Lets Create A Game Together

Author: James Fleming
Author: James Fleming

I have been creating games since 11/2004 is when I first thought about it. Since then I made a few small titles and worked with a team of developers. But my dream for Thou Curator is bigger than just myself. Thou Curator has been known under two other title since 2004 when I started but the name was changed to what it is today since 2009. Thou meaning we as in our group and curator meaning a keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection. We love game and we want to continue collecting art that is designed for games. To us art is not just 2d or 3d images or models but the whole area of game development. We consider programming code and art or a scene in the game as art.

The big idea behind Thou Curator is to give people around the world the ability to work together and create games. There are many people that have the idea of creating their own game and we want to inspire those people to help them figure out what is really involved in the creation process. Thou Curator only works on one title at a time it is a lesson I learned back in 05 / 06 so as a team we select what title to work on next and we go for it.

Lets Create A Game Together

I can honestly say the people that have a real interest in game creation are bright individuals that I’m sure could work alone and create mini games just like I have. But these always sooner or later leads to the question of at what level do you really want to get into game creation? You can do simple games like dots on a screen all the way up to AAA title game made by EA. Thou Curator is a place for you to see and work with people that have a desire to create art. Use this as a stepping stone for your next move in the industry or stick around and be a member of the team for as long as you like. We want everyone to be where they want to be in the game industry.

We provide an environment that allows everyone to communicate as easy as possible because we think communication is one of the top reason small teams don't last as long as the members of that team would hope.  Also we provide as much details into the project we are working on because their are other members in every role that need the general guidance to keep the team from stalling out and the project never reaching its release date.

I can tell you this team does not stand still we are working every week to complete some aspect of the project on our forums board attached to our sprints.  This really helps push the team forward with everyone using the website as a content management system (CMS) / project management solution (PMS). We work in this way to allow everyone even in different time zone to work together.  On top of the website we have a 3rd party utility that was developed by us that allows everyone to keep up today with the project.  They will work in Unity and submit their game changes with his utility, and then upload any new asset for review by their agenda provided by the sprint we are working on that week.

This may seem complicated for some people but the flow of our team has been changed and modified throughout the live of Thou Curator and before.  To come up with this solution of connecting everyone together.  We are forever evolving day in and day out.  Its just gets easier to create games every month with the team working together.

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