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Define Story and Asset Writing

It involves the creation of visual outlines of films, movies, graphics, game development, and creation. It plays an important role in speeding the production processes from start to finish. Some other story and assets writers use software like frame forge, Moviestorm,shotpro, studio binder to develop the outlines and the whole story. It creates a visual representation of the director's script into pictures.
Our approach to Story and Asset Writing

First, list the tools required for the project, i.e., for film list cameras, angles, shots, e.t.c.Then sketch the sequences and with the continuation and visions of the scenes. Incorporate the essential elements of the project, i.e., images. Add more words to provide more context and provide details to show words that cant get expressed in drawings.
Importance of Story and Asset Writing

It helps come up with an exciting story for the projects limiting wastage of time taking unnecessary shots. They make it easier when dealing with big actions like during filming it produces goods and organized shots. It helps in creating continuity between one scene and another when dealing with projects, i.e., games, videos, film. It also helps improve communication between directors and the rest of the team when dealing with a project.
Types of Story and Asset Writing

We offer the following types of story and asset writing. Film services storyboarding, storyboard illustrations, and images. Video games storyboards to show the elements, themes, characters, plot points, and characters. Animation storyboards both 2D/3D and for commercials.Black and white, colored storyboards.Coming up with concept panels, character designs, and continuity boards.
Who needs Story and Asset Writing Services

Writers work with filmmakers, cinematographers, game designers and producers, directors, and artists to bring the stories to life.

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