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<p>I have been working on game creation since 2004 when I started a group locally.&nbsp; The team you see now is the progress and transformation of that group to make it what it is today.&nbsp; I do believe each and every member past and present have played a role in developing our team and contribute to our over all success as a team.</p>



Stefano Bieler

I have been studying 3D Model and texturing for 2 years and now I'm trying to pursue a career in it. I'm looking for any opportunity that will further increase my skills and give me the experience necessary to open more doors for me. 3D modeling peaks so much interest to me that it does not feel like work which as a side effect give me little fatigue, frustration or mental blocks. I am flexible to sudden changes in the project or completion time. I hope to hear from you. in the future.

Nehemiah Jeffrie

Hello My names Nehemiah, most people call me Art or Neo. I graduated from Full Sail University in 2018 and have been looking for work in the industry since. My main interest is character design, I love creating weird and new characters to experiment and see how far I can go with a design. I also have 3d experience in Zbrush and Maya so even though 3D is no longer a feild I am trying to persue I am open to any 3d jobs you may have for me.

Jeanette Foster

My name is Jeanette, I have a husband, we were just married June of last year. I have a dog named Levi and a cat named Khaleesi. My experience mainly consists of drawings I have done on my spare time as well as what I've completed in school. I have a Bachelors in Animation and Media Arts, I have entered a few contests on a drawing app and won 37th place from over 100,000 applicants. I would love to work in the gaming industry, my husband and I bonded over video games. Our favorite to play is Super Smash Bros., granted I'm not as good at it as he is. What motivates me to draw is my husband, and my emotions. The art program I use is Paint Tool SAI that I have paid for, and was wondering if that would be an ok program to use instead of Gimp.

Rachel Kong

I’m 22 years old illustrator just graduated in New York City. I'm really passionate about games and hope to be part of the making team one day. I am a huge gamer and twitch streamer myself, my knowledge and experience from playing variety of different games can help me with a better understanding of what gamers want and look for. I hope to be a part of a team that can success from making games that not only gamers like to play but develop team ourself would enjoy too.

Veronica Shomo

I am a visual development artist and illustrator! I have been working as a concept artist and lead for my own personal project "Sprigs" as well as working with Nokoriware on their next game "Robot Farm" My portfolio can be seen here: Thank you!

Rolando Garro

NPM's Ive wrote Portfolio JavaScript Android ActionScript2 C# Thanks Rolando Garro Mena mobile: 506 84158413 50686541527


Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Tùng, I'm from Vietnam. I have read your job posting and exciting to apply to the Concept artist/Illustrator position. I have been working in game industry for over ten years in Vietnam before become a freelance concept artist. Working on the concept is my pleasured as I love this work so much and still developing my skill from time to time, then I try to find more chance to work in many projects as possible. When it comes to technique, I have bachelor degree in graphic design, anatomy, basic knowledge about 3Dsmax, low polygon model, Unity and texture. Besides, I can manage to work on sprite, animation, pixel as well. I'm an open minded and organization person. I am single so i will be able to relocation. I hope to have a chance for an interview or do a testing of my skill at anytime. Thank you for your time and I'm looking forward to hear from you. Yours faithfully, TungNguyen My portfolio: My online gallery:

Mungun Shagai This is my freelancer profile. Pls see.

Anirudh Cheruvu

A vision-driven Award-winning Game Designer whose passion for crafting enrapturing games leapt off design docs gaining increasing traction. Energized by captivating and thought-provoking game ideas, Anirudh designed 11 titles that are enjoyed by over 8 million players. Fueled with passion, Anirudh strives to craft engaging and captivating games that leave strong post-play reminiscences and keeping designs in-tune with the industry trends. He believes in making a decisive positive impact on the society through meaningful play. His games Eternal Vengeance and Celestial attracted mainstream media with staggering 7 articles, and hardcore gamers alike and was showcased in Game Development Conferences. Anirudh's core competencies lie in Game Design, Narrative design, Game Balancing, Level design, Asset Integration and Game Production. He served many lead roles while working with his production titles. His work in Celestial, an edutainment simulation strategy game, received accolades from the renowned Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Brin Lewis

Hi my name is Brin Lewis and I've been playing games and drawing since I was a toddler. Growing up I played SNES, Playstation 1 & 2, and DS games. I primarily play computer games now and my favorites include Subnautica, the new Laura Croft series, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, and the Portal Series. I'm interested in the gaming field because I want to put my art skills to use to make something new and exciting. Here is my website if you want to view my portfolio:

Jesse Kukucka-Doney

Hi! I'm linking my personal website in place of Facebook because I don't really use Facebook. I'm currently employed full-time freelance as a 3D Generalist working in real-time medical visualization. I love 3D but my real passion is in concept art and I'm looking for more experience to add to my resume/portfolio. I really like your company's mission in producing this game with part-time freelance help and would love to contribute however I can to the visuals of Armament. Software I'm fluent/proficient in include: Maya, Zbrush, 3D-Coat, Substance Designer/Painter and the Adobe Suite.


Although I am a Producer with TC I also do work in the Accounting, Writer, Designer, and 2D Art, and IT categories. I am a seasoned researcher and freelance writer.&nbsp; I enjoy the creative process and engage in both writing and visual arts.&nbsp; Creating characters and watching the way they interact has always been fascinating to me.&nbsp; Helping others create characters and watching them interact in-game is going to be awesome!&nbsp; Our team has a lot of solid members and I'm happy to be a part of it.

Robert Peric

I started to learn programming by myself few years ago. At the moment im pursuing Barchelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS). I'm eager to perfect my programming skills on real projects and work with other people.

Masoud Pezeshkzade

Hi, I like game development specially back-end development. I am working in this role for more than of 4 years and I would like join to your website as freelancer game developer. I am professional in game development and server side programming to make online multiplayer games. Here is the list of online games that I've contributed as a professional game developer:

Allison Wong

Hi, I love to draw and I’ve always wanted to do art for video games. There is so much room for imagination and new concepts, and you get to develop a story. I have experience doing freelance work and commissions and my art can be seen on Instagram @allisonwongart. I do a lot of realism but can do stylized drawings as well. I look forward to hearing back and hope that I can join this team. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Allison Wong

Caleb Baker

Hello! I'm a recent Industrial Design graduate who has had game concept art as my dream and ambition from the very beginning. As a kid, not only did I enjoy online flash games and strategy games like age of empires, but I also loved to create games with my imagination. I always wanted to share my imaginative fun with others, and drawing was the best way that I knew how. Along the way I have grown proficient in hand sketching, digital sketching in applications such as procreate, and Adobe programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. Now my hope is that I can put that passion to share imagination and fun by helping develop games!

Cameron Wrightsman

Thou Curator, My background is in Fine Arts, graphic design and game art and animation. Graduated from Washburn University in Topeka Kansas with my BFA, with and emphasis in painting and drawing. After I graduated in 2012, I moved to Tempe Arizona to study Game Art and Animation at the University of Advancing Technology, with an emphasis in graphic design. During my time at UAT, I worked on a student project Alchemica for Apple and Android. Plus was a 3D supervisor for a Borderlands fan film, "Change of Hart" (it's on YouTube). After school, I was 2d/3d art lead on Sketchcross for PlayStation Vita, by Spiky Fish Games; And Planet Pilots by Gamezees. Since moving back to Topeka Kansas, I'm searching for opportunities in my area to expand my creativity! My passion for video game art/design has always been the facet that encompasses creating visual stories, and worlds for others to enjoy! I love creating my artwork for others too explore a little slice of my consciousness. I would love the opportunity to discuss the position further! Thank you, Cameron

Sierra Hawkins

Hi! I'm a Animation Assistant Team Lead and Concept artist for Razor Edge Games with a proficiency in Photoshop and Maya. I work quickly and efficiently, while sending updates throughout so you will always know the direction I'm going and can give quick feedback. Here's is a link to my art style example folder:

Vyacheslav Alekseyenko

Hello, My name is Vyacheslav (Slavik for short) and a little about me will be stated; I loved drawing since I was 6 years old. I have loved video games and always had a passion for it. My very first video game ever was Super Mario World for the SNES. I've never imagined that there are jobs out there that have you create video games and ever since I found out; I've been at it. The motivation I have is the fact that I will be able to play something that has me and my team's creations in. Being in a world that you have been a part of creating is a feeling I personally don't believe many understand. I would love to create something and show the world what it may be. If I can somehow get my hands into any video game development team, I would be the happiest person in the world. I am a fluent user of Windows and Mac, Really fluent with basically any technology and if not; I learn extremely quickly. I am currently learning Blender and practicing designing. I am willing to change programs if desired and can work in both 2D and 3D. I look forward to hearing from you and hoping I'll be the right candidate.

Robert Cordova

<p>Sound designer! Wanting to learn how to code for sound.</p> <p>Looking to make some games!&nbsp;<img src="" alt="Robert Cordova" data-sizes="auto" data-src="https://cdn.thoucurator.com" class="lazyload" loading="lazy" title="Robert Cordova"></p> <p>Keep in touch!</p> <p><a title="Linkedin" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a></p>

Daniel de la Rosa

Hello "ThouCurator" Representative, A 2D/3D digital designer PORTFOLIO LINKS: 3D Portfolio:;type=1&amp;l=36dedc3f25 2D Portfolio:;type=1&amp;l=184d60219c Youtube:

Shubham Singh

I have been learning unity and C# for about a year now and I have been working as a freelancer doing small projects like programming UI, add interstitial ads etc. I love making games and I am constantly learning and evolving to learn how to make better games.

Shaunak Sarkar

I am a 3D background and Prop Artist with passion and dedication. Doing art since I can think, allowed me to feel comfortable in many art styles & disciplines & cross several areas when needed. I always like to take new challenges in diverse range of disciplines. I am a good player. I like to work with creative people.

Valentina Echeverry

Hi I'm a freelance 3D artist specializing in 3D modeling and texturing. I came across your posting through Google. I'd love to hear more about the games you make and what style you aim for. I study Game Development at SCAD and have experience working on games I made from scratch on unity and working on larger games in teams using Unreal. Feel free to look through my work here

Dren Kajmakci

I've been working on a 2D game, clone of warcraft 2: I'm here to learn some more skills and actually enjoy what I'm doing, as I believe that game programming is much more fun than most of the programming projects I've already done, such as: desktop/phone/web applications and so on...<br><br> Best Regards, <br>Dren

Garry Stanfill

Hey folks. Programmer / web script author for over 10 years. Varied background from ISP and web work to Embedded systems. Always had a passion for game development and have been working hard the last year to hone my C# and Unity3d skills. Have a trivia game on Google Play but other than that, just a bunch of almost complete and prototype projects. Very interested in working on something with a clear vision on a team. Thank you Garry

Thad Stalmack

I'm a freelance artist by trade and I'm looking to get some experience working on independent titles. You can see my portfolio at: Thanks for your time.

jesse stryker

I am a freelance illustrator and concept artist. I have a relentless drive to climb the ranks as an artist in the game industry. Eventually becoming an art director.

Steven Lee Stinnett

<p> <a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>I wanted to be George Patton. But then I found out the Army was very loud.</p> <p>So I settled for the quiet, studious life of an illustrator.</p>

Teoh Zhun Nian

Hi. I completed my studies as a Bachelors&rsquo; degree majoring in Computer Games Development at Asia Pacific University. Making games is always my dream but lack of opportunity to work in game industry as a fresh graduate as Malaysia game industry tends to employ experienced worker only. Other than Unity Engine and 3ds Max that i learnt during my studies, I also gain some experience and knowledge on some Unity Engine plugin like AV Video Pro, Socket io, Touchscript and etc through my current work.

Gehrig Gosselin

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my application. I have shipped three VR titles on various VR platforms including Playstation VR, Oculus, Steam, and Virtuix's Omniverse. I've developed strong skills for improving code clarity, writing gameplay/application features, designing multiplayer backends, and working with development teams over the last few years. I've been a part of AR projects for EDM label TWONK, as well as created prototype AR apps for showcase to social media giant Team 10. I attended Southern Methodist University pursuing a BS in Computer Science before going full time on XR development. I was the only programmer and technical architect on The Bellows, released by Castle Steps Games as one of the first 100 VR games released on Steam. The Bellows currently has over 80,000 downloads. I was point of contact with Sony as well as the sole engineer in charge of porting The Bellows to Playstation VR. I was flown up to Microsoft and worked alongside their engineers to port the game to Windows Mixed Reality as well. For Castle Steps passion project Krieg I wrote the network backend and all gameplay dynamics. At Gateway VR Showroom I wrote most of the backend for LA Deadzone as well as zombie/enemy AI and various other high level systems within the title. My knowledge and experience gained from running multiple startups gives me the ability to communicate not only on a technical level, but a business and personal one, making me a suitable liaison between both sides. I recently spoke at Coding Dojo, participated in a UCLA &ldquo;Geek Week&rdquo; Tech Talk, moderated panels featuring company talent from Survios, Noitom, Perilous Orbit, SpringboardVR, Hyperverse, and more. I also had the privilege of being a panelist at VR Arcade Conference 2017. I would love to discuss further how my skills can complement your existing team. If you find my skill set compatible with what you're looking for, I would love to setup either a face to face meeting or phone call. I'm confident my skillset would allow me to get this job done quickly and efficiently, and would love the opportunity to speak about the project more. My contact information is available on my resume, thank you for your time.

Brandi Jones

Freelance artist with 10+ years experience and a passion for gaming

Gus Cammisa

Call me Gus! I'm a Philadelphia guy, born and raised. I've been full to bursting with enthusiasm for games and stories since I was young--so much so that I moved to SLC, Utah to get a degree in Entertainment Arts and Engineering. I led four games and was a designer/artist for a published Steam game as well (Overclocked: The Aclockolypse). Nowadays, I'm looking to gain a beachhead into the game industry. No better way to do that than to work on personal projects. I currently am the author/artist of a fledgling webcomic (The Concord Initiative) I'm your guy for story. Hell, I'm your guy period. Let me know if I can make your lives easier.

Anthony Michelizzi

C# with XNA, and Unity3D Developer.

Emerson Rabbitt

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art Design, pursuing my ability to design characters, creatures and larger than life environments. I am determined to illustrate and concept for games and will continue to pursue the role and better my artistic talents.

Da'Jion Lymore

I'm currently attending FullSail University online to get an Associates of Gane Arts and Computer Science, I was attending the Art Institute International of Kansas City for Game Arts and Design for 3 years, I can use many programs and tools such as GameMaker Studios 2, 3DS Maya, MudBox, Unity and the Unreal gaming engines. I am also good with most Adobe programs Photoshop, Illustrator and Muse mainly.

Jeffrey Meyer

I have been a game hobbyist for many years and have been experimenting in game development using Unity 4,5 2017 and Unreal Tournament, Unreal 4. I have yet to complete a full game by myself, but am working on one now. I have extensive experience in programming (37 years) in various languages including about 4 years with C#. I am also an avid player, I follow the COD series, but mainly like the MW versions. I am in the top 0.3% of players for MW remastered and was for COD4.

Eddy Hu

Hello. My name is Eddy. I have experienced in game development for 2 years. I have 2 (two) national certifications. I already developed some game applications with different game concepts. If you want to ask more, you can e-mail me at Thank you.

Heman Raj

(ratarafu from Discord) I am a computer science student at Georgia Tech, currently on break. I have worked on a total of 7 game projects (4 personal, 3 paid positions with other teams/freelance). I am easy to work with and have excellent communication skills. My skillset and experience: Unity3D (C#): 3 years JavaFX and Java Swing: 1 year MySQL: 2 years Native C++ applications: 1 year Android SDK: 1 year<br><br>@ratarafu

Ravi Kapupara

Hello,?? I read the work post and hurried to apply for it, as I found that i have enough experience in this sphere may be very practical as well as helpful for your project’s benefit.?? My education as well as my work experience straightly relate to Unity game development.To be short, I am mentioning most related skills of mine for this project.? I believe my skills can make an appropriate for this project.??? This are my Skills :?? Unity 3D ??-) Photon Unity Multi player?? -) Photon Unity Chat?? -) 2D Games??-) 3D Games?? -) C# scripting?? -) 3rd party Assets Usages ?? -) Basic Design work?? -) Script base animation (spreadsheet base and bone base(3D)) ??-) Android / IOS platform build and development(App Submission)?? -) Web game development?? -) Social features integration ??-) Inapp purchase?? -) Ads Integration(Chart Boost,Ad Mob, Appodeal, Unity Ads)?? -) Web service integration ??-) Local game data storage?? -) Particle system customization ??-) Augmented Reality.?? -) Virtual Reality???Live Links of our recent work :

Aaron Paulina

I've been using Unity for about 5 years now. I've made pretty much everything from casual mobile games to multiplayer open world games. Thought i'd take a shot at joining a team project and expanding my experience.

John Luckenbaugh

I create customized audio accompaniment and sound fx for films, television programs, commercials, animations, video games and interactive media.&nbsp;<br><br>I like to craft truly memorable audio experiences with sound design to get the sound effect, music or atmosphere that&rsquo;s essential to telling the story. I'm always willing to explore, find and record the best raw material.&nbsp;I try to bring each project to a new level with custom sound creation and Foley sound effects that has the ability to build powerful scene momentum, underscore action and evoke emotion.

Samantha Phenix

I've been a sound and graphic designer since 1999. I use blender,3d max, and wings 3d, Photoshop, paint shop, gimp, and, and I have cool edit pro and audacity for audio. I'm completely addicted to ESO and have been wanting to work on a game design team since I started content creation for the virtual world grids in 2008. I'm looking forward to working with the team and adding to my gaming portfolio!

Thomas Wood

Zac Glenn

Hey, Team.<br><br>I've been writing code since primary education. I grew up playing games in many formats such as cards, console fps, and PC RPGs. I enjoy the challenge of a good thought out game. I am motivated to join Thou Curator as I'd like to help create games for those coming after me.<br><br>Regards, Zac.

Brett Neely

Hi. I am a recent Management Information Systems college graduate. I currently work for an accounting firm. I saw the company's linkedin page which led me here, Thou Curator's web page. I have perused the web page and am extremely fascinated with what you all have going on here. I have been a computer gamer for over 15 years - playing, that is. It has always been my dream to delve into the actual development of a computer game. If given the opportunity, I would love to help out and work on a part of the current project - Armament. In my college years, I studied Python in school and worked extensively with in the Microsoft Visual Studio environment. I also have a little of experience with C#.NET (which I see is the main language here) and believe my experience with can transfer over to C#.NET given a little time. I am a self-learner and can readily work independently and remotely, if needed. I originally intended to apply for just the Hobbyist position, but seeing as that was currently unavailable, I applied here. As such, I didn't apply to be paid; I applied because I am genuinely curious in what you all have going on here and would love to hop on board, even if that meant assisting a very small project. Thanks. Brett

Ivy Miles

IVY MILES My name is Ivy Miles, and I’m currently a recent graduate of Full Sail University. I’m looking for an opportunity to better my art and game design skills, and become a part of a team that will push me to do my absolute best. I’ve been a very dedicated student during my time at Full Sail University, and have received accolades for my painting and art based skills. I have had a lot of experience rigging for animation, and animation, both 2D and 3D. Classes at my university were designed to mimic the schedules and expectations of the industry, and I am no stranger to getting assets done quickly and efficiently, I can finish a fully painted concept piece in about an hour and a half, so I will be able to produce work in a timely manner. I also have experience in working with customers and clients as a freelance illustrator, and in doing so have gained excellent communication skills that allow everyone’s work to shine to its fullest potential. I believe that I can utilize these skills in order to help a team effort to create the best and brightest game, assets to ensure both my success, and the success of whatever project I am assigned to. I appreciate you taking the time out to consider me for a position as a 2D artist, and vow to make both myself and your project the best that it can possibly be. Sincerely, Ivy Miles


Well, i'm a software engineer student and a passionate in game developing.. i'm 21 yo.. i started making small games (actually remaking some popular games like ketchup games etc..) i've learned a lot from these games like all basics of Unity3D.. so i decided to make my own games with low quality graphics assets since i'm not experienced "game art making" and i think that's because i want to specialized in one and only thing ..being '" a code god" ^^ ( i mean a programmer who know whats design patterns how to structure and optimise his code).. i participated in the local Imagine Cup Competition last year with a platformer game.. i enrolled in a small team and help them build the logic of the game and also add the multiplayer feature to it .. game programming is fun and makes me happy to be honest especially when i solve a given problem or a challenge .. i'll be happy to work with you guys.. awaiting your response :)

quan wen

I've developed a lot of games include mmorpg and rts games. I can help your work in high quality.

Jono Lansdale

<p>I have been working on "game design" since i was 12.&nbsp; Created my first "game" at 14.&nbsp; Ive started numerous projects with myself and sometimes with others who are like minded.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Im a part of game dev underground and you can always find me on the discord helping other developers with their projects.</p> <p>My passion is video game design.&nbsp; Im a designer as well as an artist.&nbsp; I work on many different styles of art from pixel art, oil paintings, graphite work, and 3d modeling.&nbsp; Most of my 3d modeling experience lies in low poly work.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><br>When im not working on games im playing them!&nbsp; I have a varied and vast experience in multiple genres and history.&nbsp; I am allot of knowledge from games 20-30+ years old to current.&nbsp; Though havnt been able to play much of the games coming.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I research game design and theory relentlessly and have probably viewed every GDC to be released to the public including speech from 20 years ago.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I joined thou curator sep. 9th. 2017 and am very thankful to work along side the team in producing amazing unforgettable experiences.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Sergey Chernyaev

I played videogames since I was a little, because of that I started learning more about how they work and eventually became a programmer. I coded a couple of games for Android, they weren't very successful. I guess I lack an ability to create interesting ideas, that's why I want to join a team and help you with the technical stuff.

Michael Del Castillo

I've always loved video games my whole life, and strive to create worlds and characters people can relate to and have an enjoyable experience immersing themselves into. This is why I'd like to work my hardest for this studio and create something worthwhile.

Szuwen Sun

I’m Szuwen Sun, I was an graphic artist from the Silicon Valley, I had the privilege to work with 2D/ 3D modeling to develop mobile games and also pursue my passion in art. I worked at a startup mobile game company named Glorra Studio. I was responsible to develop game art styles and research other mobile games for innovation. I utilized Maya to create UV mappings and design model sheets for 3D computer models. I also utilized Unity to develop lightings and colors for skyboxes and design game maps, assets, and different patterns in terrains and landscapes.Furthermore, I created UI images and tested UX for game controls and feeds. While working at Glorra Studios, I reported to and communicated with supervisor and teammates in meeting deadlines and overcoming technical challenges.

Armand-Joseph Devera

Greetings! I am a beginning Freelance Illustrator/ Concept Artist who is looking for any opportunity to get some real game industry experience and Thou Curator looks like a promising opportunity to begin building my portfolio. I have been pushing to achieve a professional career in this industry since Oct. 2017 and continuously growing as an artist everyday. So far my experience surmounts to character commissions from MMO gamers. But what really gets my creative soul going is concept art. I know the basics of creating concept designs, whether it be keeping a consistent shape language or creating a turnaround for a 3-D modeler to interpret. I am looking for a chance to show that I can work with a team and that I can bring their ideas to life. I am comfortable imagining characters in a 3-D space and drawing them from multiple angles. One day I hope to become part of a AAA fantasy title production, a goal which keeps me drawing 6+ hours a day; everyday. For an idea of my current skill level here is my ArtStation:

Kendall McBrayer

I am a Junior at Wichita State University studying game design. I feel I shine best in character design and/or concept art. I would love the chance to expand my portfolio if you have any work available.

Loremae Albano

Hi, I am Loremae Albano, a 23 years old artist. I have worked as a freelance digital artist for 10 years. I am passionate in drawing characters and environments for games as well. You may look at more of my artworks here in my instagram and artstation if you're interested: You can contact me through my e-mail address: Hoping for your response. Thank you so much. Have a nice day!

Deep Diwakar

I'm a Game Developer in Unity 3D, I'm looking for a job to polish my skills in Unity. Also recently I made an FPS Multiplayer Game in Unity (Prototype) and I'm good at programming. Right now I don't have a Paypal account but I'll setup it if you add me in your team.

Jose Javier Palacio

I'm a game developer with one year of professional experience and more than 3 years using Unity3D. Video games have always been my passion and I enjoy creating them; making a living out of Game Development is basically a dream for me. I'm a quick learner, enjoy facing challenges, finding new ways of getting things done, and really good at problem-solving. I provide an advance knowledge of game programming, shader programming and game design. Please check my Unity Connect profile, here: Look forward to hearing from you! Jose Javier Palacio

Francisco Bastardo

My name is Francisco Bastardo, I'm a 25 year old systems engineer from Venezuela. I have been working as a web developer for about two years now, and last year I started with game development. So far i've made and published two mobile games (both 2D) which you can check out here: I have also worked on other unity games but these were mainly for learning. I have always loved video games, since I was very young, and some years ago I started thinking about being a game developer. Now that I started, I have found that I enjoy making games as much as playing them, and I have set it as my life goal to become a game developer, It is my passion and it is what drives me to keep learning and searching for opportunities to collaborate in projets like this one.

Aaron Francis

I like new things, visual things, and I like making them. I have experience in Blender, Unity, Krita (My alternative to gimp), CrazyBump, AE, MonoDevelop, Visual Studios, and other related software. I Have written and designed from scratch many different projects. I'm an author, Script writer, game developer, programmer, Animator and more. I also delve into graphic design, and modeling, texturing, lighting etc. I have a lot of areas of experience and I like high performance, and new ideas. I'm a ponderer and an inventor of things and ideas in my spare time. If I don't know how to do something immediately, I will find out how to do it, or at least why it cannot be done. I like the idea of this company and I had previously thought of starting something similar. I would rather work for you guys however, because you know as well as I, just how daunting funding can be for a project. I am applying for a Game Programmer position because I am unsure exactly what category I fall under. My preferred language btw is C#.

Ian Cheney

To Whomever It May Concern, Hi! The name's Ian. I'm a Freelance Journeyman Illustrator studying in an Informal Mentorship under Freelance Master Illustrator Jerk Douglas. I know that sentence is a mouthful, but it's a better deal than Art College, and I'm proud to work with him as a Student. Here's a link to my portfolio: I currently have a project working on stretch goal based concept art for Kieryst, the developer of Rubi: The Wayward Mira, a 32-bit inspired Metroidvania being published in Spring 2019 by Crescent Moon Games on iOS/Android. My mentor and I both believe that it is in my best interests to find more paid work, so I'm making an application here and now! I hope that we can work well together, and I wish you naught but wellness and success in all of your future endeavors. Sincerely, Ian Cheney, aka pope_Lunas

Digital Raj

This is my first app

Muhammad Aliyu

I use to formally create programs and website, until one day I brought a PlayStation game(PS3) and that was when I began to have interest in making games.

Connor Freeman

I have been designing video games, predominantly in the rpg, strategy, and action-rpg genres, as a hobby for more than seven years. I have also been writing fiction in a variety of genres for just as long. Despite this, my lack of programming abilities has prevented me from seeing any of my projects to completion. I’m looking for the opportunity to write and design with a real team in order to learn more about the industry and to get my name out.

Matthew Baldwin

<p>I am passionate about gaming and writing,finding a potential outlet for both here seems like an unbelievable opportunity for a rookie like myself.Imagination is my biggest personal asset,to belong to a community of like minded gentlefolk,and to share the product of combined talent is truly an exciting prospect.</p>

Jeff Green

My name is Jeff. I'm a lifetime gamer and an artist of many forms. Including writing and sketching. Acting and martial arts. I've worked in many fields so I have a pretty broad skill set but Im never quite satisfied unless I'm creating something as an artist. One of the things that fascinates me about Game design is being able to fabricate a story that someone can lose themselves in. At the end of the day that usually comes down to the details. I'm quite the detail-oriented person so I feel like I would have a lot to offer. As far as what I have to offer your design company, it could be a wide range of things, but writing comes to mind. I've written professionally and as a hobby for years. I've also had more than a few game ideas that I would love to see come to fruition. I don't have a PayPal account but assuming that we move forward with this I'll have one set up. Thanks for your time and I look forward to working with you Jeff Green

Kalki Naveen

I am a professional game designer

Jordan Chapman

I am a dedicated, passionate programmer with 4 years experience programming specializing in C#, and C++. I mainly use Unity with C# when I am not doing graphics programming with C++. I spend multiple hours on development daily and am willing to continue doing so. I have 2 published android apps and have created a game engine called LilEngie (all found in portfolio linked below). You can find some of my projects including but not limited to the ones mentioned above here:

Justin Tran

In the past year I have been in a team working on a Unity VR game called Bookend. Bookend is story book game that uses VR to achieve interactive storytelling. During this time I developed particle effects, custom shaders, enemy behaviors, and various VR related scripts for game mechanics. I have also created the AI for several enemies and bosses in a Unity game called Bottom Gun. The AI created ranged from multiphase boss fights to simple fly by enemy attack patterns. Thank you for your time and for giving me such a great opportunity to further my professional career. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Annastacia Henry-Ramos

I'm currently a college student and full time character design artist I've done advertisements for my colleges career center for their Job Fair @sunybroomecareercenter is the instagram name. I take pride in submitting my artwork on time and enjoy collaborating with others to create the perfect piece that suits my buyers needs. I am comfortable working in any style that is required for any project my portfolio is

David Coleman

Student at Full Sail University

Seung Goh

I am currently a student in Michigan State University, and I study concept art and designs. I have worked remotely as a concept artist during the school year for a game called &ldquo;Rise&rdquo; and as 2D character artist in fighting game that is still under development. I have some experience in 3D modeling and rendering with Maya, Unreal Engine, DAZ3D and Sketch up, and I am well-experienced with adobe photoshop, illustrator and InDesign.

Jamal Moon

Hello! My name is Jamal Moon, and I am a well-rounded game developer with a strong passion for engineering/programming. My interest in game development began in middle school, when I joined a summer game development bootcamp -- I was instantly hooked, and the ability to solve interesting problems and create things from scratch specifically captivated me. I was eager to learn more, so I eventually enrolled in the University of Southern California's game development program, where I majored in Computer Science (Games). I studied multiple game engines, game engine architecture, game design, art, and much more. USC equipped me with a breadth of knowledge, enabling me to tackle many problems. I became the lead engineer for a musical puzzle game called One Hand Clapping (built with Unity) for over a year. I was in charge of working closely with artists and designers to fulfill their vision, maintaining the health of the code base, implementing core features, managing the engineers, and more. It was a valuable experience that not only taught me more about Unity (and its tools, workflow, etc) but also working and communicating with others. We released the game where it has garnered over 150k downloads on and was even enjoyed by popular streamers like Markiplier! I've also done back-end development work as a software contractor for one and a half years. I was responsible for writing ecommerce software to automatically download products from my client's suppliers and sell them on sites like Amazon. While not directly related to game development, I gained valuable experience working and solving problems independently, working with databases and networking, and crafting maintainable software architecture. I'm a passionate game developer with experience and talent to contribute to this studio. I can leverage my game development and software contracting background to quickly implement features, solve problems, work within a shared code base, and communicate effectively with everyone else. I'm eager to learn more about this position, and I hope to hear back. Thanks! Jamal

John Osborne

I am a digital comic book artist based out of Wichita, KS, with a unique style that could bring a fresh look to the video game industry. I very much enjoy creating comic books and concept art, and I feel I would enjoy helping create video and mobile games as well.

Leo Reyes

I want to assist creating iconic fantasy characters and creatures that people will enjoy.

Panagiotis Titonis

Mathematician (hasn't finished yet). Self taught C# on Unity3D 3 years experience (since 2015). Related education Books: basic C# book (cannot recall title), Clean Code, Head First Design Patterns, Unity 5 Game Optimazation. Confortable Fields: Editor Scripting, 2d/3d, physics engine, Animations (Controllers/ Set up), Serialization (Unity's internal, C#'s, Json, minor with SQLite), git (via sourcetree), UI, 2d Pathfinding (A* algorithm/ flood algorithm(brute force)). Lackin on Fields: AI (Interested),Shader Scripting, Networking (not interested). Projects (Personal/ Unpaid) : Adventure Game (with functinal 1 Scene/ Unfinished due to lack of Artists) Survival Game (Unfinished due to team disolve) Procedural 2d World Map Generator (2d tile map with rivers/mountains/lakes/sea/settlements along with temperature, survivability factors, use of procedural technics and based on partialy pseudo random seed) 3d turnbased strategy/rpg like Xcom series (Unfinished, 2 men team, working pathfinding custom made on 3d tile map with complete editor, working turncontroller, inventory, combat system, movement system. Event based with extensive use of Interfaces for decoupling, command pattern for active UI. Production paused due to lack of funding/ budget, and of course artists) Projects (Paid): 2.5d ball game prototype, target mobile (android) (movement based on 3d physics system and Newton motion Laws to calculate force based on target position)

Toni Renea Franceschi

I have been an artist my entire life. I am a freelance artist and sell my artwork online and by commission. I also sell my artwork at anime and fandom conventions in artist alleys. I went to a Visual Arts dedicated High school, and minored in Art in College. I am currently attending a Master's program for Art Therapy.

Ayushman Bilas Thakur

Since my childhood I have been playing a lot of pc games and whenever I played them I wondered, "One day I will make such a game.." . I started my journey by following some tutorials to make a flash game. Then I came to know about this game engine called gamemaker and then finally I came to know about this super powerful game engine called unity. I'm currently 18 and I am working with unity game engine for 5 months right now. I have previously worked on 2 -3 unfinished hobby projects and made one game with unity for ludum dare 42. Before that I have made several games using Gamemaker Studio. You can have a look at all of my previous games at:-

Darsheel Darsheel

I study in class 4th

Mykyta Rachynskyi

Hi, My name is Mykyta and I am an aspiring game developer from Poland. I very interested in joining your development team, and think I will prove a valuable addition. I have been passionate about games as an entertainment medium all my life and it is games that motivated me to study programming. Currently I am on my second year of studies and actively trying to break into the game industry. I have been a Unity hobbyist for about 2 years now and have a website ( where I post small projects that I make along my learning journey. I have had a bit of experience working with a professional team on a VR game startup and have done some freelance work in the past couple of months. My love for programming - and more broadly, automation - has driven me to learn all about OOP, clean code, SOLID principles etc. and I continue to learn every day. I am excited to contribute to your project and gain some valuable experience for myself. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Mykyta

Khais Woon

I have 2 years+ experience on unity 3D engine for develop application and mini game.

Buffer b

Social Media posting

Max Snider

Hello, I will not try to convince you that I know everything about Unity or C#. But I do have experience with Unity and a very in depth knowledge of C#. Most of my experience is with Monogame. A C# game development framework. What I do have is the ability to learn, to take it upon myself to find an answer and to create a solution. I have an unparalleled passion for both learning and practicing programming. As well as game development in general. For the last four years I have completely taught myself everything I know. All the experience I have is from real game development practice. All the knowledge I have is from years of focused, self guided research. For four years straight almost every single day I have been doing this. Without delay. I literally wake up go to work, come home and do some form of programming or learning then go to sleep and repeat. To say I am dedicated and passionate is an understatement. I feel having the background I do meets your requirements more so than most. As I have achieved my knowledge and skills with nothing but the seemingly most important requirements on your list. Researching and learning with nothing but my own aptitude. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day and thank you for taking the time to read this.

ZOOM Video Communications

Website used for weekly meetings.

Chandler Dudley

Dear Recruiting Department, I writing to express my interest in the 2D game artist position. I previously obtained an Bachelor&rsquo;s Degree in Illustration from the Kansas City Art Institute. I spent the majority of time at the Institute focusing on a wide array of my artistic programs, which I applied toward the creation of unique and innovative designs that can be readily implemented into a variety of commercially viable products. I believe the skills I have cultivated and my extensive training and experience would allow me to serve Thou Curator to the fullest as an artist. I developed my creative talents and love for art early on. When I was a Senior in high school my artistic abilities were recognized by two local authors, Marlene Lee and Stephanie Pickup. When the two became aware of my abilities, I acquired the opportunity to provide them with illustrations remotely for one of their early development pieces entitled &ldquo;Our Heroes&rsquo; Tree&rdquo;, which was later published by Bookbaby. This particular commission provided me with an understanding of the importance of supplying a product that can be received by a wide range of individuals and speak to a diverse audience, while under a deadline. During the summer of my second year at the Kansas City Institute I worked as an intern for Paramount Apparel, an international clothing company specializing in sportswear. At Paramount Apparel, I was able to develop my graphic design skills by creating pieces that were tailored to the needs of an international company. Additionally, a client specifically requested that I piece develop a piece for utilization in their annual marketing event. This was only after a competition was held in which all of the designers in the marketing department had submitted designs, of which, my design was chosen. In my third year Kansas City Art Institute my talents were enlisted by the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department. Another artist and I were tasked with producing a piece that would embody the history and culture of Kansas City in the form of a mural. The undertaking allowed me to develop my skills while working as part of a team and comparing my creative insights to create a collaborative piece that satisfied our clients&rsquo; needs. Currently, I am employed as a production artist by Paramount Apparel. Where I assist in the implementation of designs onto various pieces of apparel so as to increase their marketability. I believe that the culmination of my efforts and my skill set would allow me to hit the ground running at Thou Curator as an artist. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Chandler R. Dudley

Lukas Ester

i am currently a master student in germany (intelligent systems) and started freelancing about a year ago. my gaming career is mainly on pc, only a few titles on ps3/4. currently i only play League of Legends, Counterstrike and PUBG but i played starcraft 1 and 2 and warcraft 3 a lot some years ago and still like those games.

Bonnie Leo

A game developer that has 3+ unity programming experience and 2+ game system design experience. Hope to participate in more projects.

Rizwan sadiq

I&rsquo;ve applied for this vacancy because it&rsquo;s an excellent match for my skills and experience - and because it represents a challenge which I know I&rsquo;ll relish. I clearly already have extensive experience as a Game developer Unity. i want to be the part of it where i can get a good mentor and where i can challenge my self. This role is exactly the sort of role I am currently targeting and I am confident I will be able to make a major contribution. i have worked on 3d and 2d games and i have also worked on augmented reality

kuldeep Singh

Athos technologies provides the gaming design and development services with all latest technologies :- ? Skills and Expertise :- ARCore , ARKit, Augmented Reality , Virtual Reality , Vuforia ? Unreal Engine 4 - Skill Tree ,Skills (Part 8.5.5) Core Area:- - Game design and development - Game designer ( sounds/ QA tester) - Detail-oriented planning - Goal-driven development - Problem solving for existing game - Troubleshooting ability for any type of game - Creative thinking - Drawing ability if need design fixing for game ? Our professional competencies include: &bull; Game Development (Project Planning ? Wireframing ? Designs ? Coding + Quality Control ? Delivery) &bull; Development process of any game development from scratch : o 1.1 Prototyping o 1.2 Game design o 1.3 Production o 1.4 Testing o 1.5 Nearing completion o 1.6 Maintenance o 1.7 Duration &bull; Tools o 2.1 Programming languages o 2.2 APIs and libraries ? 2.2.1 Graphic APIs ? 2.2.2 Other APIs ? Game structure Looking forward for working together! Regards and Thanks Athos Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Skype id: athos.technologies Email: Web: Phone: +91-7838490467

Jiang Jian

<p>This is my profile</p> <p></p>

Sonu Modi

I love making games. Having more than 3 years of experience with Unity3D, I have made many games for Android &amp; iOS. I am fond of programming. I like to create challenging program, with challenging logic. My detailed portfolio at - Thanks &amp; Regards! Sonu Modi

sunil kumar

I am 2d, 3d, AR game developer using Unity. Total 5+ years of experience Thank you Sunil

Sun BingBing

Position: Unity/Unreal/Cocos Programmer & 2D Artist & UI Designer QUBIT LABS - Online Shopping Mall Agumented Reality Project - The NEO Games - Google 3D Unity VR Map For Housing MODA MENTORE - Unity AR Video Conference Mobile Games: - - - - - ChainReaction(iOS Game) - ImpossibleRun(Running on Web, Address:

meishan jin

I am a game developer. I have developed many games for a long time so far. I can develop game . Especially I have HTC ,Oculus ,Kinect v2 . I have developed VR with them game thesesdays.

Thomas Williams

I have completed a game dev college course and am now a student currently studying their final year in games development at university. I have always had a passion for video games and have made prototypes and mostly complete games from the age of 14. I've participated in some game jams and have enjoyed working as part of a team. However I have yet to fully complete a game which is a milestone I have set for myself. I believe working as a freelancer on a team will finally let me achieve this goal. I also really like the art style, but I am a sucker for low poly with fancy effects and great colours. I'll be happy to promptly answer any questions you may have and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Raj Ravaliya

we are team on Unity3D Game development and Design . we have already built 100+ Games. we have 5+ years of experience team and provide full support to our client. we also provide 1 month free maintenance after deliver game . thanks

Tigran Aleksanyan

Hi! I have more than 2 years of experience using Unity , Portfolio:

bruce lin

full time freelancer. unity 3d

Abdalla Barakat

Hi, I am a professional game and app developer, with 9+ years developing experience, 6+ years experience specific in game development and 4+ years experience in Unity. I also have my own assets that I sell on Unity asset store. I also have a Bachelor in Computer Science with grade excellent with honor. I also have experience as a lead developer recruiting and leading a team to finish a game project. I have also worked in Japan for about 1 year and a half as a game programmer where I worked on client side of things and also on server side of things using PHP, mysql, C# etc. You can find portfolio (and resume) at this page. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Abdalla

Vijay Bhuva

Hello, Greetings! My name is Vijay Bhuva and I am an expert in Unity3D development. I have 5 years of experience in Unity3D development and have expertise in AR, VR, HoloLens, Multiplayer Game Development.

Prince Rey Malintad

I am a Unity3D developer for more than 3 yrs now. I do assets like 2D sprites, UI, 3D models and some audio effects. My past projects are platformers, infinite runners(2D & 3D), topdown shooter and my personal project is a 3D rpg with inventory system. I published two games in playstore named "kakaroach" and "sillyboy".

Tyler Owen

I have been making games for a few years now with my own company, Random Seed Games. I work primarily in Unity with C# and I am extremely self-motivated. I would like to get into doing some contract work in order to have a more stable income and to build up some experience working as part of a larger team. Most of my games are developed solo, so this would be a valuable experience for me. You can view all of my design and programming work on my portfolio My company webpage is

Khayreddine Biada

I am a highly experienced project, program and team manager, technical lead and Unity developer with extensive project life-cycle experience on Android and iOS projects. I project manage distributed development teams, I can achieve structured project planning. I&rsquo;ve personally created 15+ mobile a games in Unity3D (Car ,War ,2D ,3D ,RPG ,FPS ,Thinking...). I am a highly experienced hands-on Unity and C# developer with a comprehensive grasp of the 3D graphics, animation, UI, networking and simulated physics.

Vikram Singh

The most driving seaward versatile game development organization from India, JVR Softech is an acclaim commendable name to get sterling portable game improvement arrangements and satisfy a string of multiplex task needs. We have a group of 50+ specialized specialists in which everybody is profoundly qualified and talented in their separate domain with the marvelous experience. Having the best versatile game designers, we respect the abnormal state complexities and new difficulties and guarantee you to convey the coveted result.

Liliana Cruz

Hello; I started drawing since I was 10 years old. I have enough time to check out and get a job in this industry. I agree with any position, I want to be part of this. And, honestly I am a beginner in looking for jobs like these. But I would like to help you, and, obviously, get better at the same time.

Brad Freed

I graduated from Southern New Hampshire in August 2016 with a degree in Computer Information Technology with a concentration in video game design. I transferred to SNHU from Washburn University where I was enrolled as a Computer Science student. I completed all of my programming classes at Washburn, and then took a database class, two video game design classes, and a couple other computer related classes at SNHU. Details of the classes I took and where are on my linkedin profile at While in school, I used Gamemaker to make the beginning of a platformer called Little Fat Kid. The object of this game was to eat as much candy as the main character could and defeat evil vegetables. As the game progressed, the main character would get fatter and fatter, slowing down the speed of the main character. This causes the the little fat kid to change his eating habit and start defeating the evil candy midway through the game. I have also worked with Unity, starting out with a few tutorials. I haven't had much time working on the tutorials lately, but I plan on getting back into it. With this position, I am looking to gain much needed experience. I would love to be a part of the group effort of completing a playable game. And, it would be great to add something to my portfolio. I would love having someone here in Topeka, that I could gain knowledge from. I didn't think any video game companies existed here, and I thought I would have to move to become part of one. If it sounds like I could help your team out with programming, please let me know. I would be happy to do it for free for the experience and knowledge. I would be able to spend evenings working on the game while my kids are sleeping.

Akshat Choudhary

I am an unity programmer

Hero Jong

Good Game development

shesh singh

Hello, I am Fulltime Unity developer having 5 years of game development, Thanks

Alejandro Cabrerizo

My name is Alejandro Cabrerizo and I have over 5 years of experience in game networking and bot development. I have created bots for betting sites, mobile apps, games and so on.

Bohdan Hryhorenko

I am a game developer with over 8 years of experience in desktop, mobile, and web game development. I can code using C#, unity 3D, Actionscript3, OpenFl, and Haxe. I usually create /code my own framework and do all art requirements for the game, including traditional animation and coded animation implementations.

Kate Steere

I am a super passionate illustrator and game enthusiast. I love creating art that conveys emotional narratives, and character designs that holdup engaging stories. I absolutely love finding new indie games that have cohesive stories where the art and atmosphere really push the game to the next level.

Astrid Blurr

Hello, I'm a recent Illustration graduate. I'm an expert in photoshop, have dabbled in animation, and I studied with an Interest in concept art. I'm passionate about video games, and have been since I was a child. It's my ultimate goal to be a concept art director for a company, and am on my slow journey to that goal. Though I did not graduate in game design I am self motivated. I've been taking online courses, like in coursera and schoolism, in beginner game design/concept art and self studying to continue improving my knowledge and portfolio. My tenacity and passion is what drives me, and what sets me a part from the average artist. Every time I start a new game I feel wonder and excitement exploring a new world. I want to be a part of the creation of a world that does that for someone else. Best, Astrid

Mel Dawdy


Francesco Mazzoni

Hello , I have 5+ years of experience in game design , asset creation , 3D art , and more in image manipulation , as musician and composer. I simply love to work on games, and i hope to find here a place where i can have a lot of fun

Tiana McCladdie

I'm a highschooler and I love video games and film. I have been drawing for 6 years I currently have no experience with the gaming industry, but hiring me will allow you to experience my skills in 2d art and develop them.

Alan Vershelden

Just looking around

Talisha Barner

What motivates me is the opportunity to do what I love and that is to create stories that will take the mind on a journey. Also the ablilty to make a world where someone can escape to when life's stresses become to much. Videogames have the ability to inspire and bring people together into a community. Thank you very much for taking the time to read what I wrote. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Talisha Barner Artist -- Share via Artstation Android App, Artstation © 2018

Otto Metzger

I am writing to apply to any open 2D artist positions you may have now or in the future. I have worked as a freelance concept artist and illustrator for over 8 years now. I also have several years of in-house experience at Creat Studios in Canton, MA, and Ragdoll Animation Studio in Antrim, NH, as well as 2 years teaching experience at Mount Ida College in the Game Art program.  In addition to my resume, I have attached a sample illustration.You can find examples of my artwork on my site: *Please note: the first link on my site, "Student Work," is not my art, but that of my students at Mount Ida. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,  Otto Metzger

Chris Varnado

Working in the game industry has been my life time goal and motivation in my work. Games have been and always will be my passion. Digital Portfolio-

Kaiden Macke

Hello! I live in Des Moines, Iowa. I've worked and considered myself to be a professional artist for a few years now, but, as it just happens to be, freelancing on my own with no resume doesn't pay well for the starving artist. What you are trying to do seems very interesting to me. I've been a gamer my whole life, focusing on nintendo and indie games. Legend of Zelda was my first gaming experience, at the age of 7. My portfolio can be found as my instagram posts (@sadiuas on instagram) or if you don't have an instagram, my incomplete website is here: I look forward to hearing from you!

Nikole Jones

I am an artist able and excited to interact technically and artistically with team members of varying disciplines. I am an enthusiastic team player with a deep passionate understanding of gaming, such as story-driven single player, multiplayer, openworld & role-playing games and the gaming industry as a whole. I am deftly able to learn anything placed before me, work with constructive criticism, and make whatever I put my hands to better.

Sierra Lumpkin

It was always one of my goals to make work out of my art, games are also something i very much enjoyed when I grew up. Art has always been one skills, I went to an art high school specifically for the reason to earn experience (also because I sucked at math), since I was 2 years old actually. I have also had such bad luck with keeping a normal job, more than 3-4 months and I can't do it anymore, or people start to get fed up with me and fire me for reasons only known to the void. I never had the experience or materials before to become a full fledged artist until a few years ago and even then I never felt confident enough, but now I am.

Lindsay Middleton

I've always loved games, and the art within them definitely inspired me when i was younger to become an artist.

Evan Rowser

I'm a recent graduate at the University of Arkansas who has a Bachelors in Fine Arts. I'm now trying to teach myself independantly how to create art tailored for games and movies. I don't have much experience when it comes to game development, but I've played games all my life and use Artstation and Instagram to look at concept art on a daily basis, so I know some information on how it works and bit of what needs to be done to get a game made. This summer I'll actually be attending classes at Brainstorm Academy in Burbank, California to further my education and it'll be my first time surrounded by people and learning from people who want to do this kind of work. I'm hoping that by doing this I'll be able to learn the ins and outs and see if I can do the work it takes to create games. I want this to be a foot in the door to the industry and most of all a fun and enjoyable learning experience. Thanks for the opportunity.

Honey Grace Naria

I am a fresh graduate of BS Digital Media Interactive Arts Major in Social Media Interaction. In my 4 years of study in a university we were taught of different kind of styles and techniques in Design. In my field we were focused in doing some UI and Ux Design for applications and websites. I can say that I have an experience in making game sprites and background because of our Thesis. Which is a game called Patata Run. I also have experience in Vector illustration , logo design and Web Design.

Willie Copeland

Hi, I live in the area and have a big interest in the game and art industry. Next month I will be starting school for game and art design and really am just trying to learn all that I can. While working with an actual company would be wonderful, I feel that at this time I wouldn't be of much use but would really love to see all the different aspects of making games and the creation of ideas in motion. I am more wanting to see what the environment is like than anything and would love for a push in the right direction. I am hard working and willing to do what it takes to be successful. Thank you

Shon Waterman

Hi, I'm Shon. I've worked on various indie titles and have recently completed my first game jam. I've attached samples of my work and some of the previous projects that I've worked on.

Jamie Lopez

I am a student majoring in computer game science and passion for art, game art is a way to combine both aspects of technology. Here are some work samples on my Instagram

willoughby mercy

I want to have my own working skills

Alexander Martina

<a href=""></a><br><a href=""></a><br><a href=""></a>

Shannon Gilday

I have been an avid gamer since I was eight, when I started with the Halo series. As with anyone who invests enough time in video gaming, I eventually figured out that PC gaming is the best, and moved from Xbox to a gaming computer I built myself. Since moving to the PC, I have become an avid modder and have developed a familiarity with the relationship between program language scripting, graphics, models, textures, and gameplay. I have used blender to make simple firearms based off of images online, though I have not yet applied textures. My long-term goal is to be a part of AAA game design; however, I want to be a 3D artist because I know a designer should be familiar with the intricacies involved in executing the design.

Giselle Miranda

Hi, My name is Giselle Miranda. I have played video games all my life from atari to gaming pc and most systems between. I love to create art both 2D and 3D. Here is a link to my portfolio blog: I have always loved how you as the player are not a passive spectator like watching a movie, since you have some input in how the character or if the character makes it from point A to point B. Thank you for your time.

Seymour Zeynalov

Jonathan Morales

I am currently working with Team Nahual developing a game in Unity titled Juanito el Nahualito, a puzzle-adventure game about a boy that sets out to find his sick grandfather. I am currently wearing multiple hats for Juanito el Nahualito, I'm Lead Sound Engineer/Designer/Scripting and Supporting Tech Artist as well. I have experience working in Sound Design, VO Mastering, ADR, and implementation in DAW's, Unity, Pure Data, and middleware like FMOD. I also have experience with 3D Modeling, Basic IK Rigging, and Animation in Blender and Maya. I tend to lean towards designing experiences where players will feel a sense of meaningful agency. I have a solid foundation for the production pipeline of video games with extensive knowledge in Sound Design, 3D Modeling, Basic Scripting and more specifically Unity and its many components. I believe I would be a great asset to Thou Curator's creative branch but I'm open to helping Thou Curator reach its creative goals where you all think I would be helpful. Thank you!

David Silva

My name is David, and I'm 20 years old. I have been programming in Unity ever since I was 16, and games have always been my passion. I've worked on several games, but only actually fully shipped one, called Bounce Balls, and currently available on Google Play. I've always wanted to make an RTS game (since my all time favourite game is Age of Empires), but I was never brave enough to do anything of the sorts alone, considering I'm terrible at art and sound, so this opportunity makes me extremely excited. I have also dabbled with some software development, and I made an encryption software a few years back. I'm currently studying Software Engineering at University, so in weeks with more than one exam I may not be able to dedicate a lot of time to development, but I believe no matter what, I'll always be able to dedicate at least 5h weekly, as requested.

Devon Lawlor

I am a 3D digital artist. My work can be found at&nbsp;

Felipe Wagner

I'm a freelancer trying to focus in Game Development. When I started studying Game Development at the University I found out my passion for programming in general. I have worked in lots of programming areas (Games, VR, Websites, Softwares, Services, ...) only to found out that the one I like the most is Game Development. I'm always looking to learn new things and I'm driven by challenges. I believe I will be a great addition to the team. Looking forward to work with you all. You can check my Portfolio at

Jimmy Edwards

Test Account

SatishKumar Ghinaiya

Hello Team thoucurator, I have 5 year of experience in unity3d c# programming,In 5 year i have developed many 2d/3d games,augmented reality and virtual reality games and application.currently i am leading team of 4 person and we are developing games and apps as a freelancers. ythanks

Charles Benson

Hi, I wasn't sure which to apply for so I thought I'd give this a stab. My name is Charlie and I am a self-taught programmer with nothing in the way of qualifications in programming, computer science, or any other such course. However, I began teaching myself to code when I was 14 and stopped to attend university. Now I have completed my degree and am keen to learn and expand my retinue. I recently began working on my first project since my break from Unity and can honestly say it's going really well. I have decided to pick up contract work with the intention of funding my own projects down the line. For now, I am a broke student in need of some money. I consider my ability with unity to be to an intermediate level, but that's just my opinion. I'm keen to give things a go and get stuck into anything. I don't give up easy.

Sandra Rosado

Portfolio and Resume: My name is Sandra Rosado and I am a 2D/3D game artist applying to the 3D Artist position at Thou Curator. My focus is in 3D environment artwork, and my secondary skill set is in concept art. My 10 years of professional experience in the visual arts would make me not only a creative talent for your team, but an experienced member as well. As you will see from my online resume, I have several projects working with teams for creative goals. For each project I have shown my artistic quality, professionalism, and overall excellent teamwork. My diverse expertise in design and collaboration, my commitment to personal and professional growth, and my superb incorporation of creativity make me a great candidate for a creative position at Thou Curator. If you have questions, or to set up an interview, please contact me at (440) 731-6222 or email me at I am looking forward to the opportunity of becoming a team member at Thou Curator!

Skyler lyons

<a href=""></a><br><br>I am a 20 year old 3D Artist originally from Frederick Maryland now living in Pittsburgh where I live with my Fiancee and my son.<br> <div style="text-align: left;">I enjoy creating hard surface objects and props and creating Texture art realistic and stylized.</div>

Lyanna Mitchell

My name is Lyanna Mitchell, a BFA graduate looking to work with hard working, talented people who have a passion for creating.With a concentration in figure drawing and skills in both traditional acrylics and oils as well as digital media, I have a solid understanding of anatomy, character development, and environment design. I am able to digitally render images throughout the Adobe Creative Suite and my fundamental knowledge of animation with Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Animate CC allow me to realize my works in many different platforms as well as work diversely in a team of creative professionals, meet deadlines, and go the extra mile. I have always put my best foot forward and believe in working hard to get the results I know my clients deserve. Having the previous opportunity to work with a small publishing company as an illustrator really showed me the joy in making stories and characters come to life through client specifications and gave me the industry experience of concept development, contract negotiation, collaboration and final project publication. Now, I can’t help but want to broaden my horizons and take my next steps further into the industry with a company such as this. Please take this time to review some of my most recent works at . For any additional information or to schedule an interview, I can be reached anytime via my email at or via my cell phone, 1-478-230-4584. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.

Wallace Donegan

I have been dabbling in code since I was in high school, its a passion and something I truly enjoy. I taught myself everything I know about coding through online tutorials, youtube videos, actual books with words. By learning the fundamentals first I have been able to take almost any programming language I come across and with some small effort can pick up the basics fairly quickly. I just finished my first game jam for the Move Game Jam 2018. I'm looking for opportunities that will let me move away from myday job as a carpenter and further into game development on a daily basis, eventually making a permanent switch.

Carl Dennis

I am versatile music composer and sound designer. I aha play various instruments proficiently CARL 347-659-1708

Morgan McCoy

Well im Morgan McCoy i am a career and technical student working in a art program in my school, and what i do is that i enjoy creating thumbnails and sketches and even digital drawings of characters and with my character designs i can come up with sevreal ideas for monsters, humanoids, creatures, aninamals and much more, with these characters i can come up with on the spot or just with simple words and all of these are thought up of on my own. I have had experiences with working with character design and witch i mainly focus on it, and even experience with logo design. i have a very large online and offline portfolio that i would be able to share around if needed, so that is mainly everything about me surmised, thank you for this opportunity.

Alvino Correa

Mariah Perez-2109146823 Sonia Young-2103255417 Melissa Samaniego-2103091406

Rayvun Keller

I was 9 years old when Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within came out. Before that moment I was use to watching Disney cartoons and 3d polygonal video game characters from Tomb Raider and Tekken. When I watched that film it blew my mind. To know fantasy elements could be made almost tangible. Real flowing hair and soft smooth skin, it was insane. By now, 2018, technology and graphics have improved 10 fold... But that moment was when I wanted to create fantasy worlds and grand adventures. It fueled my artwork and imagination. My ideal career would be in video game design or film animation but Kansas doesn’t offer too many opportunities. I was excited to hear about this company. I have been using adobe software, paint tool sai, and clip studio for 7 years. I have worked with Wacom tablets and a surface pro.

Michael Oakes

My name is Michael Oakes, I grew up around video games my whole life, and it was in the 4th grade when I became set on wanted to become a game developer with the hope that one day my game concepts would be created. I’m a graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh- Online Division, with a Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design, with the hope of using the skills I learned to be able to join like-minded people that want to create games that are incredible to play. My career goal is to produce a game that I have been conceptualizing for the past few years. My concept is of a world that is procedural generated that uses time and the player actions as a variable within the formula. By using time and the player's actions as variables within the equation would let for interesting game mechanics. Say if the player ended up dying during a with fighting a monster, instead of a game over screen there could be a time jump of 10 or 20 years and the player get a new character to control in this future world. The player would be able to experience the world they helped form from their actions if they did while playing with their previous character. While I hope that this concept will become to fruition, it is currently impossible with our limited AI and text to speech technologies, but this is just one of many ideas that I think of daily. Best Regards, Michael Oakes

Zoran Lakic

Hello. My name is Zoran. I am In game Industry for over 13 years. I am primary Character, Envirnomental artist and Developer. I work in unity, Unreal, Cryengine and Cocos studio. Beside modeling and dev, i am also rigger and animator, and technical artist. I have worked for Honda Motors, as one of major companies. I was part of the team for app dev. for new Honda car back then. My role was Technical artist and modeler. Please contact me if you need some samples of my work, since i can not publish any of pro work. Reason for that is NDA. Hope we can get in touch. All best, Zoran.

Artem Igntatov

Hi! My Unity experience include interior visualization based 2D plan of apartment created on Overall proved programming experience is 11 years (mainly C# and C++). Currently I'm looking for part-time job related to 3D graphics. For the games I play StarCraft 2 from time to time.

Brittany Starbuck

I have been an illustration major at Ringling College of Art and Design for the last four years and worked as a freelance artist for a number of companies. I have had a love for video games and their artistic work even before i decided to pursue an art career. I have dreamed of a day where i can participate in the creation of a video games or film and i am ready to achieve that dream. I have put my skills to use working with Erin Duggan from Visit Sarasota to create and design full coloring book, I have also utilized my skills as an illustrator working for authors such as Shirley Goldberg and Daryl Hemmerich creating covers for novels and have also fully illustrated my own children’s book. I have worked in the graphic design field as well, helping companies in creating logos, business cards, and various other marketing materials. I was able to successfully complete time sensitive production and was entrusted with balancing a constant hectic workload while working with a group of people to produce quality work quickly and to the satisfaction of my customer’s request. I have received extensive instruction in visual development at Ringling College of Art and Design. My art and design training, and my proven skills working on a variety of projects, make me an ideal asset to your design team. I look forward to speaking with you and working with you in the near future. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Brittany Starbuck Website: my Resume can also be downloaded from my website on the ABOUT page.

Ravi Khannawalia

My greetings to the thouCreator team. Money is just a motivation, satisfaction from completion of task is more important. I am a self-taught indie developer working on all kinds of things required in game development except the dialogue part, as my voice sucks, haha! But I would love to work with such an enthusiastic team and provide my full support. I am doing my major in mathematics and currently in my third year and therefore, I can easily handle all tasks regarding smooth movement, physics and AI. I could even provide you with a prototype of the task you want and then you can judge accordingly. I also have keen interest towards 3D modelling with blender and can build and animate my own assets.

Constantine khorunzhev

I work as the Unity3d developer since 2012 (yes, the first release of Unity 4). My current specialization is mostly augmented/virtual/mixed reality game applications. I always try to be at first line of adopters of new technologies. As a freelancer, I participated in a lot of projects for different clients, including AR/VR/MR attractions and I am the developer of one of the first published game for ARKit -

Anuresh k.v

I'm a programmer and a 2d game designer

Oleg Dzhola

Peace in the world!

Jordan Jeffreys

I have extensive experience in art both digitally and traditionally. I am currently learning how to animate, but above all I am an artist looking to share my ideas and develop my portfolio.

Collin Butter

Rowland Alexander- (785)969-7010

Bishop Lake

I have loved video games and computers my entire life. Working on them has always been a dream of mine and hopefully one day a career. I like to tell story's and can come up with some great ideas. I also can do a bit of digital/traditional artwork and and am in the process of choosing a programming language to start learning. I am primarily studying psychology during my college career and like to think I could use that to an advantage as those skills can be applied to nearly anything. Furthermore and lastly, I believe not only can games be fun but also a very effective story telling device. One of my main goals is to one day create games that make learning the subjects I hated in school not only easy but fun and addicting.

Brandon Corbin

Craigslist response

Michael Conway

Tabletop RPG writer, World Builder

Jesse Mercer

Adobe Systems Inc.

Photoshop subscription

Justin Gibbons

I enjoy to do digital art work, I am new to it, but I would like to give it a try and create something as a team.

Adair Campos

Wesley Lewis

I've done a lot of photoshop some drawing. Looking to find my start in the gaming industry. What do I got to lose. I've been a gamer since the Atari days might as well take a shot in the dark and make a career out of it. I've been a firefighter EMT for 10 years. Ready for something new.

Google Inc.


Simone Invernizzi

full stack .net developer with some experience in unreal engine 4 and looking to bring its .NET knowledge to the next step.

Jake Madison

Frank Mason The ArtStation portfolio is my most recent work of things. I am skilled in level designing, 3D modeling, and Game testing. I have been designing games for 8 years now since i was 11 years old. I started with game maker and moved to unity3D then i tried unreal engine a long with cryengine.

Maurice Fletcher

How is it going creative like minded people?<br><br>My name is Maurice, and Game Design in all forms is my passion. I have been freelancing for the past year in 3D art and animation, but have much more experience under my belt since 2013. I am a former Marine as well and dig the ranking system of the team. I look forward to being an ongoing part of this company and all of its ideas. Excited to meet you all.<br><br>Please see samples of my work here

john Cruz

My 3D Product Reel(s): My 3D Character Reel(s): (click on the tabs. (Dont forget to click on the Gong!; (Under the Tickets tab.)) (PRODUCT DemoReel) (PRODUCT Spin / Orbit) My Oil & Gas 3D Reel(s): (OIL&GAS DemoReel) (Petro Ed Christmas e-Blaster) (Techno_Media Christmas EBlASTER) ( Weatherford LoTad system) (Weatherford Expandable Sand Screens) (Weatherford Drilling Jars) (Bisso Marine Polythyline Pipelay) (BISSO MarineTriple Pipelay) (BISSO Marine Cutting System)

Elisa Rodriguez

Hey there. I am a 25 year old current college student enrolled at the University of Texas at San Antonio, and major in Fine Arts. In the fall I will be Jr, and hope to receive my B.F.A by 2018. I would like the opportunity to contribute to expand my portfolio and personal experiences. I love to create all types of art although lately I have an interest in sculpture. I usually keep several sketchbooks and enjoy trying new mediums and techniques often. I have a Super Nintendo that is my love, and think that helping to make a video game would be a fun experience.

Michael Hathaway

Freelance 3d model and render artist. Maya C4D Mudbox

Trenton Miller-Mitts

It's high time I joined a team and I'm hoping to feed the flames of my ambition for creating games by joining this team of creators.

Stacy Putthoff

Reginald Turner

Hello, here's my portfolio address I'm wanting to know more about visual designer. I'm a freelancer looking for opportunities. I do have samples is this opportunity still available? Visualizing art is so incredible have a wonderful day. Thanks,

Trevor Roberts

Portfolio & Work can be viewed on my website ( or by viewing my Instagram feed ( I'm specifically interested in working on the 2D Menu Screen. Feel free to contact me at the above email if you are interested in discussing this further.

Dalila Morales

I am motivated and fascinated about video games. I enjoy being a part of community in this expertise. I look forward to creating and being a part of a creative hobby.

Zahid Iqbal

Hi There .. I have some Experience of hard surface modeling in 3ds max. Currently i m working with a studio. but i want to work more. actually this is my learning process... i want to learn more and more to make 3d models for games. it will be pleasure for me to work with you :) .. money is not my priority right now.. i just wanna work .. i want more and more experience in game asset modeling :)

Jaron Kodama

I'm an avid gamer looking for an opportunity to work in he video game industry! I'm ready and willing to learn anything and everything.

Samuel Kambey

aarish khan

Hi i am Aarish ,i am a 3d generalist i have worked as a game designer for a studio in india.i am constantly trying to learn new things in game design and i am looking to learn more over here working with other artist and folks ,i am specialized for 3d modelling organic and in organic stuff both but i have sound knowledge of other areas as well as follows<br><br>high poly organic sculpts<br>retopology for generating low poly mesh<br>Traditional and PBR Textures<br>Realtime and baked lighting techniques for games <br>optoimization for games <br>rigging&amp;skinning<br>FX for games <br>custom shading/materials <br>next gen asset creation <br>procedural techniques<br><br>while modelling i have my primary focus on<br><br>silhouette<br>shape and volume<br>optimal use of geometry<br>good edge flow <br>animation friendly topology<br>and utilizing uv space for efficient texturing<br><br>currently i am freelancing and also working on updating my portfolio with the stuff i have learnt so far <br><br>i am willing to contribute here and learn new things here working with other artist and folks around,i will be happy to render my services here.<br><br>for a peak into my modelling stuff<br>

Karan Kumar Das

Hello Sir Hope you are fine. I would like to put my name forward for your vacant position Experienced 3d Artist(Modeling and Texturing) I consider myself a well-qualified professional, who would be an immediate asset to your company.Gaming is a passion of mine, and I would love the opportunity to get involved in the industry. I am currently working as an Experienced 3d Artist in an AAA Game Company named Codemasters Studios. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Previously working in AAA game company Lakshya Digital Pvt Ltd as a Character and environment Artist. I have also completed an interactive entertainment course in games programming in Lakshya Digital Pvt. Ltd. along with the Graduated degree in 3d Modelling and texturing from MAAC (IGNOU University) in India. Over the course of my studies I have developed skills in texturing, modelling and game mechanics, which I have showcased in the attached show reel. But due to lack of sufficient time I have fail to update my portfolio with my recent quality works. Further examples of my work can be viewed at: My job as a 3d (experienced environment) Modelling and texturing Artist with Codemasters Studios and Lakshya Digital Pvt. Ltd. gave me invaluable hands-on experience in games development. I honed my 3d modelling and texturing skills as a 3d Game Artist on many secret AAA game projects. My past employers would be happy discuss my qualifications, passion and dedicated work ethic. I am confident that my experience, skills and interest in games would be an asset to your company and I am excited about the opportunity to work for you. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application and showreel. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my suitability for the role in an interview. Yours sincerely Karan Kumar Das mobile no. +918800219722 SkypeID: karankumar123d

Youcef Baouchi

Hello, I'm currently a back-end developer using c# at the uni of colorado. I'm fairly new to the language (about 1 year of experience) before then I was working with perl mostly. I want to join because I've always wanted to work with a game developer, and to gain more experience with c#. Thanks Youcef

Chris Arce

I'm from Weat Texas, I am a writer and a gamer, writing has been a big part of my life since I was young. A lot of that happened to be because of video games, as a kid I was always into the story of the game and I think the story is a big selling point for a game, Which brought me to the passion of writing.

Zackariah Romasz

I am currently a self learning programmer for 6+ years. I am in the United States Marine Corps and about to get out in about 3 months. I want to be a video game programmer for a career. I currently work with Unity 3D, Blender and Gimp for my small game development and would love to be part of a team to help see a project through to the end!

Herik Campos

Hi, My name is Herik Campos. I work with 3D modeling and texture to the game and cinematics. I'm working as a freelancer and would like to present my work. Link my portfolio: Thank you.

Ditch Trash


Rural Water


Topeka Escrow


LinkedIn Inc.


Facebook Inc


Amazon Prime


Rick Wallace I've been primarily a technical / logo illustrator for the last decade, but I can pretty much draw anything in a variety of styles.

Shayn Toothman

<p>I am a dedicated musician and gamer who is currently in high school. I have been playing video games since I was 4 or 5, and I first learned to play piano when I was 4. I now play percussion and am in marching band for school, and I also play percussion for my state's youth symphony. I play piano, write music, and (of course) play video games for fun.</p> <p></p>

New Egg


Mesinoye Olumide

Well i love creating beautiful games,website and applications

Ishaan Sharma

I am Ishaan. I am a India based designer searching for work. I am a BFA graduate. I have been working as an freelance artist for the past 4 years. I specialise in 3d modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering. I also have years of experience in making 2d graphics ranging from characters, book artworks to high quality digital paintings.

Satya Krishna Prakash K

Please view my work at

Vincent Ockers

I worked on a few unfinshed projects, but now i'm ready to start professional.

Timothy Porter

Cathie Hutchins

Elise Rosenthal from Rosenthal Represents Jonathan Oates from PWD Josephine Papagni from Greenway

Dustin Bennett

I've spent the last 7 years as a Business Analyst and QA professional. I finished a degree in software development last year and am looking to transition into a developer role professionally. I love gaming and writing code and am a huge advocate of empowering others through technology.

aoao sobo

hgsfjg fvgsd fkjg kjfsdkjgsdjk

richard ozor


raghav gupta

Christopher Overton


Soraia Malaquias

Hello. I am a 3D generalist artist. My main skills are modelling with Maya and Zbrush, texturing with Mari, shading and rendering with vray, toolbag and keyshot. Currently I am working to a 3D scanning company, where they scan material and with that I create a mesh with good typology for rigging and texture with mari a photorealistic character. You can check some of my work at currently I am looking for freelancing projects to occupy my free time and to have some more income. If you think I have what you need to work with you, please email me to or call me to 8184710629. Thank you



Johannes Natterer

<p>Everything you need to know is on my online portfolio:</p>

victor obafemi

will like to be part of the development

Hassan Raza

I I'll make a own game

sai varshith


parvesh kumar

My. Game is beatuiful game and not faltu

evgeniy evstratiy

I have a certain skills which help me to learn fast and analyze incoming information. For the past few years I mastered different areas such as drawing, painting, sculpting, modeling etc. And i'm loving every aspect of these areas. It called talent which is nothing without hard working. I always put a lot of efforts into my job and as a result it helped me to gain lot of experience and knowledge. Portfolio preview Portfolio

Claude Williams IV

We spoke at B&amp;N

Zacharias Phelps-Roper

<p>What do you call a psychic midget that just escaped from jail? A small medium at large.</p>

Sherry Kirkpatrick


Joseph Young

<p>I am applying because I would like to see how it would work out and that I would like to help out any way I can, I'm very sorry I'm not a programmer or any of those special skills. I just like to work hard and help out.</p>

Gabrielo Banks

I'm a writer from Brevard, Florida. I like writing poetry and short fiction on the side. I'm a fan of fruits, the beach, and tacos.

Xhian Dhee Cajes

Designing is my forte

Victor Austinzzz

I am victor Austinz from nigeria

Hamza asad

Dear sir I am a 10 year old children but i can test the games very well. Of these types consoles, computers etc Your sincerly Hamza asad Pakistan

Gurjeet Singh

I region game this name Ra one

Egin Salmen

I've been playing video games since I can remember. It all started with Everquest with my dad and my imagination ran with it. Now I'm 19 and I still haven't put them down. I have a love and passion for gaming, and you bet your butt if I get the chance I'm gonna win!

David Johnson

I just had a thing for games

Daniel Deisan

Hey I love to play video games from PlayStation 4 to the PC.I am a great writer and am looking forward to trying out some cool and upcoming games.

Muhammad Yani Ali Mahdi

I'm an architecture student. As an architecture student i'm really familiar with 3D art. My specializing is in level design. It is kind of opportunity if i could join with Thou Curator and start my path and get some knowledge in game development. Thanks for reading.

Adnan Lovr


arsalan ali

i can do freelance work for you mixed portfolio ============= hey i am an expert at zbrush + photo realistic product lighting real time rendering for a AR project ================================ that i did in unity, lighting and texture are baked for the model examples of low poly game models ================================ examples of high holy models ================================ demo reel ================================ examples of photo Realistic rendering =============================== please let me know how i can help you Regards

Samuel Seyi

My name is Seyi Samuel. I'm a big fan of games and love to create and write arcs for social media roleplay games.

Tenzing Wangchuk

I had dream to creta a game which will be good than clash of clans and supercell games. Lets creat a game which will be the world best gane.

Anas Ahmed Aziz

Triple A

kandarp bhatt

I am the desinger of game

Kome Tessy

I would like to join to build my brain intellectually and to also have an hobby to build myself

Daviong Gatlin

Like to creat games

Sobaru Indonesia

I am looking for great team to create something amazing

Carlos Hernandez

Hello there, im Charls, and work as freelance 3d modeler, for collectibles and product design. This is my Facebook portfolio My experience was about modelling , texture and rig in zbrush or 3ds max, and worked on modeling projects for children's items, for Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, and some other brands, colectibles for a Spanis comics, &ldquo;Mortadelo y Filemon&rdquo;and modelling characteres for a online serie, (in production). If you have some questions about portfolio or something else, do not hesitate to contact me. Greetings and have nice day Charls 3d art

Maximo Silva

My experience is graphic design, digital painting, science, body language, music, mathematics, software engineering, literature, video production, photo production, 3D model, 3D animation and realistic render. Below you can see what type of work I have done. Knolage in Swift 2.2 and 3.0 XCode.

Tjay Revett

I am hard working dedicated person who loves to keep busy doing what I love. I am primarily lighting/ layout artist but I can model, unwrap and texture.

Aspan Lohia

Hi, I am skilled 3d artist with most of my experience as a freelancer . I am good with maya and zbrush mostly into character modeling , texture painting and Digital sculpting .highly experience with :- zbrush , maya, after effects and mental-ray . here's a direct link to my personal portfolio :- I can deliver very quickly and do changes efficiently in accordance with guidelines and reference provided. thanks and regards, Aspan

Bias Wilosojati

I'm Freelancer of 3D Artist (3D Modeler) who based in Indonesia through online and direct meeting. I have been working till now approximately 3 years as freelancer. Honestly not all project I got from game project, but by my experience as online freelancer, I hope I could do well for my further careers. As your consideration you could browses my portfolio by visit in here;


Hello, I am very much excited to know about the freelancing opportunities in your organization. I am a full-time 3d Game Art Freelancer. I offer service in areas of Sculpting, Modeling, Texturing and Engine Integration. It would be a great pleasure for me to join hands with you. With 4+ years of studio experience, I can bring expertise in your project. My major AAA contributions include Halo 5, Project Spark, Sea of Thieves and Quantum Break. I am an experienced professional who delivers creative quality with industry standards on time and with in budget. Portfolio: Hope, I would be a great match for your project and Thank you for your consideration. All enquires, art works and documents will be confidential. Sincerely, Sudharsan S Site: Mail: Mobile: +91 99445 51886 Skype: gamefreelancer

Sam Ryan

I am university educated in programming but would like to join Thou Curator as a 3D modeller as I find it rather cathartic. I think my programming background will really help me in a modelling career!

Jorge Enrique Garcia Perez

Hi guys ;) My name is Jorge Enrique, I've worked with several studios as a tester and as a backup 3D modeller, im pretty new to 3D modelling so you will have to forgive me if it takes a litle longer ;) Passion is the right word for the love i have for games and programs/apps. Once i started to make my own game, but i'm not a programmer so i had to drop that, i can walk thrue the game tho ;) Currently i'm working so i can't make this to long ;) I spent allot of hours playing several types of games, lately very active on Arma 3 (made some models for some servers hehe) and Spintires.... (awsome graphics i must say!) I can always provide some examples of my models. Hopefully i can share my passion with you guys and learn allot from the other 3D artists. Greatings, Jorge Enrique.

Keaton Allen

I would love to join. I love being creative, and want to learn more skill. This would be a great opportunity for that. I would like to help test the game come up with creative ideas and be apart of something cool

Royce Melborn

An efficient programmer (Worked long in Java, Android)<br>An aspiring 3D Modeller (Maya)<br>Google+:

Emem Eddings

Hi, I'm Emem, a fleeting game designer hoping to expand my skills. I've previously worked on a few solo games as well as games with small teams and I'm interested in joining in hopes to learn how to work with a larger team. I love working with game mechanics, my favorite thing to work with is boss mechanics. I hope to learn also a bit about game balancing and the responsibilities of a normal game designer as in my previous projects I've done several jobs at once.

Jeff Lydic

BS Game and Simulation programming from DeVry. Self taught 3ds Max, knowledge and understanding of Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

Eric Morgante

Artist experienced in 3d modeling, sculpting, normal maps, and human anatomy.


I want to work .

Paul Teaha

Finished art school, graphics diploma &amp; certificate, 4 years of multimedia, one painting exhibition in Vienna. Love to Zbrush.

Andre Larochelle

Blender hobbyist. Looking to become freelance artist.

Donald Carlson

I love playing video games and I would like to be a great video game tester and to get good products out

Jashua Heredia

I mainly wanna see some concepts since I have no idea how complex or simple they are, therefore I don't know if I'm able to do them.

Alec Joler

Adebc Tofunmi

My game is type of game that doesn't only entertain you but also helps your brain

henri debayle

HI Im Henri Pereira im a 3D/2D character artist in LA. I use a combination of zbrush ,Maya, substance , photoshop , topogun, 3d coat to achieve the best results.If you have any questions pleas let me know. Thank you Have a great day. Henri Pereira Debayle

Robert Nix

I'm an illustrator based in Missouri specializing in comic art and character design. I've worked on several creator owned comics, video games and pen and paper games.

Tony Jones

A young artist practicing animation and concept art. Most of my work is made traditionally with graphite, acrylic paint, and graphite or in scketchbook pro.

Angelica Perez

I am an artist/ author who enjoys gaming. I am very independent but work well with groups. I take all criticism. I am young but am older by heart. I follow schedules well and try my hardest to complete everything that is handed to me. If you need more information please get in contact with me

Sherman Waysome

My name is Sherman Waysome, I'm 3D Artist/Designer. I think I would be fit for what you're looking for. I have several skills in both traditional and digital Medias. I have practices in both 2d and 3D media. My skills consist of character, environmental, logo, brand and prop design. I'm also very proficient in 2D concepts, assets and illustrations as well as storyboards. I've worked in several productions including commercial and industrial design. I have drawn character and environmental concepts for companies such as Kijik Multimedia, Cakewalk Productions and Microsoft. Recently, I worked as a freelance junior game designer for Sleepy Dragon Studios to create games for windows 8 marketplace. I have a huge passion for games and making games. I&rsquo;m a quick learner and team player who believes in pushing the envelope. I consider myself creative and an innovative artist. I am a very versatile person who's willing to learn any new techniques and workflows. I have pipeline experience. My ideal career goal would be making games or an animated show. I love art and the expression and freedom that it allows one to tell a story. I'm very proficient in Autodesk Maya, Unity, Pixologic Zbrush, Sai Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere. You can reach me at any time. At the moment I'm seeking full time employment. Hope I can get the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for your time.

Mackenzie Gress

I'm 22 years old and currently based in Anchorage, Alaska. When I'm not at my day job, I spend the majority of my free time drawing and reading through resources on ways to improve my art. My main goal in life is to be involved with game development, and learning all that I can about the industry. My portfolio can be viewed at

Gameraddict Zasp

I am just interested in game creation

krishna swamy

I'm a fine artist turned Animation film designer.

Elvin Grabovci

That game is amazing!

Balvardhan Parihar

This site is very good For game programmer

Kevin Favilla

Hello I am a game developer who has been working solo for a while until i heard of this site. I am new and quite look foreward to working together with other Devs hopefully soon.

Joey Amoruso

I am an experienced web developer looking to get into game development, working on a private project, but will be dedicated to whatever project is at hand. I'm devoted to game development, and won't let anyone down!

Nick Cordova

<p>Computer Programmer, Aspiring Artist; Occasionally Youtuber.</p>

branden daily

just a fellow hobbyist.

Cuong Le Minh

I love games, and make games in many company before:, GenerGame ( search on play store and apple store ). I can design, test a game from brain storming to complete. Design documents, logical systems, monetization... I can design UX, too. Used photoshop, balsimiq mockup, Unity3d to design workflow, wireframe, levels and make game demos. I wanna join in a salary paid position but I am not trust in me yet. Hope it in the near future.

saadan Saeed

We love to create games of planes


I don't have much to say but gaming. i have been gaming since i was 5yr and i be glad if you accept. Thank you

lloyd banks

i don't have much to say but gaming is my life. i have been gaming since i was 5 years .and i will be glad if you accept me .Thank you

muhd nazri

hi i am nazri ..i am a game desinger

subir singha

i love to learn how a game developed

eshaan khan

What you want to do only do with yourself that's it

richi chigga

ilike music

ajala femi

I am simple and always ready to learn each day.

Landrit memeti

Hello my nme is landrit im from serbija and i want to test gamee

chinmoy kumar

i create new game.

Bonnie Plays16

Hello , May I join

Miluji Seriño

I wanted to make a great game

Daniel Rodriguez

I am a 3D character artist and texture artist, and also a super nerd. I love comics and the stories told by video games. I am a passionate gamer with a love of competition.

Matthew Desind

<div>Hi, my name is Matthew and I would love to talk with you more about the job and find out if this would be a good fit. Please feel free to send me an email, or find me on skype, I know my name must seem a little odd, but i made it a long time ago and just found out while filling this out that people can't change there skype username?! Oh well such is life. I'm a hard worker and love the Video Game Industry and I'm looking to help any way I can. Thank you for your time and the Opportunity.</div>

casey jensvold

I am a hard surface prop/asset modeler and 3D artist experienced with photorealistic renders and next gen game workflow. I have a degree from the Art Institute of Seattle in 3D art and design. I work currently as a aerospace engineer and I have been doing with 3D as a hobby and currently trying to jump into freelancing.

Cubix Pro

Isn't the fact that you can be whoever you want to be inside your program really amazing? Like I can reverse gravity ; make trees red and the sky purple . The best place on Earth is literally inside your program.

Javier Rodríguez Ramírez

Im a graphic designer who loves video games and making 3d assets

david mwangi

My name is David am 23 years old am self taught 3d artist i use Blender3d

Elias Birkefeld

Hey, I recently read the thread on blenderartists about, as i understood, a team with a small community around them that dedicate their time to creating games. Within the last 3 to 4 years i spent a lot of my time creating several game "bases" (not a story, rather a "sandbox" game) in the blender game engine. This leaves me with acknowlegeable programming skills in python, paired with some basic java i learned during my studies. Finding solutions to problems of any kind is something i am good at and something i like doing. My passion of creating things and the creativity needed for it is something i was born with. The main reason i write these lines right here is that i want to move on from a sandbox game to a nice, playable, finished game and that is hardly possible alone. I'd be happy to be a part of the team. Elias, 19

ishaq mustapha

I am the owner of lucid games but I do not have enough capital so I decided to join a gaming company

Tajman Mann


Michael Whiteside

saad asrshad

Join join join plc have fun with me

adeola opaleye

this is a game making i think people should take their time to do because it is fun and creative.So,thanks guys for making this available

Tobechukwu Chidera

Even though this is my first time i know i will enjoy it and this will be good

Bret VanDerMark

I'm just your everyday, average, run-of-the-mill......... Wait, I'm nothing like that. My name is Bret, and I am a freshly graduated pastry chef, who has an insatiable thirst for all things literary. Dealing with countless wedding cakes, chocolate sculptures and experimental flavors of ice cream, sometimes drains me of my creative juices (don't go gutter-minded on me now), and I yearn for a chance to create vast worlds with colorful characters (wielding dangerous weapons and taking babies from their homes). That's why I'm here. As an aspiring author and food critic, I love to string words together that seemingly jump from the page and straight into your imagination. My fantasy-filled voice crafts worlds near and far, bringing to life every sheep-stalking wolf and bloodthirsty orc. One life lesson to pass on: Don't mess with writers, kids. They'll write you out of the story in a heartbeat.

Yasmin Constantino

I will do my best for this

Fenix D'Joan

Greetings from Tokyo! I've spent my life playing and studying game design until college I want to be a character designer and still do fashion designer and illustration. At the moment I'm very passionate about writing manga and want to write storylines for games as well! I'll keep drawing of course so stay on the look out for some epic 2D designs coming your way!

Firoze Singh

I love art and martial arts. I have always wanting to learn more wherever I could, whenever I could. Joining this team will help me learn and exhibit my art. Please visit to see some of my work.

Nathan Banks

game designer

christian pifer

I have worked solo on a few games. Though I enjoyed the experience working alone takes forever. Since game making is a hobby for me, I would enjoy working in a group.

Robert Samson

In the IT industry over 7 years (Security, Networking, Support, project management). Military. Certified A+ Sec+ ITILv3. Experience with SQL, Java, C#, and other languages.

Pedro Colaco

Born in Lisbon in 1982. &nbsp;Finished a BA course in 3d Animation in London, UK 2015. Currently working as a security doorman and trying to start a career as a 3d artist specialised in character modelling and texturing.<br><br><br>

Melanie Fleming


Kevin Flager

<p>I am a dedicated artist looking for work. I am good with character design and environmental art. I am good with coming up with ideas that can both be compelling to look at and challenge the mind. I take all opportunities as a chance to make my skills and portfolio bigger and better.</p>

Marshal McLaughlin

An amateur writer who has an archaic modern style, I know many of the nuances of older writing, and not simply thees and thous. However, I tend to write of things intricate and oft times dark, though not necessarily in the violent sort, more in the thought provoking sense. I am inexperienced to a point and am still rather young at twenty. Also, quite good at maps oddly enough, though this is a self critique, and going into the intricacies of world building.

Trisha Morey

To whomever it may concern, My name is Trisha Morey. I am a student at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester. I am studying as a double major in Illustration and Creative Writing. I operate on a MacBook Pro and believe that meets your technological requirements for your projects. I can do anything from extremely realistic artwork to something completely from the imagination. Right now I have just started an illustrating job for a fantasy author as well as a possible collaboration with a author of children's literature. I enjoy creative writing, especially children's fantasy however I have started to play around with an RPG style of writing short stories and thought writing for or illustrating for games would be a lot of fun. As you can see, I am a busy person, however I can definitely fill in your five hour a week requirement. I have never illustrated for games on any type of game developing program, so this is an area I am lacking in that I would like to develop. My drive is that I would be gaining a hands on working knowledge as well as donating my time and efforts to your project. It seems like a situation where you can help out people who have similar interests as well as learn quite a lot along the way. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mark Sierra

<div>My name is Mark, I am a graphic designer, have been for the past 9 years. I am fluent in Illustrator and Photoshop. I am currently enrolled in RMCAD for my BFA in 3D Animation. I am hoping this is, or will be a great experience.</div>

ario seno samodro

hi guys whts up can I join?

Sarah Hammel

<p>Game Producer</p>

Gabriela Queiroz

<div>I&rsquo;m a game design student currently in my last year of college and throughout all of it and also in side/indie projects I&rsquo;ve worked as a Game/Level designer and Writer. I&rsquo;ve lead my group in school for about 2 years now. I&rsquo;m extremely organized and committed. Basically I&rsquo;m the annoying kid at school who turns in their paper one week before and makes everyone else mad, though its not intentional! I just love getting stuff done and moving on to the next and next and next. As a game designer I&rsquo;ve been working with story and mechanics prototyping and idea conceiving as well as documenting (GDDs and all other documentation that we may need). During the actual development project I usually do a little bit of everything, I&rsquo;m a good 3d modeler and rigger but not so good with animating. I&rsquo;m also a capable programmer (c# in unity) but not particularly awesome to make some human-like AI lol. Not to mention of course keeping everyone on track and on schedule.</div>

Jack Wu


Tahnae Tidwell

<p>I love video games and have always wanted to be on the developing end when it comes to them!! So being able to help in any ways is definitely a dream come true!</p>

ryan Thornton

<p>I served in the United States Marine Corps as Presidential security and in the infantry. Im studying computer Sciences at Marshall University and work at a computer repair shop</p>

Chris Lore

I dont have a work profile. I am currently beta testing Dead Island Epidemic, I was doing Infinite Crisis. I have been invited to test for most of areia games releases since 12 sky. I have a passion for gaming I have been looking for a way to get into the industry.

Arthur W Thomson

<div>I don't have any degrees or prior gaming developing experience, but what I do have is the ability to learn how to do things that I've never done and do them. I have a beautiful house, wife &amp; son with good credit score and good job. The reason I'm telling you this is so I can show you that I'm a hard working person and smart and I'm hoping to find a position in your team that would benefit you and me so that I can finally start to get into the thing that makes me happy. Thank You Arthur</div>

Christopher Rasmussen

Enjoyable people, literate reviewers and a fun environment on the web.

Colton Tipton

I have knowledge on game testing. Been playing games for over 10+ years. I am willing to spend over 3 - 5+ hours on a game. I do have programming knowledge regarding PHP, mySQL, HTML, CSS, JS. Some knowledge in C++, and C#.<br><br>Skype: coltn5000<br>PSN: DragonSK14<br>Steam: DragonSK14

Terrah Bretherton

<div>I am looking for a community that is passionate and knowledgable about game development. As a graduate student in Illustration I have an artistic frame of mind and have also been a life long gamer. I would hope to use my skills and enthusiasm in a productive and meaningful way that contributes others as well as a final objective.</div>

Dan Fisher

<p>I have spent most of my life enjoying video games, and now I would like to help make them!</p>

Elisabeth Hanna

<div>To help make awesome games, indie style. ;)</div>

Rishard parham


Brandon Bell

<div>I love playing games and looking at flaws. So i'm gonna take advantages of game testing jobs.</div>

Yeri Hidayat

<p>I believe there is always a first time for everything. And to find a place where i discover and do more about my hobby is a great way to spend a time and learn a new thing that can improve your experience.</p>

Tj Nelson


Alexandre Freitas

Just another awesome person out there ;).

Connor McLaughlin

Whether from Rio or Russia, you probably haven't heard of me. Why? Because I'm just starting out. The little pebbles has started rolling down the hill, and I only hope to grow bigger. I haven't got much in terms of anything but writing and Imagination. I've dabbled in all the fields, but am far from being able to comprehend their requirements. However, I do hope to learn more and become a master of whatever niche I find.

Greg Archuleta

<p>I'm an illustrator with a bachelors degree in fine arts (illustration) from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. I specialize in digital art using Photoshop and Sai Paint Tool. Traditionally I use graphite brush pens, and micro pens. my subject matter is usually conceptual character designs and environments.</p>

Ludwin Contreras

<p>Hi, I love to draw, make fanarts of my favorite characters, but I really love to make my own, I'm a big fan of comics, mangas and videogames. &gt;Horror stuff. &gt;League of Legends. &gt;Music. &gt;Twitter : @GeistPWolf &gt;Gallery :; &gt;Website : &gt;Patreon and Kickstarter : GeistPanzerWolf</p>

David Torres


Zachary Cliff

<p>Hey guys! I'm Zac, a game developer from Brisbane, Australia. I recently graduated last year from QANTM College with a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment majoring in Games Design. For our final project we made the hit Android game BioGloom, which you can find here: A year later, myself and the artist from our final project banded together and made a game for a dentistry's website called Snack Attack which we also managed to port to mobile. You can find the game here: Android: iOS: The latest game I made within the same small team was called FLOBE and was released around a couple of weeks ago for Android. You can find the game here: Over these three projects I've learned so much in terms of design, C# programming and music/sound creation and I would love to put all I've learned into practice with other projects. The more work I have under my belt, the better :D If you would like to check out my soundcloud for the music I've made you can check that out here: I'm looking forward to chatting and collaborating with everyone :)</p>

Etienne Rodriguez

<p>Hobby Programmer from Germany. This is my first real game project and i am looking foward to learn a lot during this process. My main programming language is c#, but i know a little bit of java,c and c++. The Last Stand seems like a very promising project and surely the whole team will gain a lot of experience in the making of it. I hope together, as a team, we can see this game unfold to its full potential and hand it over to the community, to play and (hopefully) enjoy. ;)</p>

Yuexin Du

<p></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p></p>

Lorely Guzman

<p>Been a writer for years, looking to branch out into game writing because I've always loved gaming.</p>

waled tolba

<p>I have worked with epic systems company with vast and versatile experience of java,c#,c/c++ language. I am an enthusiastic worker, and enjoy working in a team. I am a motivated person, I love participating in competitive programming and programming contests.Currently,I am membership student/contestant at ACM ICPC in IBM company. If there are position for training, I will approach all tasks with enthusiasm and drive.I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the job vacancy with you on the telephone or during an interview.kindly find my attached resume,My linkedin profile Some code samples for projects and problem solutions in competitive programming Some achievements in computer science.</p>

Asilem onablatnom

<p>This is a test, this is only a test. Do not be alarmed this is indeed just a test. If an error occurs while displaying previous error do not attempt to try this test again. Or do, what do i know.</p>

Micah Barnhart

<p>I am currently in school at Baker College Online. I am going for a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Game Software Development. Currently, I am planning on graduating in the spring of 2017. I have some basic knowledge in C++, C#, and Visual Basic as I have completed those classes and have done a little dabbling in my free time in those languages. I have recently begun to learn C# scripting for Unity and I am actively involved with "Nerd Club" at my church where we help middle-schoolers and high-schoolers to learn to code. My desire is to learn how to program games and contribute to a team in the process of making a game.</p>

Harnindyo Satriojanurogo

<p>self taught 3d artist from Indonesia..Do you know where is it? :D</p>

Alvin Ngow

<p>Hi, I'm really interested in becoming an indie developer!</p>

Zachery Doma


Michael Vaspasiano

<p>Video games have been a huge part of my life, being from Connecticut, I've always had dreams of one day being part of a developer so I could create games that entertain and inspire just as previous titles from my life had done for me.</p>

Chaesare Gray

<p>Currently a courior for a records managment company. Hope to finish school sometime in the near future for Computer Science in the programming field.</p>

Johnathon Lay


Justin Garner

<p>I'm Justin. I'm not sure what else to say. UI/UX and Front-End guy.</p>

Jack Bohm

<div>I am currently a JR at Washburn Rural High School looking for opportunities to invest my time in when I am not busy with work during the summer. I specialize in 2-D art and (this includes pixel art) and practice habitually in order to preserve and enhance my current skill. I have tapped into 3-D art a bit but need more instruction in order to improve my skill in that area. I have dedicated over 2,000 hours of labor into to four games already (Graal Online Delteria, Zone, Era, and classic.) and am looking for local game developers and artist who can help nurture my knowledge in these areas. I am learning Javascript and am fairly fluent in HTML and CSS. Here is the website I developed featuring some of my older work. (I have not updated for about half a year.) I hope I can join the group and continue to grow and develop my skill, thank you! -Shurikan (Jack)</div>

Alexzander Evans

Im a 3D modeler using blender and im looking to expand my skill and work on a project. I have work i can show if you would be interested but my skills are always improving

Erik Seele

<div>I'm a very creative and passionate when it comes to video games. I would enjoy working with others like myself, I have previously worked together with others to make a before using warcraft 3's map editor. This is something I would like to enhance my skills with and continue to learn more.</div>

Jamie Jabbour

<div>Hi! I'm a 19 year old aspiring concept/2D artist. I have been doing digital art since I was 11 years old and have a passion for the artwork that goes behind all of the great games we see today. I am a hard worker, easygoing, quick learner and I am very passionate about what I do. I hope that you'll consider me for your team if you like my work! You can find my portfolio at Thank you, Jamie</div>

Nathan Rulli

<div>Long time architectural visualization artist making a career change into the game industry. Please take a look at my website here: Thank you</div>

Ryan Sheriff

<div>I have been programming since I was 13 years old (I'm currently 16) I love to code and it's what I dedicate a lot of my time to. I have been to 3 summer camps dedicated to 10 days of programming with many other people, the program is called iDTech Programming Camp. I have entered in two 48 hour solo programming competitions for Ludum Dare; I placed in the top 33% in both.</div>

Barbara Cardott

<div>Working on my bachelors degree from Rasmussen College School of Technology, do not have my portfolio available will update and send it if you need me to.</div>

Prince Cortez Jr

<div>I am currently a high school student. I first started programming a little over a year ago but i t has been my dream to program video games since I was 8. I started learning how to program (and still currently attend) at a small business/school called Great Minds Robotics. My main language is C#, i know some SQL and C++ as well. I want to join because this would give me tons of experience and a major step up for when i look for a company to work for or hopefully start on my own. Programming is my passion and i would love to join you guys. Thanks.</div>

Duran Gezgic

<div>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;I m a CGI/ 3d Artist, Mostly I works on advertising and still image with 3d programs but I am also eager for game art, I have 4 years experience in CGI world as a professionel, before by this I had been studied in veriety of fine art fields for 8 years including School of Fine Arts High School and BFA in university. My specialist field is 3D hardsurface, I've been using 3Ds Max, Vray, Mudbox, Z-brush, Photoshop and Illustrator.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>You can see may works on below&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div><a href=""></a></div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Thanks</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Duran Gezgic</div>

Cody Beckett

<div>I am 20 yeara old working construction as a means of living. My dream is to pay my bills by making video games. I have been reading books and learning scripting and developing on unity 3d with no experience on any other engine. Would love to get some experience working with a knowledgeable team.</div>

Alex Wittman

<div>I am a sophomore in highschool and I have always wanted to be a part of a game development team. I have many great ideas of top games, but I just don't have the resources to create them. I would love to be a part of your team.</div>

Jeremy Howard

<div>Hello, Thank you for taking your time to read my email. I have been working on developing my own game off and on for over a year. You can see some of my work at: I have a degree in Computer Science from Washburn University and know a lot of the high level languages you have mentioned. I really don't know what i would be interested in if i did join. I really enjoy 3d modeling, learning to texture with Photoshop or working on the story lines of a game arc. If you would like to discuss anything with me feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time, Jeremy Howard</div>

rafay muhammad

<div>i know a little about javascript trying i know how to photoshop and i can find a couple places to upload our games like facebook, steam etc.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>i am willing to kearn if any team member wants to teach me C# i would really appreciate</div>

Brett Grentell

<div>I am looking for experience in a real environment. Would be great to have some practical experience in a team coding.</div>

Alexander Martina

<div>My name is Alex M., born and raised in Netherlands Antilles. I am 3D Generalist Artist. After high school I went to 3DTi (3D Training Institute) in New York and studied Game Design.</div>

Monte Drebenstedt

<div>I am trying to create a living for myself via my own studio, Monsta Arts, and I believe this would be a great opportunity to share my work with the rest of the community. You can see my work at</div>

Stephen Calderon

<div>I also have a passion for video games and programming so I agree, why not combine the two. I have developed android applications and windows forms applications, and website development professionally. I hope to gain experience with you guys and have a good time at the same time. I am looking forward to the adventure! -Steve-</div>

Keith Dockery

<div>I am interested in working with RPG/Tactics/RTS style games using my experience in Java/C++/VB. Essentially, I just want to code and have fun with it. I am quite interested in COW. I have wanted to create a card game for years but I just don't have the ideas flowing.</div>

Billy Gooding

<div>This sounds like a great opportunity for me to develop my art in a more proffesional environment. To gain some experience with the support of a growing and helpful community of developers. I have been building my portfolio and looking for a transition into the game design world. I have belief in my skills and abilities and would like to help out wherever I can. I very much look forward to hearing back from you.</div>

Conn Howard

I am looking to learn more about the game development industry. I have some coding experience but i am interested in learning anything I can really. I have excellent google-fu skills so finding answers to issues or questions is alright for me. My most recent coding is PHP, HTML, and CSS. I have dabbled in C# and even Java for a bit but not a whole lot, mostly with friends. Any position that a Lead would like me to be in I would like to try my hand at. Thanks.

Zach Robinson

I generally am available after 3:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday. My availability varies on Saturdays and Sundays. I have created a couple of basic flash games and am looking to gain knowledge and experience working as part of a game development team. I look forward to exchanging ideas with team members, both through speech and on paper. I also look forward to learning from more experienced developers so I can improve my own development skills.

Carlos Semper

<div>Seeking to develop professionally in the game industry, to be recognized as a senior among artists 2d.</div>

Travis Langford

<div>I have recently graduated as a Game Art/Design major from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division. I am mostly interested in game design, but have a lot of experience in art related work, also. It would be great to be able to start collaborating with others on projects that I can add to my portfolio, which is still in development, but can be viewed at The work that I currently have on display on the portfolio site is to show my ability in game design, but I plan to add more finished artwork samples soon. I have a few card game and video game ideas which I have been developing over time, but would love to make new contacts that can help me to acquire the knowledge and assistance necessary to finally publish them. I am proficient with most of the Adobe CS programs, and learn new software quickly. I also am quite familiar with 3DStudio, and will be practicing more with Mudbox as soon as I have a computer that can handle it. My skills range from concept art, through character model sheets, storyboarding, 3D modeling, texturing, some animation skills, level design, level building (mostly in the UDK game editor), and I love games. If you still need some help, I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! Travis Langford</div>

Steven Veasman

<div>Hello, I am an artist, highly creative. Been drawing ever since I was in diapers. I have always enjoyed playing games, character developing, story scripting. I do have experience in 2D art, sprite creating, a little bit of Adobe photo shop experience. More than willing to learn a 3D program. My brain, it won't shut up, my main reason why I want to create movies and/or video games, to puzzle this jigsaw brain together. As for Team Work, I am easy to get along with, I like working with people who know the meaning of Hard Work and Team Work. I am a big fan of the Mega Man Franchise, I look forward on making my own fan made Mega Man games, with a team with the same passion. THANKS...</div>

Ronnell Johnson

<div>I'm looking for good people to hang out with, share a goal with, and to hopefully become friends with. Games are an awesome way to introduce yourself to new people and I can't wait to see if you guys let me join your team. Fingers crossed of course lol. Thanks for looking at my submission, cya later.</div>

Dianna Lopes-Tuohy

I'm looking for additional experience as well as the enjoyment of creating something with a team. My portfolio is here:

Jeremy Moore

<div>Looking for a chance to knockoff the rust on my programming skills and get to actually do some development. Looking to join a team with an actual project to work on that inspires research and learning different techniques and technology. I graduated college back in March of this year with a BS in computer science, but the last year was all high-level theory so skills have deteriorated somewhat. Now, currently serving in the military overseas and have a couple hours a day down time that I would like to use developing. I have my laptop that I did most of my assignments on in college and a slow, but fairly reliable internet connection that also video Skype back home. I have programmed in Java, C++, C#, and a little in Objective - C (but I cannot do IOS development on this laptop). I have used 3DS Max for basic modeling, texturing, and animations so I have an idea what the artist are using (I have not used any scripting or porting the models into applications other than bring models into UDK). I believe I can easily meet the minimum 5 hour a week limit, and on good weeks can probably put in close to 10 hours a week. I might have problems making team meetings though based on my work schedule and time zone differences. Please email me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing back.</div>

Jonathon Keddie

<p>I am a young, fairly junior developer who is still learning many of the ropes but quickly grasping and improving my skills with C# and game development. I have an interest in practically ever game genre, however Strategy, MMORPG, RPG and Simulation games hold a particular interest for me. I have so far developed the basis of a tycoon game that I plan to continue and refine when I have some spare time.</p>

Arun Kumar

I played games since I was 8, my first job was a self-made job and started a game development company... But need of funds pushed me into Mainstream enterprise development. I am 36 years old now... its time I started ! I wanna learn it all again, and be part of everything in the gaming world ! Let me start by contributing what i know best... code ! My career started in VC++, but today i am more proficient in Java. I can pick C#, need about a week.

Michael Baucum

I want to build my experience in game development. I'm VERY passionate in art, music, coding (I'm very strong in Java, but I intend to learn C# as well, which is quite similar), world-building and story-crafting. I'm a BIG ideas person. If permissible, I'd like to spend a few years in art, and then later on move over to music and coding. I'd eventually like to have multiple positions if possible. But if I could only have two, I'd choose art and coding. I'm VERY excited to learn about this opportunity! If you accept me, I'll be so happy!!! If you are okay with the multiple-positions idea, I'll get started on learning C# right away. Later on I'd let you know when I'm strong enough in it to be a good addition to your programming team. Thank you, Michael Baucum

Marvin Sunderland

Hi, my name is Marvin Sunderland and I am currently in school at the Art Institute for Visual Effects and Game Programming. I will be graduating in two and a half years. I want to just get interested in your company so when the time comes, then maybe you would have a position open. You can keep in touch with me if you would like and send me updates to my e-mail. Thank you

Timmy Thompson

<div>Greetings, I have not been able to find a team of game designers here in the Grand Rapids area, yet I keep looking. I have been using game engine software for 4 years and have an extensive library of game props and plugins. Online demonstrations and video presentations are available to showcase what I have done up to this point, but doing it alone is very time consuming. If your team is using the same game software as I am, I would make a great fit to continue the growth of your company. Please send any information about your teams current status in regard to needing more members. Thanks for your time. Timmy Thompson</div>

Nick Mead

<p>My name is Nick, and I am a computer programmer. I began my profession at age 12, when my Uncle introduced to me a book on Beginners Java Programming. I started programming C++ at about 14, and never looked back. I am 17 now, and have programmed for 5 years. All of my knowledge has come from self-teaching through books and the web documents. I enjoy working on different types of games, and playing League of Legends. I enjoy staying up late debugging and editing programs, while listening to Donkey Kong Country soundtracks.</p>

Sean Judd

<p>Hi, I am a music producer looking to move into the video game industry for both music and sound design. I am looking for a project to work on so that I can gain experience, meet new people, learn and grow knowledge of working in game development, and be a part of a cool game. My working name is Nils Olaf and some samples of my music are below. I hope you like them!!!;show_mixes=false&amp;sorder=4</p>

William Carlson

<div>I started playing games along time ago with play-station then I learned about PC games with Combat Flight Simulator. I was into the game so much I started reprogramming the airplanes and putting texture with windows paint. I wanted to do a better job so I started working with Photoshop. I have a bit of an laymen artistic talent and have done a lot of production work with construction companies of all types so I work well in a team setting. After that I started playing all the Medial Of Honor games, then Call Of Duty up to the last one. I would love to develop a first shooter game that is as close to combat as possible. I have also built, and programmed several gaming or working computer stations. Because of my love for gaming would love to learn about and improve any talents I may have by working with your company. Sincerely Yours William L Carlson 'aka' Doc</div>

Kirk Wagg

<div>An ambitious business student ready to develop games with the best of them.</div>

Jared Adamson

Looking for a good group of people to work on projects with.

Joshua Lamey

I have a strong willingness to increase my skills in computer graphics and hope to pick up some things in programming as well.

Kyler Doest

<div>I want to learn more about video game development. every since i started modding doom 1 2 and 3. i have a dedicated internet, and have worked on the steam workshop before.</div>

Joe Washington

<div>I have plenty of things going on in my head and most of them are deisgns for games. I'm an avid gamer and enjoy anything stategy or zombie. I have plenty of time on my hands.</div>

Peter Borotto

<div>I'm a DC area composer who is looking to work with serious developers who have a great vision of what they'd like to accomplish with their game. I begin by listening to all the detailed ideas laid out by the game's visionaries and begin to make music with them. You see, that's one of my strengths as a composer; I am able to correctly identify via sonic elements the mood that people set out for their projects. I specialize in writing classical music, but am fluent in writing many other genres, so I encourage to try me out for whatever musical needs you may have. But by the end of the day, what I really want is to make something that will draw people into the game and be something they may walk away humming. Please listen to a few sample tracks of my music at and feel free to email me and ask about any specific styles. I am available most days from 10-2 pm EST or after 8 pm and I genuinely look forward to hearing from you. PGB</div>

Emeri Dave

<p>Glad to be part of such project</p>

Jeremy Barnes

<p>I'm a recent graduate interested in practicing the skills I was taught in school. I'm interested in system administration and networking. I'm willing to help out where needed.</p>

Susan Kim

<div>I would love to do character concept art and work with a group of smart and creative people. I work well with both paper sketches and tablet sketches. Go to: for examples.</div>

Jennifer Dooley

<div>I am just beginning to learn how to program and I am currently working on C# as my main language. The prospect of being part of a group and building something while I learn would be highly rewarding.</div>

Gustavo Martinez

I'm looking for a team that's as passionate as I am. I'd also like to know that I'm working for a team that thinks outside the box, dream big, and are talented in their own respective craft. I would hate working for a team that only talks the talk but doesn't bother about walking the walk. If that's the case then please forget about my submission, because one way or the other, if I sense laziness or any sort of lack of creativity, I will leave. I want to work for people that will become larger than life and dream of succeeding. People who will someday surpass the world and become the greatest artist, or developer, or programmer etc etc. Simply put, I just want to work with people who are passionate. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nathan Neil

<div>It would be great to finally feel a part of something that has potential to grow into my dreams.</div>

Brian Emmerling

<div>organization, fun, and progress.</div>

Iulia Tache

<div>I am looking forward to working in a team where I can develop creative ideas, give and receive feedback that will actively improve my work.</div>

Kelly Donlin

<p> ATTN:Gamers please notice bonus material on credits page!!!</p>

Sandro Bircher

<div>Freelance illustrator looking for some serious on the job-practice.</div>

Tiffany Tsai


Amit Mangukia

A vision is most important in team. An individual sharing the vision with his team is the first step to be fulfilled in any communication- it means 50% work is done- or team will never share his enthusiasm. Plus, I take time to understand things. I am not a fast learner, but slowly I work, understand, and bring quality to my work. ALL I bring in the table is Solidworks. I don't know 3d MAX, but I can built mechanical models like guns, machines, and consumer products.

Sara Horton


Larry Frazier


Andrew Releford

<div>1.) An opportunity to work with other driven, dedicated professionals 2.) The exchange of knowledge, ideas, and skills 3.) Creative team members that are dedicated to producing quality work</div>

Ryan Scully

<div>I am looking for many things by joining your team. The first and foremost thing I am searching for is a chance to test my skills. I have experience putting 2D art into video games, and made my first game acting as the executive producer. While my projects consisted of things that are smaller then your standard AAA fare, they all are things I can say I am proud of and I am more then happy to add "Century of War" to my list of accomplishments. Plus, acting in both a leadership position and a spot where I can create the final product is a chance to put everything I learned into use. Nothing beats first hand experience. The second thing I am looking for is an extension of my portfolio. I won't lie; game development is something I want to do for a living. While I understand that this is strictly a volunteer position, and that it is impossible to pay me anything unless the product is at least somewhat profitable, the truth is simply allowing me to take credit for my work and save my art/models/work files as portfolio pieces would be invaluable in and of themselves. Any reference you could give to potential employers would only serve to sweeten the deal. I don't need to quit my day job, even if I had to work 10 hours a week, so money is not an issue here. The third and final thing I want from this group is a chance to better myself. While I have an extensive number of skills I can bring to the table, I have a finite amount of knowledge like any human being. However, anything I don't know I am more then willing to learn. While I am very receptive to the suggestions, ideas, and comments of my colleagues, I do not need to rely on them in order to expand my skill set as needed. The internet is flooded with tutorials and lessons of every kind, and I can easily find spare time to self educate in any area. This ranges from software usage to C programming to music composition to anything else we need to pack into this game. I understand that my title as a "Lead 2D artist" will be more of a specialty then a specific job description. Like my professor always said, a game developer is a wearer of many hats. I intend to be no exception. I hope to be an asset to making "Century of War" a big success, and you can contact me anytime.</div>

Garett Williams

I am looking for an opportunity to be a part of a team who is both passionate and dedicated to work on new and exciting projects. I am also looking for an outlet through which I can flex some creative muscles and work for an industry I have always been fond of.

Stephen Lewis

I have been a gamer all my life and have many great ideas and concepts. I feel i have played a extensive library of games and feel that it has given me a great insight into what it takes to make a great game. I am an artist, so creativity runs strong with me. I am currently in the process of writing a story for a game. I found that to be very exciting. i would love to contribute to the conception of a game that would draw in and inspire all who play.

Mark Alexander


Robert Viren

<p>Mainly a C++ developer, but I have experience in JAVA, C#, with an emphasis on computer vision applications. My main job is a field service nuclear engineer, but I also work on tooling development. I have programmed several basic computer vision applications for my industry and hold four patents related to the field on non-destructive testing. I have dabbled in genetic algorithms and find them absolutely fascinating and see many applications in games. I have also messed around with other machine learning libraries. I swear to god if another zombie survival game is proposed I will implode. Just my opinion. I strongly believe in the idea that simple concepts lead to interesting results. The game of life is an example, not the board game. Extremely simple rules, interesting and non-obvious results. It is not entirely necessary for devs to create an entire world if they can create the building blocks and user friendly mechanics. I have been wanting to get into game programming for awhile and I have tried my hand at SDL, openGL, and Box2d. I self taught programming so I have been learning standard conventions I can better work with a team and I believe I can stick to them. Look foreward to working on a project.</p>

Brent Lebleu

<p>Hi there! My name is Brent LeBleu. I am a college student pursuing a degree in computer science with a concentration of game development. I have worked on game concepts of my own, but due to the fact that I am only just now learning to code I have not been able to put my ideas to work. I am eager to learn more about what goes into making a game and will be dedicated to any project that is presented to me.</p>

Johnathan Elson

<div>Last semester of University, have done Java for most of the time. Looking forward to getting some more experience while making something great.</div>

José León

I´m art director, I´m in Spain. I can do music, concept art, 2D and 3d models, etc. You can look my work in Thank you!

Sage Gorman

I can do some basic and intermediate 3d modeling and animation using 3DS Max.

Keiko Parker

I'm looking to get my name out there and help along with a project like this. I do a lot of sketching and concept art(usually character), and I'm looking to improve my skill and gain experience. Being a full time student I can work from hours 2 pm to 12 am, and I hope I my services could be of use to your team.

Lainie Gratz

To help in game development, learn something new, and get inspired by others. I love digital art , illustration, and particularly have an affinity for the surreal, creatures, and landscapes (although am not tied to that alone). I want to continue to play, create, and draw mostly. I also have 2 kids and would like to be able to pass down my skills - and / or be considered the coolest mom ever ;).

Mohamed Adnane ElYoussi

<div>i'm looking for a creative environment that allows the creation of awesomeness and beautiful things</div>

Austin Williams

Austin began his own musical education at the age of five, and received a Bachelor of Science in Music from Radford University in Virginia. He continues to perfect his musical finesse to the present day. Austin is an experienced composer, teacher, and performer, with advanced knowledge in Composition, Pedagogy, Music Theory, Ear Training, Sight Singing, Accompaniment, Sight Reading, Form and Analysis, Arranging and Orchestration, Performance, and much more. Projects previously worked on include original compositions for advertisement and background textures along with arrangements for performance by a variety of ensembles.

steve harrold

<div>3d artist trying to develop more talent.</div>

Caleb Williams

<div>To make it short and sweet. I'm a gamer with half a degree in Computer Science. Also a musician and have played guitar and other instruments for over 8 years. Started producing electronic music via FL Studio last year and have been hooked on that ever since.</div>

Daniel Shweiri


Andrew Wiley

<div>I'm looking for a team that is passionate about bringing their imagination to life.</div>

Alex Eddy


Anthony Lillie


David Cox

<div>Studied art at Kansas University. Began making digital art in undergrad, mostly using microsoft paint. Master's degree in 2011 at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In grad school, I got my first taste of animation and programming. I've been trying to work in the game industry since, applying for dozens of artist and sound positions. To help the time pass, I've also been teaching myself programming while working as a janitor and occasionally retail. My hope is to get experience producing games and working with a creative team.&nbsp;</div>

David Scott II

<p>I've been playing games for as long as I can remember and working on them is a dream of mine. I plan on graduating college with a B.A. in Creative Writing so I can break into the video game industry. I'm bored unless I'm creating something and I see video games as a hyper art. It takes every form of art possible and rolls it into an interactive package. Gaming and creation are where my passions live.</p>

Muhammad Sida


Jordan Perske


kitty xia


Cliff Robertson

<div>Very open and collaborative environment.</div>

Lillian Harter


Lance Lusero


Adam Finney


Sally Newlin

<div>Hello! My name is Sally Newlin, and I am a game art and design graduate from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh! I live in Hagerstown, Maryland, and I am 22 years old. I have dreamed about drawing ever since I was little, and it has always been something I want to do. Hopefully working on this game paves the way for me as I just start out in this field!</div>

Sam Finn

<div>Hello. I study Media and Communications at Goldsmiths University in London and I'm looking to work in the Games Industry, so I'd love to get involved anyway I can in any of your projects. I care about being the best at games i play. This often leads to research into understanding each element of how the game works. Going deeper into games and how they are made has given me an awareness of how games actually work. I have a background in Graphic Design as I'm majoring in interactive media and I really want to get my teeth into something game related. Having a solid understanding of the Adobe Suit has allowed me to start creating some pixel art and animations that would work well in a video game. They can be found at I also have experience in Q.A testing and I've been involved with many beta tests, recent games include Battlefield 4 and Warface and have just been accepted for the Dark Souls 2 beta (woohoo!). So if there is room for me to help out, any experience would be greatly beneficial. Thanks Sam Finn</div>

Huma Florin

<p>Learn and make...</p>

Lee Cannarella

<p>My name is Lee Cannarella and I am extremely passionate about getting started in video game development and design. I have been into the idea for a while and am looking to make my first step into the area.</p>

Daniel Fields

<p>Game Design student looking to get some early work in so I might add to my portfolio over the next two years. Innovative, forward-thinking individual with strong leadership qualities and the ability to self-motivate.</p>

Rasmus Nilsson


Jim Profit

<div>Jim Profit: A young designer who sees potential in everything and wants to unlock it's full capabilities.</div>

Nils Kübler

<div>Nils K&uuml;bler is a software developer at YMC AG in Switzerland (for more details on this you can checkout the profile at He is also a hobbyist game developer, currently working on the hobbyist game Moyo ( For Thou Curator Nils will work on the project Century of War as game programmer in Mono Game. Nils has not yet any Mono Game experience, however he already has already worked on some C, C++, C++/CLI and C# projects in the past. He has a basic understanding of game engines and should be able to learn Mono Game to be able to participate on the project.</div>

Joseph Jones

<div>(I'm not very familiar with Max. I use Maya.)</div>

Marquel Johnson

<div>I like to work</div>

Eduardo Jose Flores III

<div>Hi! I'm a Game Programmer here in Thou Curator! I'm still hoping I can get accepted as not just a Game Programmer or Trainee but also as a Friend. :)</div>

bhargavi patel

<p>Wish my mind was not connected to my keyboard || I laugh out loud. REAL loud. || Engineer by choice, history buff without one, and airplane enthusiast since childhood.|| Travelling around the sun 23rd time. || Just your ordinary C# myth</p>

Matthew Notch

<div>Here we go!</div>

Dustin Schluntz

<div>I am a composer with several years of self-taught experience looking to broaden my horizons into new areas and also get my name out and on projects that are going to succeed. I have every faith in my skills as a composer and I have no doubts I will be able to fulfill any musical needs within reason, and hope to have the opportunity to prove myself in any way I can. I have a home studio with several different guitars, both acoustic and electric, I use a DAW called Reaper and I am currently in the process of finding the best VSTs to work with (which will vary by project / composition anyway.) I am a dedicated person and I look forward to an opportunity to make your project the best it can be, and I hope to meet a similar attitude from every member of the team.</div>

Jake henry

I use AutoDesk MAYA 2014 and Photoshop CS6.

Pablo Dumrongruks


Taylor McLean


Yuliyan Nedelchev

<div>Currently I have 1 more full year to finish school, meanwhile im studying hard to becomea good game developer, (my school is about internal combustion engines). I'm extremly passioned about games and I have few crazy ideas. Being creative and to think out of the box can be very hard, I like that ! Not much else to say, heh?</div>

Quentin Dunn

<div>I am a hobbyist game developer who has majored in Computer Science and has been experimenting with some game-related programming languages / APIs for a few years. Currently, I hope to finish a solo project of mine and begin learning how to compose music soon. The best time to reach me by phone or Skype would be on my off days - Thursday and Friday - and either around 12:30pm or after 11:15pm any day.</div>

Dustin Just

<p>Hi im Studying 3d/2d Artist im really good in hand drawing and im in digital 2d/3d art for 1 Jear now wouls really like to Help and do 3d/2d desings for fun and Practise</p>

Muhammad Hijazi

<div>Student at Georgia State University (Junior). Approx. 1 year of experience in Java and C++.</div>

Yunwei Li

<p>Heeeeey. My name is Yunwei. I'm from China and I'm currently doing my bachelor's in CS at Carleton University in Ottawa. I just finished my first year. I'm familiar with Processing and Java. I'm also studying C++ on my own during the summer. I'll be happy to learn C#. And right now until September I'll for sure be able to meet the hour requirements (not sure about when school starts, but I'll still try to make time). I'll usually be free after 6PM (UTC-04:00). I might not be so flexible before that since I have to work. I've always been interested in and wanted to learn about game development. In fact I'm going to take a game dev course in the fall. So this would be a great opportunity to prepare me for the course, and for my career. Thanks for reading.</p>

Teodor Chistol

<div>I have been an administrator and game master for a private wow game server, that was my first step into gaming world. Have worked as a programmer, until 2 years ago, worked mainly as a web developer. After that I worked more than half a year as an IT guy, working with PCs and network administration, some Linux server work. And the last 8 months worked as a game designer.</div>

Todd Kelley

<div>Access to look at backend for responsive design</div>

kaylin martin

<div>I was referred by misterwu</div>

Jeremy Munck


tobias maneschijn

<p>I'm a 16 year old boy who likes to play computer games and also make them.</p>

Leo Kirkpatrick

<div>Born and raised in New Your City, I received my BA in Music Theory and Composition. I have worked on 5 films, including Perri Pierre's, "Addiction", and Greg Mannino's, "Snowbirds". Currently, I'm a part of Paul Boduch's development crew for his upcoming unnamed RPG, and working on Jimmy Traynor's upcoming romantic comedy, "The Real Cupid".</div>

Barry Craik

<div>I grew up with the early models of computer - the Amstrad CPC464, for example. I've seen technology develop from those simple machines with their tape decks through to the moden PC with gigabytes of RAM and terabytes of storage space. Throughout those years, one passion I've never lost was that of gaming. I started on games like Frogger, even Pong, and worked my way through the decades since, sampling many different types and qualities of games. Some of my favourites are the Dizzy games on my old Amstrad, TIE Fighter on one of my earlier PCs, and my first MMO - Star Wars Galaxies. Currently I'm playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, with breaks for games like Civilization 5. Other MMOs I've played on a long term basis are World of Warcraft and Star Trek Online. I've also helped beta test a number of other MMOs that are currently in development, or are now live. Examples of these include Secret World and Mechwarrior Online. Away from gaming, my hobbies include reading and writing, usually science fiction or fantasy. I also roleplay with a long standing group of friends so I have no problems exercising the creative part of my brain! I've looked at programming, but my selection of languages wasn't the best choice for turning it into a career. I opted for VB.NET when I really knew little about the industry, only to discover that most companies look for people with skills in other languages - usually one of the C-based languages or Java. Unfortunately, I've not been able to dedicate the time to learning another programming language, which is why I explained in my original email I'm not best suited for the programming team. I'm interested in joining the creative side of the studio, creating things like storylines and mission text for your games. This is a role I think I'll be well suited to.</div>

Daryl Edwards

<p>Game writer.</p>

Mr Rankin

<p>Hi there, I would like to join the team because this is a part of a project that was assigned to me from my university of joining a community to work on a project as a team. I do have little to no knowledge about programming, but I am happy to help and learn about the code.</p>

Fynn Faber


Christopher Haury

<div>Im just looking for some cool peeps to work with and make dope games :)</div>

Callib Carver

<div>I'm a third year journalism &amp; communications major focusing in video, radio, and photography. I don't have a catchy byline, but I'd say do what you love and forget the money.</div>

Nathan Bruce


Kunagorn Smith

<div>I am a avid video gamer. I am very creative person. I have knowledge of game design and some knowledge of music/composing and game concept. I am very friendly and work well in a team. I am able to avail myself to any projects and would love to start some projects. I have limited experience but would love to help and expand.</div>

Rick Ross

<div>Recently graduated with a Master's degree in Recording Arts &amp; Technologies. Passionate gamer learning audio implementation and middleware such as FMOD Studio, Unity3D, Wwise, and UDK.</div>

Levi Grosse

<div>well,i wanna get some stuff for my portfolio so i may be able to work at cryteck or epic games one day,or EA,and i wanna learn some texturing stuff,and improove my skills,and doing some awesome games :).</div>

Frank Aprile


Tyler Rector

<p>Traditional artist who loves video games</p>

Alex Jones

<div>I can write a Bio if still needed, wasn't sure if necessary after Skype call with Jack Wu.</div>

Albert Chmilevski


Christian Jensen

<div>I have been an Indie Game Designer for the last 6 years. I started young, and taught myself from scratch. I originally Started Modding the Id Tech 3 Engine, then working from their I began to develop my own games. None of which I was able to finish being that I was the Sole Developer, and I had to juggle Middle School and High School. Since I graduated I have had the ability to work on my Games professional.</div>

Dejan Bogatinovski

<div>Team: Traxix</div>

Barika Kaleem


Ewan Williams

<p>Aspiring 3D artist and someone who games far too much.</p>

Lisa Lightner

<p>I'm an artist with experience with hand drawing and use of Photoshop and Illustrator.</p>

Liz Rang

<div>Creating is a constant in my life, in one form or another. It's not just a desire, it's a compulsion. I believe in living my life with passion and my energy goes into everything I do. A self-taught artist, my work is inspired by colors, pop art, the natural world and the beauty of a female face. An experimenter with mediums, I'm currently studying new techniques and working with combining sketching, ink, and watercolor.</div>

Johnathon Vinsonhaler


Lee Sterrett


Kelly Lister


Sipion Clément

<p>Hello, I'm actually 24 y/o and a final cycle art student, event if I'm mostly a video artist, I already worked on my own video game projects (first person narrative, and working on a SW: Racer / F-Zero game prototype), have some drawing skills (even if i'm not in a pro level), and know how to make 3D models too (not High Poly thought). And i'm searching to join some development team to share some experiences with you. Not searching remuneration, but more discussion and a project to follow. I hope you will be interested in my profile, Best regards, Cl&eacute;ment Sipion.</p>

Troy Gillis

I am currently working two jobs, but looking for something more of my taste, which is gaming. I currently stream League of Legends on when i have time. I play smite, dota 2, path of exile, starcraft 2, and tera. Thats what I play on pc. I do own an xbox 360, a nintendo 3ds, PSP, and gameboy advance. I once owned a ps vita but did not like the feel of it. I also have a ps3 which is currently broken, really should get if fixed. I know this is unpaid work but that does not matter to me at all. Working on video games is always something I have wanted to do. I be extremely grateful and honored to work on the Thoucurator team.

Phurbu Tsering


Kristina Glas

<div>Team: traxix</div>

Daniel Zee

<div>I am currently an undergraduate at Brown University concentrating in Computer Science, as well as a member of the Brown Game Developers club. My biggest hobby has always been making games, because I love watching a game evolve from a mere idea to actual playable software. Once I have a vision of a game, I work on it non-stop. For details about the games I have created, please visit Creating a game by myself is not easy. Finding talented team members is even harder. That is why I am eager to join Thou Curator as nothing makes me more excited than working on a game with others who are just as passionate as I am. This opportunity is too good to miss out on. Together, I believe we can build something amazing which thousands of players are going to enjoy. I am especially interested in game development on multiple platforms. I have been programming games since middle school with Game Maker and have over the years accumulated experience in Java, C, C++ and Python. I understand debugging, profiling, unit and system testing. I learn quickly and I am willing to learn new tools, languages and skills on my own. In fact, I look forward to developing my abilities and applying them to our game projects.</div>

Melisa Montalbano


Marnie Marnie

Thanks for inotnducirg a little rationality into this debate.

Nicholas Capsimalis

<p>Hello, my name is Nicholas Capsimalis and I am a freelance electroacoustic/trailer music composer (mainly, though I do other genres as well) and audio engineer operating under the pseudonym "Hundred Days Music". I have been looking to get into the game design industry for a long time now and I am mostly concerned with getting work and experience rather than getting paid which means that this job sounds great to me. I am experienced with all forms of digital musical construction as well as live production. I also have experience using applications like Audacity, Audio Hijack, SoundHack, Ableton Live 9, Digital Performer, all Native Instruments plugins, and SPEAR (Sinusoidal Partial Editing and Resynthesis). I would love to work on any project, I have a very flexible schedule and I have many ways of maintaining communication. You can view my full body of works below: You can also Google "Nicholas Capsimalis" or "Hundred Days Music" and you will get relevant returns as the top results. Thanks again, and I hope to hear back from you ASAP.</p>

False Name

<div>go home</div>

Filip Velichkovski


Vitali Balliet


Brandon Channel

<div>Ever since I was a little kid, the only things I've wanted to do were write music and make a video game. So, I found the best of both worlds here.</div>

Jovan Gjorgjiev

<div>Team: traxix Game Concept and Graphic Design (Photoshop</div>

Jozef Sova

<div>Can be found at linkedin</div>

Daniel Stone