Bridging the Gap

Author: James Fleming
Author: James Fleming

In order to keep us moving I have decided I will be stepping back for a bit to work on 3d Modeling as discussed with Nick in our last code review meeting.  I will be responsible for the server side code and networking part of our project.  Nick and Anthony are doing very well in coding and keeping things organized.  I am impressed by their abilities not only as programmers but the other idea they bring to the table.

This change for now will be taking place on the next sprint to get us some 3d models to work with on the terrain.  As a side job on this sprint I might just take all the screens and finish them out.  Then move programmers on to the game itself.  I have not really reviewed this idea yet with my time schedule as I would like them done!

I will be re-routing the 2d art team to help with 3d models in creating texturing and reference images, maybe a bit of concept art for level design too.

Bridging the Gap
On the story front we seem to moving in the right direction now.  I need to do a full review of the flow chart created but I think this will really help outline the flow of the story to the game.

Audio has created sounds effects as well which I will be using for beta testing the model animation.  We are talking really simple modeling skills at this time.  But this should keep us moving forward and not stalled out waiting for a modeler. 

It is becoming a concern to me however as some leads keeps disappearing and that leaves me to figure the the role out for myself.  I like our leads to create the agenda's in direct relation to the current objective and provided feed back after every sprint on their role members as well as themselves per sprint.  Communication is key to our team.

I will need to do some recruiting stuff for our team as well.  The last one I did was over 4 mo. ago and now that the holidays are over I probably should do it again so it is fresh.


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