional and non-functional testing, Alpha testing is the final stage which is done on a finished game by QA engineers. It's followed by beta testing, which is done by experts who imitate gamers.


It's the final stage of game production, the most eagerly anticipated one. But the work doesn't end there; there must be something to fix in the game. As it's launched, the production team keeps bringing in more details and perfecting the game. Some testers collect first impressions from the users and improve where necessary.


Once the game is out to the public, it is constantly monitored to check its stability level and how greatly it's performing. Generally, this is achieved by releasing updates to meet the changes. And also, many gaming companies take it upon themselves to add in-game content plus exciting new mechanics to keep users more engaged.


Now you know what to look for to find a great game producer and how a game is produced. Take advantage of those tips to help you make excellent decisions for your project; a good producer can make a great difference in your game. Reach out to us for excellent game producer services. We will help you. 

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