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Define Marketing

Marketing involves actions taken by institutions, companies to attract audiences to their products and services. Some actions include communicating with clients, delivering products and services, advertising, and selling.
Our approach to Marketing

These processes help in coming up with a better marketing strategy for companies. First, understand the client's target audience by understanding the needs and demands. Perform a test by offering them what to buy to understand their behavior. Come up with a plan that delivers value to the customer by considering the 4 Ps of marketing, e.g., product, place, promotion, and price. Build lasting relationships with the clients and provide high value to them.
Importance of marketing

It boosts sales when customers see your advert or promotions, which results in more revenues. It helps you build relationships between your business and customers since you have understood their behavior and needs. It helps you engage with your customers allowing you to raise your business reputation and trust. It also enables you to gather more insights about your business by understanding the type of people buying, age, and location through the set marketing strategy.
Types of marketing

There are several types of marketing. Internet marketing takes place online, which makes the business have a strong presence on the internet. Social media marketing involves using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with your prospective clients. Influencer marketing involves using famous and influential people to promote your products and services to their audiences. Email marketing consists of collecting emails through newsletters and automation and offering them your services through emails. Content marketing involves using Search Engine Optimisation to optimize the content of a website and create blogs related to the industry you serve your customers. Print marketing makes the use of print materials like banners, billboards to communicate with the markets.
Who needs marketing Services

Most people who need marketing services are business owners and brands. Some of the sectors that need these services include eCommerce companies, restaurants, bars, hotels, law firms, medical facilities, construction companies, retailers, online businesses, personal brands, local businesses, e.t.c.

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