Progress 20160112

Author: James Fleming
Author: James Fleming

It would seem our team has push a lot of code for the GUI though the last sprint leaving less then half of the screen still needing done.  This is good news as we can start working on the game really really soon which is awesome.  From the looks of it we only have 6 screen to worry about now.  Man that is so cool I have written a few more agenda down for the networking that will be taking place on the coming sprint to further our ability to using server/client connection.  After these thing are done I am moving us to start generating level for testing areas.  Would be the next step I think so we have a playground / sandbox.  Between Anthony, Nick, and me I think our programming team is pretty solid right now.

We have a tester now that I hope works out.  I am going to start him  prototyping and making video cast of the GDD.  He was with us a while back ago like 2013 was when he join.  But had to move on for personal reason. Last week he rejoined us so I am hoping for some stability in that role so we can get thing done.  I know the game design needs a 3rd party review and input on the wiki GDD so they will probably work close together.

Progress 20160112
After reviewing the spring however our sound team did not really produce anything usable I'm starting to think maybe they are getting restless with all the tracks.  I will review this with the lead see what solution we can possibly come up with to keep progress from stalling.

As we keep pushing forward a need for a anther game producer is needed.  I have a few idea on how to get another one but this takes time as I don't want to subject our team to a lead member that is not the right fit for our team.  I find this necessary to handle the small administration aspect like recruiting, HR, and PR issues.  This allows me to focus on just the role that produce the game.  I was thinking of rolling the HR and PR into one role then having someone in that role instead of having another producer too.  If this gets contracted out then that is what will need to happen.

I need to start creating agenda tonight for our upcoming sprint, and review the status report of the role that get automatically created after each sprint see the opinion of the leads and move from their.


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