Author: Thou Curator
Thursday, March 8, 2018

3d asset check in checklist

If any of these things on the list isnt done the artist should be asked to fix the problem or give an explanation as to why he cant

  1. File format is .FBX 2015 so blender can import the file.
  2. Screen shots in the Identifiable description of the uploaded asset.  
  3. There should be an object called "main body" and all other objects should be parented to that object.
  4. Main body's origin point is at the center of mass
  5. Main body's location x,y,z chords 0,0,0
  6. Rotation and scale applied and set to 90 degrees and 1 scale
    3d asset check in checklist
  7. Model is facing the front (-y) direction
    3d asset check in checklist
  8. Smooth shading turned off
  9. no cameras or lights just the mesh
  10. Check normals.  They should all be facing outwards with zero black faces
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