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Why you should Never Underestimate The Influence Of Game 3D-Artist
The gaming fraternity feels the influence of a 3D game artist. It is in the hands and minds that are active on the consoles and screens enjoying the art. You are about to read how this influence will impact your 3D gaming experience now and in the fu...

Author: Berts Njoroge

Death of Real Time Strategy Prevention
Death of Real Time Strategy How to prevent our game's death: New player campaigns every so often to allow for new content like World of Warcraft (WoW). New units, equipment, & structure every so often to allow for new content like World of Warcr...

Author: Cpurepair785

Annihilation Crisis
A real-time strategy (RTS) & multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game similar to Rise Of Nations that is semi-realistic / arcade but has a cartoonist low-poly look. We are trying to gear this toward causal players by using ranked vs normal area di...


Different Game States
Edit:Here I will update on the roles of officer regarding to different states of the game. Players might need to choose officers that either based on their own play style or based on the situation on how they want to engage on the battlefield. Office...

Author: Cpurepair785

Thou Curator Search Engine Keywords
This is a list of all keywords we have search out that match our website needs for SEO results. build game indie game development indie game development team indie game indie games independent games independent game indie game developer in...

Author: Cpurepair785

Armament Game Story Board
Here we can start the storyboard layout Scene One Call Pizza Hut Scene Two Order and Eat Pizza Scene Three Die from Grease

Author: Cpurepair785

Standards for Model Creation
Blender does not accept .FBX version 7500 This is the newest version and will not import into blender.  If you are not using blender to model the asset you must convert the file to .FBX 2015 before it will be accepted for review.  I have put together...

Author: Jono Lansdale

Member Collaboration Utility
This program was created by our team to allow all of our members to work together with as little over head as possible.  Its main purpose in life is to allow non-programmers that don't have access to the source code of our project to upload changes t...

Author: Cpurepair785

Automation System Walk Thur
The Automation System is an application that is ran on the server every hour 7/24/365 it handles a lot of micromanaging task and keeps things organized in terms of assets and our system clean and running smooth.  This system / application was created...

Author: Cpurepair785

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