Thoughs on Progress

Author: James Fleming
Author: James Fleming

Our Lead Game Writer Matthew posted a picture on Facebook about writing so that kind of inspired me to write this blog today.

Thoughs on Progress
Our progress this far is coming along well in my opinion we seem to be pushing hard on getting the graphical user interface screens done.  So much so as I have open up agenda's for terrain and networking support to be plugged into the client and server.

With in the last 6 months the amount of changes as a group have been ongoing to try to find a balance for myself between managing everyone agenda and working on the team's website or the game.  Sometimes it seem like we are standing still to me which is upsetting as I really try to get everyone to participate however I know we all have lives.  As much as I think about this at work and home I probably put in 40hr a week I bet.

Thankfully today is a good day as the networking part of this project has been solved for TCP access to the server and client.  This major break though will allow us to continue our venture deeper.  Once the GUI screens placeholder are done we can move to working on the game itself.  This will be amazing to see actual 3d rendering in the game client talking to the server.

We still need to work the UDP networking but that I think will be a lot easier now that we have somewhat of a structure to follow.

As far as Audio goes our team members keep producing background sounds for each screen the general idea is to loop all the background sounds during the entire game.  After we get these file uploaded I think we will be moving to unit sounds like walking, tracks moving as in a tank etc.  I am not sure how many more we have to go at the moment.

Artist our Lead 2D Artist Mel has produces a lot of art for our team including our logo which is awesome I think.  Currently working on the story description on the public site.  She has create a comic book strip image that depicts the story.  I need to get that up on the site so we all can see it....  Yeah been falling behind on some stuff.  I might get that done today :).  She had to skip this sprint but she will be back at it on the next one I think.

Writers seem to be staled at the moment I talk to Matthew yesterday I am waiting to hear from him on what direction we should take next to keep pushing forward on the story.  So far the outline looks good to me we just need to execute it I think.

The design team man... they have really shaped the GDD into something tangible.  The details of it keep flowing in as sprint continue and I tell you what they seem to really improve the overall quality of what we are trying to achieve here.

I design the blog to be used and had every intent on using it day to day or so but time is so valuable that it seem to of slipped me with writing.  I know as a team we need effective communication and it dawned on me why not start putting my personal thoughts on the blog for everyone to read.  Having and hosting meeting is not effective because of everyone schedule so this new or old idea has been reborn. 

Thank You SSGT Matthew


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