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Death of Real Time Strategy Prevention

Death of Real Time Strategy Prevention

Author:James Fleming

Death of Real Time Strategy

How to prevent our game's death:

  1. New player campaigns every so often to allow for new content like World of Warcraft (WoW).
  2. New units, equipment, & structure every so often to allow for new content like World of Warcraft (WoW).
  3. Unique ability for units & structure to continue growing strategies.
  4. New contact (Who you know bonus and mission), suburbs (in-game objective), factions (Your nation), reinforcements (in-game commander abilities), and pedigree (Who you are) to grow strategies.  As you move up you will be given other persona to use that you can select new pedigree types and stats to use.  These new personas will be your XO and lower commanding officers.  This will serve as a way to have multiple strategies and share the same units and building already purchased by the commander.  However, these will rank up just the same as the commander starting at the bottom and working your way up.
  5. A slow rise in rank not to bore a player but to give a sense of achievement. This will be distributed on a schedule not to allow players to farm rank.
  6. Ranking of units on the battlefield to give bonuses to veterans.
  7. Player's commander is a unit on the battlefield to give bonuses and diplomatic objectives.
  8. Continuous education on units and structure at easy to allow the player to make good commander choices.
  9. Easy reference manual in game.
  10. Advance artificial intelligence to help with micromanagement
  11. Diplomatic and commander gameplay for helping your cause outside of matches or scenarios. We want to give them control of the faction if possible but limit this to something you earn the ability to do.
  12. Early game action by militant radical groups. These groups will cause problems right from the start to engage the player in war or diplomacy efforts.
  13. Exaggerated abilities and graphics when engaging other units and building. We need to bring the larger than life gameplay to the screen.
  14. Screen shaking when a good amount of damage is being taken.
  15. Exaggerated bullets/projectiles per second.
  16. A little animation in the level like the grass mushing down as you roll over it. We need to make as many small graphical animations to show destruction and damage.
  17. Make it so there is an accuracy issue when firing.
  18. Sound effects should be large and with bass behind them when firing and hitting. But when taking damage should be soft and weak but still very noticeable.