Pushing Forward

Author: James Fleming
Author: James Fleming

As we continue to move forward it has become many times over noticeable to me that when one area of our team is striving and doing well that another part starts to drop off.  Sometimes their is a brief period that they overlap and our progress sores.  Which I find I am most delighted to see and be a part of so many inspiring people on our team.  Never the less I think the reasoning behind this is a personal touch.  Which by that I mean I am directly involved in their role and helping with whatever I can.  But their comes a time when work in that area depends on another and so I switch and start on another area.  This seems to repeat the cycle again and again since Thou Curator was invented.

How does one stop this from happening... I don't know. I wish I did.

Pushing ForwardOne might say to inspire everyone would require more interaction with them but I am only one person.  We are making progress little by little and sooner or later we will have a project to really look at more then just a GUI and terrain that we have now.  I can not wait until we can really play our work of art all of us have put effort into.  Maybe a good demo is what we need to help show people.  I sure it will help so at this point I think I will turn my attention to getting it to play for everyone computer and then turn my attention to PS4 and XBOX One.
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