Create Control Images

Create Control Images

Project Manager: Mel Dawdy

We need control images for Paradox something like the asset attached titled dont use.

Looking for a war like GUI something you find in the military.

I like the way this looks below.

Standard controls we need that are currently supported by Paradox so we will need image for them and action image for them too like button we could do a drop shadow to show it being press?

  1. Border
  2. Button
  3. Button Base
  4. Content Control
  5. Content Decorator
  6. Content Presenter
  7. Control
  8. Edit Text
  9. Image Button
  10. Image Element
  11. Modal Element
  12. Scroll Bar
  13. Scroll Text
  14. Scroll Viewer
  15. Slider
  16. Text Block
  17. Toggle Button

Some of these will need to be researched on there website to make sure we need a skin for them.

ver: 20230327M182318

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