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Define 3D-Artist

3-D artist involves the creation of three-dimensional visual effects, models, and animations using different special effects to match the specified requirements. The artist combines hand drawing techniques and computer software to develop the models, dimensions, and graphics. Some of the software used includesAdobe Creative Suite,3ds Max, V-Ray, Autodesk, Maya, Sketchup e.t.c.They sometimes need to work in a team for faster project delivery.
How do we go about 3-D designs?

Discuss the project by coming up with concepts, ideas, and processes to use. After the ideas, the artists work on the project and finalize it. Then collect feedback from the project manager, client, and the rest of the team to complete and work on the changes.
Who needs 3D-Artist

They work with media companies, the hospital industry, animators and graphic designers, clients, designers, architectural companies, and movie creators. Other sectors the artists work with include 3D printing, motion graphics design, interior designs, manufacturing and production industries, engineering and UI graphic designs for websites.
Importance of 3D-Artist

They help create materials and render materials for business marketing and advertisements.3D artists help create storyboards by visualizing the scenes and creating an environment in movies, games, and visual effects. It helps create 3D sculptures and assets using wood, clay, metal, e.t.c.They create 3D images of body structures for diagnostic and research purposes. They help in modeling products before manufacturing them. Help in designing buildings structures and models.3D artists develop 3D animations in video games development. They help build customer satisfaction due to the excellent look of the products and better designs.
Types of 3D-Artists services

3D modeling involves creating graphics of any objects using computer graphics. Architecture visual artists create buildings designs and the processes involved.3D concepts artist comes up with ideas for games, movies, books, e.t.c.Character artist for creating characters for games and other graphics.3D graphic designer for marketing, packaging, UI 3D designs, and publication designs. Visual effects artist for TV, movies, TV shows, graphics, and motions. Environment artist designs indoor and outdoor scenes for games.

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