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Asset Packages: What Are the Common Game Assets

Game assets make it easier for your game creation. However, most people don't know about the common game assets, and that's where they make a mistake that costs their entire game creation. It would be best if you had proper game assets for your game to be seamless; this article takes you through the common types of game assets. 

There are a couple of game assets, such as; level art, character models, objects, background, moving assets like planes and vehicles, and guns and other weapons. 

All the common types of game assets you are likely to find in an asset package are well-written and explained in this article. You will also learn more about the best practices of asset packages as you read on. 

Asset Packages: What Are the Common Game Assets

Game assets are the elements that can be used in games to provide a real-life gaming experience, such as characters, sound effects, vehicles, planes, etc. Game developers use them to ensure the game project is done perfectly and is good enough to keep the users engaged. They collaborate with others in the industry to create a compelling story, suitable music, and attractive visual elements. They set the game apart from the rest of the games in the industry.

Asset Packages: What Are the Common Game Assets

Before creating a game, you should identify the assets that match your game requirements. Most popular games have quality assets that interest players and keep them interacting with them; you should strive to have yours better than those. Game artists must be well-versed with the latest technology in gaming and able to apply their creativity to come up with the best assets. Game developers focus on creating games that have recent versions of assets because games that were seen to be very fun tend to become less attractive over time. Let's look into the common types of game assets:

Level art

This essential element of game design sets the occasion for art and gameplay. A level artist has to team up with other game development artists to find the ideal places to put the assets in the environment. In the past, computer games had elementary levels that were relatively easier to develop; however, as of now, creating the level art and joining the pieces is among the most complex tasks in the game process. 

Character models

Game artists use 2D or 3D software to create character models for games. The most loved character models are easy to customize, are memorable, and have many captivating characters that can sell faster. Don't stress trying to figure out how to develop complex characters; the trick lies in ensuring that all the models match with the other assets that make up the game environment. For instance, the famous game Super Mario Brothers has straightforward and unique characters that appeal to gamers. 


A game object is anything that contributes to the game world. Destructible objects give the users a great feeling when interacting with different games. Game artists give things the necessary property or feature to become a character, a sound effect, or an environment. Even an item like light is part of the game objects. Some games are compatible with several things that can be updated or edited for the adequate performance of a game. Game players want to experience reactions of assets on the screen after performing a specific action. Take, for example, hitting a ball, which makes a massive explosive sound. Without the explosive sound, the game will be so dull. 

Asset Packages: What Are the Common Game Assets

Moving assets like vehicles and planes

In this part of game design, technology has hugely played a crucial role in the game development industry. Recent sporting games, such as flying games, are created in a manner that they are entirely immersive because the games are more advanced with capabilities, just like in real-life cars, motorbikes, and planes. These games have impressive brakes, gas to go faster or slow down, and a more accurate steering wheel like an average car. 


For a video game to do well in the market, it must have a well-designed environment with friendly and precise details. A plain or static domain is not likely to excite a player because it is very unreal; hence, the game will be boring. Interactive games often use different environments and give the player a real-life experience of the game. 

Guns and other weapons

An action game without weapons is worthless. It is easy to note the differences between a rifle, pistol, and short gun when playing a shooting game. Game developers consider each detail of the guns to how they appear when put in the back of a hostel. The sound from the firearms and weapons must be similar to those in real life. 

What Are the Best Practices With Asset Packages?

Asset Packages: What Are the Common Game Assets

Asset packages serve as a centralized unit for an application's assets; therefore, you no longer need duplicated files. Asset packages are essential because they host the static information necessary to run an application and are downloaded into the user's system. These packages are helpful in application creation, like in game development, to speed up the creation process and better the quality of the games. Here are the asset packages' best practices:

Ensuring all assets have a unique tag

Creating a unique tag for asset packages is essential to help track and organize the assets. It is common for numerous organizations to tag their asset packages through serial numbers; however, this can mislead users as serial numbers often repeat on a specific platform. The best way of tagging assets is via QR codes designed for a single asset package. Asset packages with unique tags are located easily and can save time in other duties like updating the assets. 

Being attentive to every detail

You must be very keen on how your employees are storing data content- fast but sure. Having the wrong data inputs can cause inconsistencies and result in inaccurate data. All employees must be adequately trained and capable of working as a team to improve the efficiency of data retrieval. It is always good to review your assets to identify any errors and parts that might need changes. By doing this, expect outstanding assets that will generate the success of your work. 

Asset Packages: What Are the Common Game Assets

Having a great plan

Your goals and requirements in a specific project determine a great plan. Collaborate with your technicians to be on the same page in that the entire workforce is familiar with the project's needs and is comfortable working with the technology you choose. Ensuring everyone understands the details of the work will produce the best results from the final product. 

Aim at becoming better

Asset packages will always be there with the advancements in technology. To efficiently manage your asset packages, it's wise to focus on improving daily. You can achieve this by seeking to gain more knowledge by accessing the relevant reading materials or using other resources that explain the asset packages in depth. Also, keep practicing more often by engaging with different types of assets to improve your abilities and know your weaknesses in asset packages. 


Asset game packages are the way to go. They will make your game creation easier and save you money and time. Take advantage of the most common game assets mentioned in this article, and take your game creation to the next level. Need help with asset package services? Reach out to us.    

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