Create Game Screens

Create Game Screens

Project Manager: Nick Cordova

Build 20150920

  • Add HostingSync, QueuedSync, WaitingSync, LoadingSync, GameSync, and ResultSync classes to the Application.Design Script folder.

For the HostingSync Class

  • Add a Console Button
  • Add a Join Button
  • Verify the Screen runs

For the QueuedSync Class

  • Display a Join button
  • Display a Console Button
  • Verify Screen will run

For the WaitingSync Class

  • Display a Hosting Button
  • Display a Queue Button
  • Display a Loading Button
  • Verify Screen runs

For the LoadingSync Class

  • Display a Waiting button
  • Display a Game button
  • Verify Screen runs

For the GameSync Class

  • Display a Loading button
  • Display a Result button
  • Verify Screen runs

For ResultSync class

  • Display a Game button
  • Display a Result button
  • Verify Screen runs


ver: 20230322W032041

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