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Deck builder UI Suggestions

So I made a few suggestion UIs for the deck builder. They're based on my idea (since no one gave me any feedback on it about moving on with it or starting something else I just want with it)
Deck builder UI Suggestions
This print shows the overall idea of the UI. On the left side theres a menu with 3 buttons (the current deck button is not a button actually, I forgot to change the color but its just to inform you of which deck you're messing with (deck1,2,3 and so on))
If no buttons are clicked, the right side of the window will show all cards that you have and show all cards and a30/30 on the top right (I forgot as well) since thats how many cards you have on that deck. The little green bar on the right is where the scroll bar will be. Also on the top it shouldnt say unit cards (Isaved on top ~_~) it should just say "All Cards"
Deck builder UI Suggestions
So after you click the units button for instance it will open up the submenu with the specific units and the right side of the screen will show all unit cards that you have. The yellow stroke means that that card is selected (I forgot a bunch of stuff on that version so I'll move on to the next print
Deck builder UI Suggestions
The purple outline cards are cards already in your deck. When you click a card that is not on your deck the "add to deck" button will appear on the top, the same way that if you click a card that is already in your deck the "remove from deck" . On the top right you have the number of those type of cards in your deck, in this case 5/30
I guess thats all for now, its just a UI suggestion so everything is up for chanigng. Obviously this is for pc.
*Note-> It took me about 1hr and half to upload all the images to the website. Its like REALLY slow. I mean, I did laundry while waiting for them to load

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