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IVY MILES www.artstation.com/ivyartbox ivyemiles@gmail.com My name is Ivy Miles, and I'm currently a recent graduate of Full Sail University. I'm looking for an opportunity to better my art and game design skills, and become a part of a team that will push me to do my absolute best. I've been a very dedicated student during my time at Full Sail University, and have received accolades for my painting and art based skills. I have had a lot of experience rigging for animation, and animation, both 2D and 3D. Classes at my university were designed to mimic the schedules and expectations of the industry, and I am no stranger to getting assets done quickly and efficiently, I can finish a fully painted concept piece in about an hour and a half, so I will be able to produce work in a timely manner. I also have experience in working with customers and clients as a freelance illustrator, and in doing so have gained excellent communication skills that allow everyone's work to shine to its fullest potential. I believe that I can utilize these skills in order to help a team effort to create the best and brightest game, assets to ensure both my success, and the success of whatever project I am assigned to. I appreciate you taking the time out to consider me for a position as a 2D artist, and vow to make both myself and your project the best that it can possibly be. Sincerely, Ivy Miles
Ivy Miles

4/4/2018 10:44:20 PM


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