Gather sound effects we need for game

Project Manager: Rick Ross

Hi Rick,
Please start gathering sound effects we will need for this game. Work with Brandon, myself, and the other designers (and possibly artists) to determine what sound effects are needed and are not needed. The game programmers are also using basic sound effects for button and menu option clicks so if you have a set you think would fit perfectly in the game please provide them. I'll just start listing some of the sound effects we'll need
1) pistol gunfire
2) sniper gunfire
3) rapid (machine gun) gunfire
4) rifle gunfire
5) shotgun gunfire
6) grenade explosion
7) missle firing
8) missle explosion
9) nuclear bomb explosion
10) general warcries/battlecries
11) equipping body armor sound effect
12) marching sound effect
13) tank moving sound effect
14) torpedo firing
15) satellite communications sound
16) radar/scanning sound
17) sound of flames roaring
18) mine explosion
19) glass shattering (by bullets)
20) sound of bullets hitting metal
21) sound of building being demolished
22) sound of helicopters
23) sound of fighter jets
24) sound of drones
25) sound of drunken partying
ok hope this is a good start and feel free to include more, especially those typical sound effects you'll hear in any war or computer game.

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