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Story Summary Family disputes are some of the most bitter and enduring conflicts known to mankind. Ours is the story of a family dispute that divided an empire. Centuries later, the perspectives that caused such a severe break continue to fuel the fury of war and threaten the destruction on the remnants of a once great civilization. One man's traditionalist is another man's tyrant as one man's personal freedom is another man's irresponsible affront imperiling the very foundations of society. Additional Resources Wikis Faction One Amadi History and Development Faction Two Aminion History and Development Coen History and Development Kangee History and Development Historical Events Timeline Armament Game Story Board Forum Scrum Sprint 20170611 for Armament Assets Map Faction Two Symbol FINAL CANVAS Faction One Symbol Kangee Power Symbol Agendas Kangee History Development Aminion History Development Amadi History Development Faction One Faction Two Coen History and Development Armament Comic Factions Split Update Faction Two Wiki Faction Two Symbol Creating the Storyboard of Armament Proof of Concept Storyboard Shot Faction One Symbol
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