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Staff Sergeant SSgt Jono Lansdale


Game Artist 3D
12/1/2018 10:10:51 PM

I have been working on "game design" since i was 12.  Created my first "game" at 14.  Ive started numerous projects with myself and sometimes with others who are like minded.  

Im a part of game dev underground and you can always find me on the discord helping other developers with their projects.

My passion is video game design.  Im a designer as well as an artist.  I work on many different styles of art from pixel art, oil paintings, graphite work, and 3d modeling.  Most of my 3d modeling experience lies in low poly work.  

When im not working on games im playing them!  I have a varied and vast experience in multiple genres and history.  I am allot of knowledge from games 20-30+ years old to current.  Though havnt been able to play much of the games coming.


I research game design and theory relentlessly and have probably viewed every GDC to be released to the public including speech from 20 years ago.  


I joined thou curator sep. 9th. 2017 and am very thankful to work along side the team in producing amazing unforgettable experiences.