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Hi; William Carlson aka "GrayBear" 3D Team Leader here, and now that I am leader I would like to let anyone know that I am avalable by e-mail or Skype (if you see me on or request me to be on) at most any time. We will be trying to use Autodesk Maya for our production of 3D models.If you are using Blender you can export anything you have produced to 3D Max format and then it can be opened by me. This also dosn't meen that if you are using Autodesk 3D Max, you will have to change, because the two programs can also export and import their formats. According to my research on the programs, Maya is better for movies, or animation, and 3D Max is better for gaming. But, most of the gaming companies are using Maya for their production. Because of this I would like both used just to cover our bases for a better quiality on production. I hope to see LOL everyone at my next meeting they are open to anyone. GrayBear 3D Team Leader

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Game Artist 3D

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Another 3D Artist among the team.  Just starting.  I have just started to work with Skype, future requests are always welcomed.  My Name is Steven Veasman, pleasure to be on the team.Reply:

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