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At Thou Curator, we create innovative and creative videos by listening to the client's needs, target audience, and messaging. We deliver high-quality videos. Contact us to enjoy our services.

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Define Video Production

Video production is the process of creating videos for TVs, clients, and the internet and delivered in different forms, either CD, DVD, memory cards, hard disks, e.t.c.The videos get captured using different camera types and distributed in formats like.mpeg,.mp4,.mpg,.wmv, .divx, .avi, and. mov.
Our approach to Video Production

To produce a good video, it must have a good plan and execution and consider the main message and theme. There are three main stages video production goes through. The pre-production phase involves planning and developing the video's strategy, which involves idea generation, scriptwriting, selection of casts, proper lighting, sound, team members selection, and logistics. The production phase is when all the processes take place, and the team captures the content and record using different scenes and written scripts. The post-production and distribution phase involves editing the clips to come up with the final video and getting people to see it through TVs, websites, Facebook, Youtube e.t.c
Importance of Video Production

There is a rise in the consumption of video content all over. It helps connect with your target audience, which leads to more sales, profits, and higher engagement rates. It helps all the brands grow by gaining more viewership and attracting new people.
Types of Video Productions

There are several types of video production. Website video to explain the details of your business, what you offer, who you are to woo customers.Tv production for TV commercials,live streaming,reality shows,documentaries,shows e.t.c.Evet videos cover events' happenings, i.e., parties, school, church, weddings, and games. Viral and How-To videos are for video platforms like Youtube Facebook to get a lot of views from the target audience, and how-to are instructional videos that teach someone to do something in a simple manner. Testimonial videos show your customers happy clients who have enjoyed your goods and services.
Who needs Video Production Services

Video production enables companies and individuals to create videos for their businesses, brands, and related content.

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