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At Thou Curator, We offer programming services to businesses and startups, making them compete with other brands in the world. We are the best, feel free to contact us.

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Define programming

Programming involves writing and testing code to ensure that software and computer applications work correctly. It involves tasks like visualization, working with algorithms, analysis, coding using different programming languages. The programmer feeds the computer instructions to solve a particular problem. It involves writing a lot of code using languages, techniques, and practices to develop solutions. Some of the common types of programming are software development and software engineering.
Processes involved in programming

Listen to the customer's project and specifications. Plan and come up with the project details. Start developing the project using the correct agile method. Do all the required integration s and perform tests. Deploy the project for use.
Importance of programming services

It saves costs as programming automates most activities that require a lot of labor. It saves time for businesses. Enables brands to reach the global marketplaces by using well-done websites and apps. It allows business owners to concentrate on other aspects of companies, and for example, the software can handle salary payments, deductions, sales reports, e.t.c, providing more time for other tasks.
Types of Programming Services

There are several types of programming services. Web application development involves the creation of websites using different programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, Java, e.t.c.Mobile app development involves building apps for Android, iOS, and hybrid devices. Desktop application development involves building apps for all the operating systems. Enterprise Solutions like ERP development, data analysis, visualization, machine learning, e.t.c.UI/UX design to make apps and websites appealing to the users.SAAS development for businesses to create subscription-based business models. Other services include code reviews, product development, system analysis, Quality assurance, DevOps e.t.c
Who Needs Programming Services

Most businesses in different sectors need programming services ranging from building websites, apps, recommendation systems, systems, e.t.c.Some of the common companies are startups and already established businesses. Some of the sectors include travel, education, agriculture, fintech, government, healthcare e.t.c

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