Pvt William Carlson


I started playing games along time ago with play-station then I learned about PC games with Combat Flight Simulator. I was into the game so much I started reprogramming the airplanes and putting texture with windows paint. I wanted to do a better job so I started working with Photoshop. I have a bit of an laymen artistic talent and have done a lot of production work with construction companies of all types so I work well in a team setting. After that I started playing all the Medial Of Honor games, then Call Of Duty up to the last one. I would love to develop a first shooter game that is as close to combat as possible. I have also built, and programmed several gaming or working computer stations. Because of my love for gaming would love to learn about and improve any talents I may have by working with your company. Sincerely Yours William L Carlson 'aka' Doc
William Carlson

11/29/2013 3:35:00 PM
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