Court Martial-ling

Author: James Fleming
Author: James Fleming

Our system is designed to give a very accurate view of members level of participation on the team.  Court martial-ling on the member profile is away we add or remove points from the ranking system our team uses.  If you do anything on the site everything from filling in your profile to PM, Forums, Blogs etc you get points for it not including the agendas.

This system adds ribbions, metals, and dogtags to a members account and adds points for those too.  Such as ribbons are 2 points, and dogtags are 10 points.
Court Martial-ling

So with all of these points being added a member can gain rank on the site to show they are a leader in their role and as such we can rely on them as a team member.

However our sprints seem to fall short from time to time.  I say this because members sometimes sign up for these sprints and then they are of course given an agenda they seem to forget about.

So what all this amounts too is that I think we should start removing points from members when they fail to complete their objective they themselves signed up for.  Much like my college days if I did not complete my assignment on time my grade suffered.

The problem with this is one it adds negativity to the team which 100% against and two sometimes things happen to a member that stops them from completing their objective.

To argue that factor a member that does have a legitimate reason would only have this happen once in awhile.  If it becomes a pattern every other week thing then the members should step back and deal with that part of their life.  After they have it squared away then rejoin the team.

My over all idea is that when the automation system finds a member not participating on the team as they should when they have "Accepted the Challenge" then it would court martial them a set amount of point and put it on their conduct notes of their profile.  This is done only to show patterns of behavior repeating.

Leading the team is a 24 hour 7 days a week job.  I must be able to know by looking at accounts, communication, and agenda who is really a team player. 

Finding people that share our team idea of creating games is hard work, when I started this team in 2004 I only allowed members that where local to Topeka, KS.  This limited our team to only about 3 people that where really dedicated.  We created a lot of 2d scrollers and some small 3d simulation together.  People do come and go as much as I wish everyone on our team would stay people move on to other interested or life changes happen and they must shift their responsibility.

I myself don't have all the time I once did with raising my kids as a single father.  However I believe that as a team we will create an awesome game together conquering any problem that comes ups until we have our finished public version of The Last Stand.

In short I know this choose to do this is probably going to cost members but then again the members that are really with us I think will proceed without an issue or even giving this a second thought.



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