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Why Demand for 3D Artists Will Keep On Growing in the Game Industry
If you are worried about the future of 3d artists, worry no more because there is a lot to look up to. 3D artists are here to stay. This informative article will help you understand why the demand for 3D artists will keep on growing in the future.  ...

Author: Janet Kathalu

Graphic Design: What Does a Professional Graphic Designer Do
Most people don't know what a professional graphic designer does. This article is for you. It is informative enough to help you learn about everything a professional graphic designer does. There are a couple of things that a professional graphic des...

Author: Janet Kathalu

What Are the Roles of a 3D Artist in the Game Industry
If you plan to add a 3D artist to your game project, it's important to know their roles. Do you know them? This article is well-researched to help you learn about the roles of a 3D artist in the game industry.  There are several roles of a 3D artist...

Author: Janet Kathalu

What Are The Things Game Artists Get Wrong About A 2D Animation?
Animation, like any other creative art form, may be as simple or as difficult as you want it to be. All you need to get started with 2D animation is a pencil and some basic software. There are two main things that game artists get wrong about 2D ani...

Author: Berts Njoroge

Voxel to Unity
If your going to use Magikavoxel to make assets like these  Here are some things to keep in mind exporting those assets into unity Follow a standard color pallette.  This is useful so we can use one image for multiple assets.  If we wanted to may...

Author: Jono Lansdale

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