Making individual cards so we don't have to worry about it so much later.

Project Manager: Jim Profit

With Sam working on the lay out of screen play, and the programmers waiting so they can get started on creation, I've just decided I am going to start developing some possible cards to actually play within the game so as we don't have to spend more time on it later. A lot of time has already been wasted, and this could save us a solid two weeks of development if there's already card prototypes and how they work.

I read Jack's email to me quoting Amis as saying that planes are easier to model then ground vehicles because they're just simpler design and have less definition, and I am perfectly okay with that. Obviously I think at some point a game about war is goig to want tanks and jeeps, I don't think it's immediately necessary, especially in a card game where new sets come out regularly. This agenda is simply my attempt to save us all time in the future and have something to work with when we get to that point.

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