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Game Sound Effects

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Meeting Minutes

Hello All,
This thread will be used only to post the notes from the meetings on Tuesdays. Please do not reply to this thread in this thread. If you have questions from this thread, please email me, or ask in the "General Q&A" Thread.

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Game Sound Effects

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Meeting Minutes - Sunday, November 24th, 2013
1) New Meeting Time and Rules
hello to faces we haven't seen yet.
- Along with the meeting time change, attendance is now required unless you've cleared it with me at least 24 hours ahead of time. Attendance at the meetings will affect your standing in the site. Your standing in the site affects your rewards (Discussion for next Sunday, Dec. 1st)
- The meetings will always last at least a half hour(30 min)
- Not every week will have a ton of relevant information, but during those weeks, I will open the meeting as usual, and then we will all give feedback.
2) Assignments
- Continue previously assigned agenda items. 
-**Requiring feedback be given on at least one song before the next meeting. Use the forum and the format posted there.
3) Other info
- I emailed out a rough draft of our contract, or an outline rather. Please review it and give me your thoughts. Those of you who attended the meeting have already done so.
4) Happy Composing
- Happy Composing

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Game Sound Effects

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1) Feedback ** New Requirement
Productivity hours

2) Betas/Game Document
-Access the game docs for info about the game
-Can only see betas if you attend meetings

3) Game Assets Folder
-Use the naming system we created last week

4) Contracts
- Jack and James' perspective
- Purely Percentage based
- Our Perspective
- A flat fee broken into parts for maintaining a schedule
- A certain percentage up to a set number of copies sold

5) New Meeting Time
- Sunday @5:30 pm Central; 6:30pm Eastern, GMT 11:30 pm

6) New Assignments
- USA/Canada - Nathan
- France (New) - Austin
- Russia - Brandon

As always, if there are any questions about these notes, email me directly and I'll answer! Thanks guys. See you SUNDAY!

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Game Sound Effects

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Minutes from Tuesday, November 12,
1) File naming 
Artist Name_Name of Track_Century of War OST.wav

-Possibility of percentage until a certain amount 
-Again next Tuesday 
3) Group SoundCloud
    Making a group Soundcloud. Details will be distributed via email

    -Nathan Bruce: Building Deckbuilder theme, putting in protools 
Alex: Uploaded to soundcloud 
Brandon-Finished 2nd drafts for Ehrgeiz and Act 

Continue previously assigned agenda items
Julia - Begin work on a battle them

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Game Sound Effects

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Minutes From Tuesday, Novemeber 5th 2013
1. Introduction:
Brandon Leon- Lead Role, Liason.
2. Objectives/deadlines:

Produce an excellent soundtrack for our game.


Listen to tracks and give feedback. - This is important. Use the thread titled "Feedback"

Work in an organized and steady pace so we aren't rushed at the end. ***If possible, have something presentable every week.

Uploading: FileZilla lets you view files on the website, and upload a file to your own folder. Drag the file from the Desktop to the folder.

File Format- .WAV, if another format or smaller file size is needed let them know.

Working on our themes-

Alex- Ending Credits Theme. (The War is Mine). Finishing production with it as an ending theme in mind.

Brandon- Polishing up music he's worked on. Finishing those tracks. “Layer things and beef them up.” Ehrgeiz, Big Battle, Walking.

Bruce- Deckbuilder agenda item listed.

Austin- Brazilian Theme

4. Jack:

Files are on Google Drive, Jack will share them through email each time it's updated.

5. Assignments/Closing:

Give Feedback in the Forums. Work on your assignments. Come to the next meeting at Tuesday at 3 p.m. Central Time.

Note- we forgot to discuss Music Rights. We can cover that next time.  

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