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What Are the Tools That Are Involved in Game Creation
The other day someone asked me about the tools used in game creation. I figured out that most people don't know about them because I had received the same question severally. I did outstanding research and created this article to help them learn abou...

Author: Janet Kathalu

Debugging Memory and CPU issues
How to collect memory dumps using ProcDump   Intrduction   Process memory dumps are very efficient sources of information that are used for troubleshooting websites. Various tools exist that allow collecting the memory dumps of...

Author: James Fleming

Theater One Character Corrimer Jack
Here is a page for collecting the physical descriptions of the characters used in Theater 1 as a reference for writers,artists and the design team..Please use the following format so we have something concise, standard and clear.The shorter and clear...

Author: Matthew Baldwin

Privacy Policy
PRIVACY POLICYLast Modified: December 3, 2012Riot Games, Inc., a Delaware corporation, its subsidiary, Riot Games, Ltd., an Irish limited company, and its other subsidiaries (collectively, hereinafter referred to as "us," "we," or "Riot Games") are c...

Author: James Fleming

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