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Introduction to Jeremy Moore

Name: Jeremy Moore
Skype: j.s.moore82
Hello everyone, my name is Jeremy Moore. I am a fairly recent college graduate from Eastern Washington University with a BS in Computer Science. I love coding, but have had some rust settle in on my skills. The last year of school ended up being all theory classes and very little to do with code. After graduation, I found myself deployed to Afghanistan with the US Army where I am currently serving now. I look forward to being able to use my programming skills on a team project and make better use of my free time out here.
My experience programming has been mostly college course work in C++, Java, and C#. I have done some ASP.NET web programming. I have also worked as an intern developing dynamic web pages with a SQL Server back end. I even have had exposure to Objective-C and iPhone development, but due to what system I have with me, will not be able to do any iPhone programming here. I have also had classes using 3DS Max to do basic modeling, texturing (UVW Mapping), and simple non-skeletal animations.
Outside of coding and military I am also a proud family man with an amazing wife and six kids (three are my biological that live with my ex-wife, and my three step kids that live with us full time).
If anyone cares to know more, I will be more than happy to talk about it.
I look forward to working with this team and stretching my skill set as far as we can go.
Jeremy Moore

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Hello Jeremy glad to have you aboard.  I see you have completed your agenda for new member and I would like to get you started asap.  When you have sometime can you get on skype and add me my id is cpurepair785 I would like to chat a bit to see where we can fit you in to start with.

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