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Janet Kathalu is a content writer at Guru Solutions, where she writes web content. She was born and raised in Kenya, the beautiful city of Nairobi. She considers her faith and family topmost vital to her; if she is not spending time with them, you will find her gaming, browsing through her computer, going through her smartphone, watching TV, reading, or with an iPod listening to music.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Nairobi and a Diploma in ICT from Zetech University. She was a tutor in a computer skill learning institution for a year, then worked as an ICT assistant before she decided to concentrate fully on writing consumer tech articles. She has ghost-written for several websites before working at Guru Solutions, where she has a rare opportunity for her work to be recognized by tagging her name. Search through the website to see more of her work. She also has several direct clients from different continents, where she delivers quality content under various niches.  Janet has also worked with Geek Computer, where she provided tutorials, guides, and how-to-do-it articles. Her experience with tech operating environments, devices and passion for writing makes it easy for her to write quality suggestions on the content she provides. She believes passion and dedication push her to give her readers the best. Her biggest desire is to help others use technology at ease, help them achieve the best with it in their daily lives, and get them to learn and get things done technically; in short, she is all about making technology easy for everyone: and she does it so well through her content writing.  She is a naturally curious person who always has questions about everything around her, especially when it comes to technology: she wants to know what's trending, how something is done, why something is happening the way it does, what can be done better to improve something and so on. It's funny how you won't miss tech gadgets with her even when she's going on dates; she either has an iPod, her iPhone, or her laptop, and at times, she carries them all. Her love for writing began when she was a little girl; she loved writing short stories; little did she know life had a great plan for her to write tech consumer articles.   Apart from writing, Janet loves cooking! They say cooking is an art; it makes her ideas come to life. She also loves traveling: some road trips with her friends or family, and she loves camping and hiking. She loves spending time with nature and learning new activities. She hopes to visit Italy one day. Being a writer limits one from social life; she knows that that's why she takes a break and connects with the outside world once in a while. A rejuvenated writer always delivers excellent content to her readers! She loves listening to music and watching comedy movies too. You can reach out to Janet via her email address; janetkathalu@gmail.com. 


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Janet Kathalu

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