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Game Production: How To Become an Excellent Gaming 3D Artist
Gaming 3D artists must be excellent at their work, but how do they ensure they become great? There is a lot they can do to ensure that they remain relevant, and this article will help them find out what they should do to become excellent gaming 3D ar...

Author: Janet Kathalu

What Are the Best Audio Production Tools for Audio Engineering?
You must use the best audio production tools to get the best in audio engineering. Do you know them? This article is for you! It's well-researched to help you learn about the best tools you can use for audio engineering.   There are several best aud...

Author: Janet Kathalu

What Are The Things Game Artists Get Wrong About A 2D Animation?
Animation, like any other creative art form, may be as simple or as difficult as you want it to be. All you need to get started with 2D animation is a pencil and some basic software. There are two main things that game artists get wrong about 2D ani...

Author: Berts Njoroge

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