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Well not like this would solidify anything, but what do we have in mind for explosions? What do we want to have happen?
The last time we really talked about it we discussed the comic book "pow" "boom" type of thing
But we want to show breakdown of models, parts falling off, that kind of thing so...
Like a 2d animation that overlays the screen of that area? Or 3d text?
2D overlay
goofy arcade feel
As far as deterioration of objects every one would be different so when we get to that point, I think we should make a flow chart or something dignifying what should/can be lost without losing functionality.
For instance, you dont want to destroy the turret of a tank if its still usable etc... so we need to identify how each object could "lose itself" over time.
Or we could take the simple route and just explode voxel blocks out it, without affecting the model. Whatever is preffered.
Until the model is dead that is.
We do want them to be able to lose functionality though
If a tank loses its turret it can still run over an infantry man. If it loses its track it can still shoot...that kind of thing
Well yes, but in a timely fasion.
yeah...probably shouldn't go out on the first hit
unless its hit by a tomahawk lol
Will they have an order of death or can you comand to take out something specific on an object?
We haven't gotten that far into the process
I'd like to say you can specify, because that would open up so many options for strategy to the player, but, we've yet to walk that path
True. You can possibly do the same if the player understands order of death as well. Like attack the tanks first, just a little bit of damage until the turrets are gone, then focus on other ranged weaponry for instance.
So even though the tanks are still able, they lost some of there ability. This can be achieved both ways I think.
We should start a forum to brainstorm and log possibilities
We can also randomize what gets lost, but it would be sure luck instead of stratagy. So random may not be the way to go, unless this is like an increased difficulty or something.

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