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Automation System Walk Thur
The Automation System is an application that is ran on the server every hour 7/24/365 it handles a lot of micromanaging task and keeps things organized in terms of assets and our system clean and running smooth.  This system / application was created...

Author: Cpurepair785

Agile Scrum and Kanban Walk Through
Scrum ConceptWhat is a scrum?  Scrum is an organized method for our company to produce the best game possible by allowing us to see what needs to be done, figure out how to get it done, stay on task and adapt things as we go along.Here is a video on ...

Author: Melisa Montalbano

Team Viewer Walk Thru
Team Viewer Walk Thru   We use team viewer to hold meetings so understanding how to use it will be benificial    Download team viewer here Team Viewer Download   Once installed and opened you should see this screen        Most of the tim...

Author: Melisa Montalbano