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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Game Production: Importance of Game Producers in the Game Industry

Game producers are an essential part of your game production. I have done my research and created an informative article to help you learn about the importance of a game producer in the game industry.

There are several reasons why game producers are essential in the game industry; they help you keep up with the latest technology advancement, ensure the game is interactive and translate your requirements into excellent codes. 

Keep reading to discover the importance of a game producer and why you should add one to your game production team. Also, learn how to brainstorm your gaming ideas. 

Game Production: Importance of Game Producers in the Game Industry

Have you ever thought you could do away with a game producer in your project? The results must have been so dissatisfying. A game producer is a role you can't do away with; his influence and services can never be underestimated. You must hire an excellent one to guide your game production team and help them provide excellent solutions to your game project.

 Game Production: Importance of Game Producers in the Game Industry

Who Does a Game Producer Work With?

Game producers are the head of game production. They work with various people from different game departments, such as publishers, marketers, building engineers, designers, artists, programmers, etc. They work hard to ensure the game produced meets the standards. They also work closely with project managers unless they are doubling up as one. On top of that, they are the first people to reach out to if a new person wants to join the project. 

What Is a Game Producer Good At?

Game producers are well-versed in different fields, so gaming companies trust them with their games. They have several skills, among them technical skills, which makes them best at game production. The table below shows what they are good at:

What a game producer does About
Keeping relationships A games producer can work with people from various backgrounds, negotiate and keep clients.
Marketing When producing a game, they understand its target audience and create a game that will entice them.
Project management Understand what goes on in the game production, what needs to be done, and when. 
Knowledge of rights and licensing They are aware of the law and negotiate.
Knowledge of the game industry Have a great understanding of different game aspects, its various stores, platform, 
and direction.
Budget handling  They can handle a budget and work with it to achieve a game project's objectives.

Why Are Game Producers Important?

 Game Production: Importance of Game Producers in the Game Industry

Here are why game producers are an essential part of the gaming industry.

Help you keep up with the latest technology advancement

There is always something new in the game industry, more so for your game, like new iterations of versions or consoles to ensure a great user experience. Imagine the kind of games we had decades ago and the ones we have now; there's a significant change. A game producer can only implement these changes; they need to keep up with what's trending and ensure you get the same and much more for your game. Game producers use two technologies to aid them in major game transformations. They are;

  • AI: Producers take full advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence in game production. You may wonder how this helps, but technology is vital in analyzing player behavior.
  • VR/AR: A producer must know AR and VR; look at pokemon GO to understand the technology's vital role. They can take the gaming experience to the next level.

They ensure the game is interactive

The game producer ensures the game consists of proper settings plus configurations for various locations. Think of "Call of duty," one of the excellent games that promised to deliver epic gunfights, and true to it, it did. Now imagine if the game wasn't up to the expectations and the features acted up; it would be a mess. The whole player experience would be ruined. This only means that you need a video producer to ensure that the game is of top quality plus highly interactive. 

Game producer translates your requirements into excellent codes

A lot goes on in the game production industry, significantly when changing your requirements to a great technical experience. Great coding keeps the industry surviving; without it, how will users have an excellent experience to interact with? And that's where a game producer comes in; the greater he is, the more excellent your game will turn out. Hire one that can do magnificent research to know more about the user, experience, and functional requirements. They should also be able to define the information flow and build wide frames. 

How to Brainstorm Your Game Ideas

 Game Production: Importance of Game Producers in the Game Industry

A game idea doesn't just pop into your mind; it starts with a rough idea or concept. You light up your imagination when you brainstorm as you get new ideas, characters, levels, visual styles, etc. Here are the tips to help you brainstorm your game ideas;

Start with your central topic

Your concept idea of the game is your starting point. It's generally a rough idea of the game or a topic you want to explore and get the most out of it. You can explore it by creating a note that describes the concept in a sentence or two. The more you write about it, the more you will get more transparent and better ideas. 

Invite people to collaborate

The next step is to invite people to brainstorm with you; they don't necessarily have to be the people who will help you execute the idea but a mix of thinkers. You can also brainstorm online; the more views you get about your idea, the easier it will be to execute it successfully. 

Add as many ideas as possible

After inviting people, add all the ideas related to your central topic. The ideas could be various parts of your story, animation styles, game plan, characters, or the history of your topic. However, it's not yet time to evaluate the ideas; add as many as possible. 

 Game Production: Importance of Game Producers in the Game Industry

Add an inspiring image

An image adds life to an idea, especially if you want to show its style or mood. They help to define things like fond choices, colors, character style, scenes, etc. The images you add when creating your ideas can become the foundation for the game as it evolves. 

Add motion and sound

Add video references to show how animations plus gameplay could work. It's the best way to help your team visualize your idea in their head. You can get animated GIFs for Giphy or videos from youtube to help you communicate your ideas more effectively. 

Evaluate your ideas

When evaluating your ideas, go through them again and find the best suited to your original concept. You can ask your team to evaluate the ideas, choose their favorite, and explain why. Share your thinking, ask for suggestions and improvements, and invite a debate to brainstorm the chosen ideas. 

Finally, group the ideas into themes

After exploring your ideas and getting feedback, the last step is to make a connection. Group similar ideas and see how they relate to your thinking; also, add a title to each group for easier understanding and finding them. You will find that most of the ideas will fall into groups like a story, character, or gameplay, making your game idea come to life.


Now you know the importance of a game producer, and you have no reason not to invest in a game producer. If you have a game idea and wondering how to go about it, this article guides you on how to brainstorm your game ideas and bring them to life. We have professional game producers who will help you bring your game idea to life. Contact us. 

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