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Define Graphic Design

Graphic design involves the creation of visual content to pass messages to the consumers. It uses elements like color, shape, texture, balance, harmony, dominance, typography, pictures, scale, line, e.t.c, with the help of software like Adobe Creative to make the concepts work.
Importance of Graphic Design

It creates the first impression to potential customers, making them like your goods and services. Graphic design gives brands an identity that plays a significant role in marketing the company or brand. It can also act as a means of communication, for instance, and brands can use graphics to tell a story using pictures, charts, flyers, e.t.c.It shows the professionalism of a brand through good packaging, making sales improve. It builds credibility and trust between the customers and brands through well-designed elements of the company through graphic design.
Processes Involved in Graphic Design

The first step involves receiving the details from the customer, then performing research and coming up with several ideas. After coming up with several ideas, sketch them and design some of them and ask for feedback from your team or any relevant person. Present your work to the client and wait for feedback. If the client has changed, go ahead and work on it again, and if approved, finish the designs and produce the final design.
Types of Graphic Design

Print design helps improve customer's awareness about the brand by using visual representation and matching the brand's goals, services, and customer needs, e.g., logos, letterheads, business cards, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, T-shirts printing, brochures, flyers, stickers e.t.c Packaging design involves developing and packaging products, and it needs research to know the targets, markets, and audience, e.g., designing packaging mockups and prints, illustrations, prototypes, and marketing designs. Website graphic design makes sure the websites are user-friendly, attractive, easy to navigate, SEO optimized and aligned with brand values. These include website mockups, buttons, friendly menus, WordPress theme designs, app widgets, and web prototypes. Publications designs involve designs that produce large content to communicate with customers. They work closely with writers, editors, and publishers to achieve the end goal, e.g., magazines, newspapers, catalogs, ebooks, book designs, and reports. Environmental designs. Commonly placed in places where people can see them, i.e., on buildings, town centers, walls, stores, stadiums, e.t.c. This include signages,billboards,fountains e.t.c Art designs involve designing and drawing with inspiration from a particular story or concept. It makes use of art and illustrations. Examples include graffiti, street wall decorations, and concept art.
Who Needs Graphic Design

Most people who need graphic designers sell anything by offering goods and services. It will help them increase sales by building trust and credibility between them and the clients making many people purchase them. For those starting businesses, graphic designs help bring traffic due to the awareness created by designs.

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