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Thou Curator is a renowned animator provider. We create customized animation videos according to the type of business, audience, and marketing plans. Feel free to talk to us.

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What is animation

Animation involves manipulating and creating figures and images to create an illusion of sequence movement. We put several pictures or figures in a rapid figure with small differences. The movements use frames per second technique and different types of motion to create animations.
Processes involved in animation

First, you discover what he wants and deals with, plus all the details about the business. Write a script for the animation we will be creating. Design the script and match it with the story of the brand. Add animation elements to the story with characters and other elements. Add sound effects and music and finalize the design.
Types of animation Services

Several types of animation will help your business grow.3-D animations involve animations that go beyond 2D, and it makes the use of 3D rendering and modeling software commonly used in movies, games, characters, products, motions, games, e.t.c. 2-D animations involve using computer software to animate the vector-based frames to align and provide some motion. Traditional animation was done freehand, and it took a lot of time and energy. Use of whiteboard animations to provide quick illustrations. Explainer animation uses words to explain more information about your brand or business to the audience. Product animations involve giving customers product details through animated video. Web demos animations are common during selling to show demos and landing pages of businesses.
Importance of animation

Why do we need animation services? There are several to why animation is important. It improves your engagement with your customers, and most customers love video content and animation delivered in an enjoyable, informational and attention-drawing manner. It also helps in the search engine optimization of your business content, and Google considers websites with video content, these can make you improve in your search rankings. It also helps you stand out from the rest due to the creativity leading to higher sales and profits. Many animations are durable, which helps business owners save time and money.
Who Needs Animation

Most people who use animation services are brands in different sectors. These sectors include multimedia and entertainment, advertisements and commercials, marketing, creative arts and gaming, human anatomy, and military training.

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