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Game Artist 3D

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Introducing myself

Hey guys,uhm im Levi Grosse a 3D modeler i love creating environments,im not that good in hard surface but i try my best :) i hope i can learn something new here,and i hope ill work one day in a studio such  as epic games,or crytec or EA or something big like that,Irrational games would be my biggest dream hehe.i wanna go 4 years into the army as sniper,and then after this 4 years i wanna open up my own company(or work in a big studio like the upper ones :P) and sometime i wanna found my own school and help ppls learning cg :).
Heres my skype my email and my portfolio^^
Skype: pluemel2

Greetings :).

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Game Artist 3D

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All right Levi, wecome to Thou Curator. I hope you will enjoy working for us, we are glad to have you here. Kick back, have fun, and I am here if you need anything at all. GrayBear 3D Team Leader 

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