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Thursday, February 9, 2023

3D Art: Everything You Should Know Before Becoming a Game 3D Artist

3D art is a remarkable career, thriving, and chances of growth are high. But before then, there are a few things you should know before venturing into the industry. I have done my research, and my findings are well highlighted in this article. 

There are several things you should know before becoming a game 3D artist; see how the competition is in the 3D game art, find out what you want to do between being a freelancer or brand 3D artist, research the software tools 3D game artists use, and the skills necessary for 3D artists. 

Everything you should know before becoming a 3D artist is well highlighted in detail in this article. Also, find out how to identify the right 3D game artist for your project.

3D Art: Everything You Should Know Before Becoming a Game 3D Artist

A 3D game artist makes 3D assets and animations to create unique and interactive computer games. They achieve this by using specific software tools such as SketchUp that assist them in filling the game world by developing 3D characters. They play a very crucial role in the game industry. Games would be flat, empty, and less attractive without their bright artwork.  

3D Art: Everything You Should Know Before Becoming a Game 3D Artist

Your initial encounters as a 3D game artist might be challenging, but if you wish to grow better and improve your skills, committing yourself to practice more often will be a great idea. If you are thinking of becoming a 3D game artist, first consider the following things:

How is the competition in 3D game art?

Like any other industry, 3D art also faces high competition from relevant fields. You should therefore be ready to face it and work extra hard. The increase in technology brings about competition because anyone can access 3D services with the right tools. To compete fairly in the market, you must have excellent skills and knowledge in 3D art. You must also learn to interact appropriately with your clients and collaborate with other artists to create outstanding user experiences and interfaces for video games. 

Brand or freelance: What is better for 3D game artists?

3D Artist is a solo profession, and it is up to you to work as a freelance or start your brand. While looking for a job vacancy, go for a place you will create fantastic artwork, as this will help in the future by availing numerous possibilities. Working as a freelancer gives you more will and independence because you have the choice to work on the arts you desire. However, this may be your downfall as your portfolio will be less attractive. 

On the other hand, not many will decide to work for an organization. What they lack is knowledge of the benefits ahead. More prominent brands have good planning strategies for efficiently undertaking many tasks. For 3D artists, this is a lifetime opportunity to gain and improve one's experience by performing multiple tasks. You can decide whether to freelance or go for a company. 

3D Art: Everything You Should Know Before Becoming a Game 3D Artist

Which software tools do 3D game artists use?

You can use a couple of software tools when creating 3D video games. However, you must understand each software and know which one is the best and for what purpose. Blender is a free program and is most suitable for newbies. SketchUp is equally user-friendly, cheap to acquire, and has impressive features to create incredible 3D computer games. Regarding 3D Max, it is very complex and robust, with many options included. It takes a lot of time (up to years) to efficiently work with 3D Max; experts in 3D art mostly use this software. The more tasks you undertake, the better you become at 3D art. You can visit online websites and take 3D games and art classes to learn some of this software. 

What skills are necessary for 3D artists?

Speaking of educational skills, these don't matter. Your portfolio is necessary as it dictates how good or poor you are at 3D art. During an interview, the employer will review your skills from your portfolio, or you may have to undergo an evaluation test. What is the case for an aspiring 3D artist who lacks a portfolio? Here, your home projects and sketches might save you. The game industry is growing, and to get a place at the table; you need excellent skills and techniques to create tremendous 3D assets for games. 

Are online tutorials enough for me to start as a 3D game artist? Of course, if you gain some skills and knowledge, hang on there and keep practicing. However, you'll need professionalism to succeed in vast projects. Analytical skills are essential to creating 3D visualizations that are believable and attractive. 

How To Identify the Right 3D Game Artist for Your Project.

3D Art: Everything You Should Know Before Becoming a Game 3D Artist

If you are running an organization or aspiring to own one, there is much likelihood you will realize the power of having a 3D illustration or design. As this is essential to help any business convey its message to consumers and, by so doing, increase its sales. The following things will help you to identify the right 3D game artist to take your project to more significant levels: 

Determine your budget for the project

Knowing your budget constraint before employing a 3D artist is a good habit. With your budget, it is easier to narrow down and work out the artist within your range. In some cases, you might find an artist with a similar budget, but again, you are troubled and wondering if they can deliver. In such a case, look into other artists of the same budget and check to see if they suit your needs for the task ahead. 

Understand why you need a 3D artist

3D artists are essential in many ways; therefore, take your time and note why you need a 3D game artist. Do you need a custom design for your game? How excellent do you want your characters to appear? Come up with a clear idea of why you require a 3D artist and the impact they'll have on your project's success. 3D artists are unique in different ways, and working with the right one can go beyond just creating 3D characters.

3D Art: Everything You Should Know Before Becoming a Game 3D Artist

Work with artists who have previously undertaken similar projects.

Searching for the best 3D artist might seem tiresome and time-consuming, but wait until your task is finally completed and begins to bear fruit. When choosing an artist, patience is highly needed, don't just make judgments after seeing the portfolio or whatever is available online. Look at their past works and consider how their skills benefit your brand; then, make assumptions. Hiring an artist who has experienced a similar project earlier means the artist has the excellent knowledge and skills necessary to avail top-quality visuals for your game project. 

Recognize the value of their work to your game

These artists create engaging 3D characters, backgrounds, animations, and many more assets to ensure your game has an excellent user experience and players enjoy it to their fullest. Collaborating with your 3D artist is advisable to ensure your project is successful. Often communicate with your artist to get the project's progress and to understand your game better. A great relationship with your artist will eventually make your game stand out because you are part of every step in the process. 


If you have been thinking about venturing into the 3D art industry, you know everything you should consider before venturing into the career. And for those looking to hire 3D artists, this article will help you choose the right one. Are you looking for 3D artist services? Reach out to us. 

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